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World’s leading critic of glyphosate, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, discusses what she has learned throughout the years about the neglected factors in health. From her expertise, she talks about how glyphosate could cause the things that are showing up in autism and a whole list of neurological and autoimmune diseases. She also taps into sulfur, sulfation, and sulfur pathways – from what it means to raising our sulfate levels in order to avoid sulfate deficiency. Going deeper, Dr. Seneff shares her thoughts about the exclusion zone, the Pellegrino water, and artificial light, as well as her three strategies for optimal health.

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How Glyphosate Affects Autism with Dr. Stephanie Seneff

I’m honored and privileged to have the brilliant Dr. Stephanie Seneff on my show. Dr. Seneff, welcome.

Thank you for having me. I’m delighted to be here.

Tell us a little bit of how you came to your position, passion and interest as it stands to everyone who knows you as probably the world’s leading critic of glyphosate and the main pesticide found in Roundup. Tell me some of your troubles as to how you got to where you are now and your interest now?

I had been interested in autism from way back. I remember back when I was a teenager hearing about the refrigerator moms and not believing it even at that time. I thought there’s something wrong with those kids, it’s physiological. Years ago, my best friend had a child who got a DPT shot who had a bad reaction and a week later had seizures and was later diagnosed with autism. That planted the seed. I was watching autism. I was watching the rates go up. Along about 2008, I was getting concerned because I could see exponential growth. The numbers weren’t quite as bad then as they are now. It has continued to grow exponentially. If it continues exponentially, we’re going to look at half the children born in 2030 to being diagnosed on the spectrum, 80% of the boys. That’s going to be completely untenable. We have to figure out what’s causing it.

I was frustrated when I looked at 2008 to see that so much money was going into genetics and there’s definitely a genetic risk. Genetics is not the reason for the epidemic. I knew it had to be environmental and I wanted to know what it is. I got a little bit obsessed with it. I went through a lot of things, went through a lot of searching for five years starting in 2008. I wrote some papers about vaccines. Vaccines are a causal factor but I don’t think they’re the main cause. 2012 was when I happened to be attending a conference for Professor Don Huber who is an expert in plant pathology, plant physiology. He gave a two-hour presentation at a conference that I happened to also be giving a presentation at. His talk was about glyphosate and I didn’t know what it was at that time. It’s hard for me to believe but I listened to that talk. I was on the edge of my seat because he filled in all the gaps. He explained how glyphosate could cause the things that were showing up in autism. One-by-one basically the entire story fits beautifully.

Even after those two hours, I became convinced that I had found the answer. I looked much deeper. I dreamed glyphosate at this point, ever since then I’ve been obsessed with it. That’s the main cause of the epidemic and then not only autism but a huge list of neurological and autoimmune diseases. There’s an epidemic in so many diseases, not just autism, which I hadn’t realized either at the time. Alzheimer’s is another one. We have all these issues with cancer, autoimmune issues, and food allergies, all of these things. I believe glyphosate’s a major factor in all of them. It’s just much more toxic than we’ve been led to believe.

Monsanto has managed to fool almost everybody and people are unwilling even to believe it now. They are used to the idea that it’s safe and this is Roundup. This is what you can go down to the hardware store and buy to kill your dandelions in the yard. It’s all over the food supply. It’s pervasive in the environment. It’s a major factor in the disease crisis that we face frankly in the United States. We have so many issues with healthcare costs. We have outside healthcare costs and many people are sick with autoimmune diseases. The food allergies and all of these things that are happening, all the gut dysbiosis problems, Colitis, Crohn’s disease, and inflammatory bowel, all these things are being caused by this chronic poisoning from our food.

It’s so catastrophic. It’s so sad. I know you’re so passionate about the next generation. The children who are suffering from this, they have no choice in the matter. You mentioned dandelions. The town Carbondale, Colorado, the law of the land is that there are no public areas are sprayed with any form of pesticide. That is relatively Roundup-free. Every spring they have a dandelion festival, the idea of going out to the lawn and picking the dandelion greens. As a north suburban Chicago kid who grew up eating deep dish pizza, hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches, we had dandelions. I never thought about possibly eating them. When it comes to those parents who say, “My child is on the spectrum and they haven’t been exposed to glyphosate or pesticides. I was organic during my pregnancy. My child, therefore, was not exposed to glyphosate.” What are you going to say about that? I would assume you’re going to tell me that it’s in the air. It’s everywhere and if we can avoid it.

