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If you’re worried about cholesterol, hypertension or atrial fibrillation that leads to heart attacks and strokes, then come learn how to prevent heart disease naturally.

Thrive, not just survive, with The Healthy Heart Show.

If nature could speak, we would hear her say that pills and procedures are NOT necessary.

There is a natural way to a healthy heart!

Episode Blogs

HHS 41 | Rainbow Diet
  A few of the types of diets people are familiar with are the keto, the paleo, the vegan, and the vegetarian diets. But have you heard of the Rainbow Diet? In this episode, Dr. Wolfson interviews Dr. Deanna Minich. Together, they go through all the myths and truths of the different types of diets nowadays. Dr. Minich is an internationally-recognized teacher, author, scientist, speaker, and artist. She has over twenty years of experience in
HHS 40 | Why Grains Are Bad
  For the majority, grains such as cereal, rice, and wheat are staple foods. However, eating grains may not be that healthy for our body, contrary to popular belief. Dr. Peter Osborne – the Clinical Director of Origins Health Care in Sugar Land, Texas, a Doctor of Pastoral Science, and the author of No Grain, No Pain – shares why grains are bad for you and shows how grains can negatively impact your health. He explains
HHS 39 | Transformational Nutrition
  These days, when people say they wanted to go on a diet or go on cleansing, they usually mean they will cut off their food intake, choose juicing, or hit the gym. Living a healthy life is not just all about that, it’s a process, and it entails a total transformation. To break it all down into tidbits that we could digest, Cynthia Pasquella-Garcia takes us through the process of transformational nutrition – the
HHS 38 | Keto-Paleo
  It’s undeniable that everyone loves to eat. However, people are challenged with what to eat nowadays. Often, many are not aware that their ailments are caused or triggered by the food they eat. It is essential to know what foods are good and bad for our consumption. A seasoned chef, and ancestral health enthusiast, author, and blogger Cristina Curp takes us through the journey of healthy eating and how to do it in 2019
HHS 37 | Going Vegan
  Lierre Keith became a Vegan in the way that most people become a Vegan, which is she knew somebody who was a Vegan. At sixteen, she succumbed to a friend’s spiel on avoiding animal products to help take a stand against animal cruelty and exploitation everywhere. In this episode Dr. Wolfson with Lierre Keith unmask the myth of one of the rising tendencies on the world, being vegetarian. Lierre shares her experience on how
HHS 36 | The Truth About Soy
  A lot of people think soy is healthy for the heart. Soy is this greatest healthiest food, and now we’ve created all these different products based on it. In this episode, Dr. Jack Wolfson interviews Dr. Kaayla Daniel, an author and a nutritionist who earned her PhD in Nutritional Sciences and Anti-Aging Therapies from the Union Institute and University in Cincinnati. Together, they take you through the truth about soy and what no one
HHS 35 | Eight Weeks To Wellness
  In chiropractic, we believe that the body has the ability to heal from the inside out. Expanding on that, Dr. Wolfson interviews a third generation chiropractor, Dr. Dane Donohue. Together, they go through how your body has the ability to heal and adapt to its environment just as it affects. They talk about Eight Weeks to Wellness doctors, what it is all about, and how it focuses on prevention. Shifting towards the chiropractors, they discuss
HHS 34 | Heal Your Body
  Every part of the body is connected to the rest of it. To obtain true health, you need to give the body what it needs and take away what it doesn’t need. In this episode, learn with Dr. Jack Wolfson how to reclaim the power within yourself to heal your body through nature, determination, and mindset when he interviews Dr. Anna Cabeca. — Listen to the podcast here: If you love talking about natural
HHS 33 | Vaccines
  Contrary to what most people think, vaccines pose threats to our health more than what’s expected. In this episode, Dr. Jack Wolfson meets with Del Matthew Bigtree. Together, they go through the reality of living a clean life without vaccines. They talk about the dangers of vaccines and how it can cause some form of injury, whether it is short-term or long-term. Sharing their views on our body’s responses towards some bacteria and viruses,
HHS 32 | Diabetes
  Dr. Jack Wolfson meets with Dr. Brian Mowll who specializes in diabetes. Together, they explain what diabetes really is as they talk about insulin and how it links to cardiovascular risk. Going hand in hand with heart health, they explore how the two relates to one another and discuss the ways you can keep your heart healthy. Dr. Brian outlines some tips on how you can treat diabetes and gives some advice regarding nutrition
HHS 31 | Natural Healing
  In this episode, Damian and Heather Dubé tell us about their story – from how they met to how they found their passion and their purpose and become a leading power couple in the health and wellness space. Some of the best healers are the people that have had struggles themselves and have worked hard to overcome those struggles. Damian and Heather are FDNs and the co-founders of e3 Energy Evolved, a thyroid, adrenal and
HHS 30 | Acid In Our Body
  Most of us may have experienced stomach acid and heartburn and we all resorted to taking Zantac or Tagamet to ease the discomfort. Interestingly, Dr. Roby Mitchell, MD, also known as Dr. Fitt, shared what he learned from nutritional medicine which makes us see acids from a different light. He discusses the production of hydrochloric acid to create pH in the stomach which shields your body from health issues, including high blood pressure. Dr.


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One lucky listener who subscribes to The Healthy Heart Show and posts a review on iTunes will be entered to win a $10,000 Healthy Heart Makeover with Dr. Jack Wolfson as your personal physician.

You will be his guest at his private practice in Paradise Valley AZ for this life changing opportunity.


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