It’s very difficult to avoid. It is almost no place you can live in this country and not be exposed to it. They found it in 86% of the rain samples in a study that was done in Kentucky a few years ago. It’s in the rain and gets into even the organics. It is a lot less than organic food. I will say that autism existed before glyphosate existed. It’s not like it’s the only thing that causes autism. EMF is an interesting factor that I’ve become more aware of, electromagnetic fields. That’s not the one people are talking about. The vaccines are a matter of neurological damage. I believe that it’s driven by a deficiency in methylation and sulfation capacity, both of which are disrupted by glyphosate. They can be disrupted by other things as well.

HHS 09 | Glyphosate

Glyphosate: If you’re questioning how dangerous measles was, listen to people who have been around that had it.


You dove into that and methylation, a lot of people are familiar with. It’s become the buzzword over the last ten years and MTHFR, gene defects. I don’t think it’s genetics at all. Our genetics are pretty perfect. When I was going through medical school in the ’90s, it was all about the Human Genome Project. What we learned from the Human Genome Project is that it’s got the genes. It’s the whole concept of epigenetics and that involves methylation. You mentioned sulfur, sulfation and sulfur pathways. Can you explain that a little bit more?

That’s where I started. It’s surprising to me that I happened to begin in the right place. I’ve continued to study sulfate through the years. I’ve become consistently convinced that I’m right about sulfation deficiency as being a driver behind not just autism but a huge list of diseases, including cardiovascular disease. At the time when I started studying autism, I was studying heart disease. My husband was diagnosed with heart disease at that same time. I took on the task of studying both autism and heart disease. I reached the conclusion that they have a common element. That is sulfate deficiency. It’s causing both and it’s causing a lot of the things. Glyphosate is a train wreck for sulfate in so many different dimensions. Sulfate is a completely overlooked, neglected factor in health. There are papers about it, there are so many papers out there but it’s not center stage and it should be. The red blood cells put cholesterol sulfate in their membranes, which gives them a negative charge, which causes them to repel each other, which keeps them from glomming together and causing issues with circulation.

The critical thing for both heart disease, autism and all these other diseases is blood circulation. It’s critical to get that right. One of the difficult factors in any organism faces is to try to keep the blood fluid so that it can deliver goods and remove waste. At the same time, most of the water in the body is a gel. It’s the sulfate that helps to make the water gelled. You want to deliver sulfate to all these places to allow the water to gel, but you cannot put too much free sulfate in the blood because it will also gel and you won’t have circulation.

The body has developed these sophisticated mechanisms that involve what I call sulfate transporters. There are all these molecules that are incredibly important in biology. The neurotransmitters, cholesterol, vitamin D, vitamin C and then nutritional supplements like Resveratrol and curcumin. All of these things are sulfated in transit. All of the neurotransmitters, melatonin, serotonin, dopamine, and tryptophan the precursor, which these are aromatic amino acids. There’s a whole bunch of things that come out of the aromatic amino acid pathway that is sulfated in transit.

It’s funny to me that people haven’t picked up on the fact that what those things are doing is moving sulfate around. They’re delivering sulfate. Every time one of those neurotransmitters arrives at a cell, it drops off the sulfate and then it’s taken up. It’s a signaling molecule or it responds to the signal. It’s saying, “I’m the one who gave you sulfate.” In some sense, I look at it that way. Vitamin D gives you sulfate. The vitamin C catalyzes sulfate transfer and there are all the sulfate transferases that move sulfate from one molecule to another. All the stuff that goes on and people don’t seem to appreciate the importance of that.

Do me a favor, pretend like you’re speaking to a five-year-old. Tell me the differences here. We have sulfur which is an atom on the periodic table that we all saw in high school. We have sulfur there. Talk to me about what that means for sulfation? Tell me how we’re going to raise sulfate levels so we don’t have sulfate deficiency?

Sulfur is a very important mineral and there is a deficiency in sulfur also because glyphosate disrupts the uptake of sulfur into the plant. You get a sulfur deficiency in your food. Sulfur gets oxidized to sulfate by some enzymes, in particular, sulfide oxidase for example. You can make the sulfate from hydrogen sulfide gas. Hydrogen sulfide gas is H2S. It’s a reduced form of sulfur. You have sulfate and sulfur that’s found in things like garlic. There’s also for example taurine which has an oxidized sulfur but not sulfates. All these different forms of sulfur exist. You can speak about inorganic sulfur, which is hydrogen sulfide gas, sulfate, sulfide and then organic sulfur, which is for example methionine. It’s a sulfur-containing amino acid. It’s very important. That goes into the methylation pathways as well. Methionine is supercritical and it is produced by the gut microbes from the inorganic sulfur and that pathway gets disrupted by glyphosate.

Glyphosate disrupts the aromatic amino acids that are the precursors to neurotransmitters which transport sulfate. It disrupts the methionine and all of these are done by the gut microbes. Glyphosate is messing up the gut microbes’ ability to turn inorganic sulfur into organic sulfur. A lot of people have sulfur sensitivities because of that. They can’t handle sulfites in dried fruits. They’re sensitive to that because of the disruption of the enzymes of the microbes that would normally turn that into organic matter. You end up with both sulfur toxicity and sulfate deficiency as a consequence of the disruption of the gut microbes by the glyphosate.

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The answer would not be to avoid those foods because when someone comes in and they go, “I can’t have any sulfur foods in my diet.” You’re like, “Garlic, onions, eggs, broccoli, everybody knows how healthy that stuff is.” The answer to you is avoiding glyphosates to heal that gut and the gut microbiome so you can, therefore, handle the sulfur that’s coming in.

It’s very tricky to handle sulfur because sulfide is very toxic. It’s very reactive and the microbes have enzymes that quickly change sulfide into either sulfate or into methionine by oxidizing it or by turning it into organic matter. Those enzymes are all broken by glyphosate. That’s why you get the sulfur sensitivity then you say, “I’m going to go low sulfur in my diet.” Now you’re going to have systemic sulfate deficiency problems because now you can no longer maintain those sulfate supplies. The sulfates are constantly regenerated in the artery walls. All our linings of the arteries containing sulfate in these complicated sugar change that is created in what they called the extracellular matrix. It’s all this complicated biology but there’s sulfate sprinkled throughout that. Those are maintaining the gel and water around the edges of the artery that’s creating a very slippery boundary, especially the capillaries, which are very small. The red blood cell needs to get through. A capillary’s barely big enough to fit it without getting stuck. It has to be very smooth and slides through the capillary.

The red blood cell has a negative charge because of the cholesterol sulfate that’s in its membrane. The capillary has the negative charge because of the sulfates that are stuck in there in those endothelial cells. It’s like a magnet repelling each other. The red blood cell won’t stick to the boundary and there’s a slick surface with the gelled water that’s created by that sulfate. The red blood cell just slides right through that capillary almost effortlessly. The negative charge is also empowering a battery that the red blood cell is attracted to the vein inside of the capillary. The veins have less charge and the arteries are more negatively charged than the veins. Therefore, there’s a battery that attracts the red blood cells to slide through the capillary to get to the venous side. It’s quite a beautiful system because the capillaries are where you have to worry. That’s where things are crowded. There’s not a lot of room. If it’s sticky, it’s not going to get through. You’re going to get a blockage and then you’re going to get oxygen deprivation from those tissues that are supplied by that capillary, very critical.

Nature devised us with having the arteries that have that negative charge from the cholesterol sulfate that is built into the endothelial cells of that vessel. On the venous side, there’s not as much of that cholesterol sulfate. Therefore, maybe relatively speaking a little more positive and therefore would attract the negatively charged red blood cells to come through that capillary system.

There are other things that create the positive charge too, it’s not just the sulfate. Carbonate is an important one for the acid-base balance of the blood. It turns out that there’s a drop in pH as you go from the artery to the vein. It’s an intentional design, which is what’s creating that pull that’s going to get the red blood cells through. It’s not just the sulfate that is doing that. There are other negatively charged like nitrate and carbonate. There’s a bunch of others that help to maintain that. The sulfate is important because it gels the water. Nitrate makes the water very fluid. You need the sulfate to make the gel. That surrounds the lipid particles. You have these LDL particles which the first thing is you’ve got to get a statin drug because your LDL is high. That’s the so-called bad cholesterol. The LDL particles also have cholesterol sulfate in their membranes like the red blood cells. That cholesterol sulfate is going to create a negative charge around them and also create a little a layer of gelled water around the LDL particle. It’s going to protect it. It’s crystalline water; like ice. I call it liquid ice. A little Superman layer around the LDL particle that protects it from glycation damage from the sugars and from oxidation damage from oxygen.

It’s going to keep the stuff inside the LDL particles safe such as the fats. The fats are very delicate. You don’t want to oxidize them. You don’t want glycation damage. You need to keep them safe. The same thing with red blood cells. The red blood cells have proteins they get glycated like hemoglobin. You talk about hemoglobin A1C, that’s a measure of diabetes. The hemoglobin becomes vulnerable to attacks if the red blood cells can’t protect itself. These cholesterol sulfates are very important in the membranes of the red blood cells, the platelets, the LDL particles, the HDL particles. All those have a fat-based membrane that encased in a crystalline water thing around it to keep it safe from those eroding things in the blood that can cause damage.

HHS 09 | Glyphosate

The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor

A lot of what you’re alluding to at least became most familiar to me after reading the work of Gerald Pollack. His book, The Fourth Phase of Water was in some ways very good for the layperson but technical enough for the brilliant scientists at MIT, to get some information out as well. One of the things that Pollack found was that sunlight can charge up that battery. What you’re talking about is the exclusion zone, which is that casing around all these different molecules and having healthy levels of that.

That’s important with the light. Light is fascinating to me and this is what I worked out. I’ve written a few papers on this. The synthesis of sulfate I believe in response to light and the sulfate then grows, the exclusion zones. What Pollack found was in particular infrared light, which grows the exclusion zone by a factor of four. He saw that experimentally, which is so amazing. It’s allowing that structured water to grow. It may be doing that in part by virtue of catalyzing the synthesis of sulfate. Sulfate is what allows the exclusion zone to grow because sulfate is what they call kosmotropes. It turns the water into this special pure water crystal that can keep everything out because it’s crystal. That’s why you don’t get any of these damaging molecules. They can’t penetrate that crystal.

One of the best sources of sulfur that I heard of from a buddy of mine, Jack Kruse, a couple of years ago was Pellegrino water. What do you think about Pellegrino water?

I love it. We buy that regularly and it’s terrific water. It’s a natural sulfur springs water that you’re getting sulfur from. Water sulfur is an important source and it’s quite interesting. At one point I did a study of places where there is basalt rock such as Iceland and Crete, which is along the Mediterranean ridge crest. Where you have the central ridge crest of the ocean there’s a lot of basalt rock. Basalt rock has a lot of sulfur and so those places have healthy people. Crete, Iceland, and parts of Japan where the volcanoes are, there’s a lot of sulfur. That gets into the water. By drinking water, you’re supplying yourself with sulfur in those places. They have a lot less heart disease in the Greek island of Crete than they do on another Greek island, which is in the north on a limestone plateau. These two islands of Greece have a very similar climate, very similar diet and five times more heart disease in another island versus Crete. The reason is the sulfur.

Cooking with the onions, garlic, can you imagine a cardiologist sitting there talking about the glories of eating eggs and how important it is? Oatmeal is good and eggs are bad. An egg is a cocoon for a baby chicken. It contains everything a chicken needs to come to life. Using a chicken on oatmeal, you’re not going to get very far.

Oatmeal is loaded with glyphosate. You’re killing yourself by eating a lot of non-organic oatmeal.

Is that the best we can do as far as avoiding glyphosate, is to stick to organic as much as possible?

Moving to a place like you’ve done is helpful. Certainly, a city that doesn’t use it regularly in its public places. A place that doesn’t have a lot of traffic. One thing I’m concerned about, and this hasn’t been proven, but the gasoline is 10% ethanol. That ethanol is derived from GMO Roundup-ready corn. Glyphosate survives high heat. I’m picturing that the fumes that are coming out of cars are feeding us glyphosate. It’s quite frightening to me. I worry a lot about being in a city with a lot of traffic.

Sometimes I’m glad we’re done with three children. We’re not bringing another soul into this world. Is there glyphosate in vaccines? If so where?

I think so and it’s been tested by both Zen Honeycutt of Moms Across America and Anthony Samsel. Both of them independently tested several different vaccines and they got a consistent story. They both found it in live virus vaccines, the ones that had aluminum and had virus particles did not have glyphosate. Pretty consistently the glyphosate was found in the vaccines that involve growing a virus on nutrients that are obviously going to be contaminated with glyphosate or could be expected to be. Namely, the gelatin is derived from the collagen. The joints and ligaments of pigs and cows that are fed with heavy doses of glyphosate in their feed and fetal bovine serum. The blood of a fetus of a cow, it’s going to have glyphosate in it. It’s being taken out by the virus that’s growing on this glyphosate contaminated food is what I think is happening.

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It’s absolutely terrifying. The idea of injecting glyphosate is beyond awful. It can be a major factor in the links that they’re seeing between MMR and autism. Andrew Wakefield picked up on that in 1998, he published a paper in The Lancet that eventually got retracted and he lost his license to practice medicine. His work was very progressive. I remember he was one of the very first to link autism to gut dysbiosis and that’s critical. The measles virus ends up infecting the gut first and then you get a leaky gut, you get a leaky brain barrier and get the measles virus infecting your brain. The brain’s immune system responds with antibodies and that end up attacking the myelin sheath. This is what’s happening with the MMR and that is in large part. I believe, and this has not been proven, glyphosate contamination in the proteins that the measles virus is producing.

This is where things get interesting. I have been obsessed with the idea of glyphosate acting as a glycine analog. Maybe it’s critical, insidious, cumulative mechanism of toxicity that it gets put into proteins by mistake in place of the amino acid glycine. When that happens, those become rogue proteins. There’s a protein in the measles virus. I looked into this hemagglutinin. This particular peptide sequence within that protein that contains glycine and it resembles a peptide sequence in the myelin basic protein in the brain. That contains a highly conserved glycine at that same place. The measles hemagglutinin with the glyphosate instead of glycine is extremely allergenic. The autistic kids get over enthusiastic response to the measles vaccine. The whole point is to develop antibodies to hemagglutinin and they do it too well. They even do it in the brain and then that becomes an autoimmune attack on the myelin sheath. This is what is going on with the MMR vaccine. It’s very scarce.

All because of the measles, a fever, and a rash.

I had measles, it was great. We’re a bunch of kids in my family, we all got it at the same time. We had a two-week vacation from school. We loved it. We didn’t feel sick at all.

If you’re questioning how dangerous measles was, listen to people who have been around that had the measles. Google the Brady Bunch Measles episode. What if the Brady Bunch people were all crazy back then, they’re laughing and they’re celebrating the fact they got the measles because they get to stay home from school? It’s a party. We had chicken pox parties. I remember when I had chicken pox in 1980, it was the coolest thing ever. I got to brag to my friends. I went out that night with my parents to the movies. I was covered in chicken pox. Now they want to put you in some sanitarium or put you on your own island. You have to report yourself to the state authorities if you’ve got the chicken pox.

It’s crazy how obsessed they are with measles. That whole thing about the measles outbreak at Disneyland and then California is obsessed with getting everybody vaccinated. They should step back and look at what a mess they’re making out of things with the vaccine. I know but it makes me so sick.

I’ve been on some of these calls with some of these organizations at the state level. Their only job is to promote vaccines. You have a job. I have a job. Their job is to promote the vaccine agenda. If not, they’re looking for a different job. You’re listening to these people on this call and that’s what we’re up against. The Department of Health and Human Services, State Department of Health, County Department of Health, the school boards, it’s all these people that are into this system. It’s such a difficult fight. When we talk about vaccines and autism, I know you speak in so many different autism events. Studies are fantastic. How many parents have you met that said their child was normal one day, received the shot and then they were never normal again? How many times have you heard that? How many times do we have to hear it to become believers?

It amazes me that the system has worked so well. This perverse system that’s giving us false information. Many people deny, they won’t even listen to the arguments from the anti-vaxxers. They’re like, “Don’t tell me that. Vaccines are great. I have to vaccinate my children. I believe in it. It is saving them from all these horrible diseases.” They drank the Kool-Aid and they won’t step back and look at the research literature. When you start studying the mess we have made out of the whole immune system, every time you get a vaccine, I believe it sets back your immunity another notch. You lose your generic immune capacity to fight off disease without antibodies. The whole point of vaccines is to get you to make antibodies. Antibodies are what is causing the autoimmune disease epidemic. We’re feeding into that and we’re messing up the immune system such that it’s forced to use this antibody-based solution with these antibodies that wear off. You have to keep on getting multiple booster shots because the antibodies were off.

HHS 09 | Glyphosate

Glyphosate: It’s the food and the environment that is absolutely destroying our health.


Adults get a booster shot, they’ll tell everybody to vaccinate themselves and their kids but the adults aren’t getting it. That’s why you see “outbreaks” of these different illnesses amongst groups because the adults aren’t up-to-date on their booster shots.

It is totally ruining the situation for the infant. It used to be the mother got the measles and has permanent immunity. The mother gave that immunity to their infant at birth through the breast milk. The baby is protected by the mother’s immune system in its first year of life, which is the time when you’re vulnerable. Once the baby’s own immune system matures, then the baby can perfectly handle measles, no problem. The danger zone is that young age when a natural immunity and the mother would have protected the baby but now nobody has that natural immunity anymore. They’ve all been vaccinated. The vaccine wears off and now an infant is much more vulnerable to measles, which could be a serious problem because his mother was vaccinated. We’re reaching into that second generation now and that’s one of the reasons why we’re seeing so much new trouble with measles.

A lot of these people say, “My child was born abnormal.” They were born abnormally because you had a flu shot and the Tdap while you were pregnant amongst all the other factors that you and I know about. Glyphosate is causing the leaky gut and therefore leaky gut, leaky brain, leaky heart, and leaky everything. When it’s injected, it definitely seems it can cause much more havoc. Tell me again what injected glyphosate is disrupting the whole sulfate mechanisms and sulfation processes and it’s doing so by the gut line?

I suspected that it’s embedded in protein and especially embedded in the hemagglutinin protein that the measles virus made. It’s injected already as a very immune-generating protein because it’s hemagglutinin. Even you are receiving the hemagglutinin in a very abnormal way because you’re getting this injected vaccine rather going through the normal mucous infection process. That’s missed entirely with the vaccine. It’s the wrong way to get the infection. Immune cells go crazy when they see that. If you have a sulfate deficiency problem, to begin with, your innate immune system is not working. Therefore, you have to use an antibody-based approach. That’s critical. The sulfate is what supports the immune cells to be able to clear the viruses. That’s another thing I had mentioned that before.

The immune cells use sulfate to create the acidic environment that they need in the lysosomes to break down and kill viruses. When they’re sulfate deficient, when your immune system is weak, then you have to use an antibody approach. You want to be able to label those viruses very clearly so that immune cells can see them. Immune cells are blind because they’re so sick. This is what happens with the autism. The antibodies were way too strong. There are antibodies in the brain which they shouldn’t be but because the brain is leaking it sets up those leaky barriers. It sets up a leaky placental barrier as well. Sometimes it gets into the fetus.

One of the things that I mentioned to you, and whether or not this was new to you or not. When I met you a couple of years ago, I sent you something that I thought in a blog post that I wrote about aluminum and how aluminum damages the proton pump not only in the intestines where stomach acid is necessary. Without stomach acid, we’re toast. It inhibits the proton pump that is involved with making the lysosome, which is that organelle inside of all cells to help destroy unused or unwanted material, cellular garbage essentially. The lysosome is responsible for killing off that virus and if the lysosome is not working, good luck.

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That’s also critical in things like Alzheimer’s disease where you have this build-up of amyloid beta plaque. The brain can’t clear the plaque because lysosomes are broken. Lysosomes are critical in many diseases including cancer, autism and Alzheimer’s. Busted lysosomes prevent the cell from clearing cellular debris. The oxidation damage is also a consequence of the sulfate deficiency problem because the cells are stuffed with making sulfate locally. It’s not being transported by one of these sulfate transporters. To make it locally, you need oxidizing agents. You’re going to cause oxidative damage, which is going to create damaged tissue. You don’t have enough sulfate to be able to break it down. You need a sulfate to clear the viruses and to clear the cellular debris.

It creates sulfuric acid, which is very acidic. You need that acidic environment in order to be able to break those things down. You also need that acid to protect from the iron damage. The iron reaction causes damage. If you can keep the lysosome sufficiently acidic, you will not have a problem with iron. We can use the iron to break those things down safely because of the acid. It’s critical that the cells, the blood, different compartments of the body have different pH levels, different degrees of acidity and the lysosomes are the most acidic part inside the cell. That’s the cell’s digestive system. It has to be acidic and the sulfate is critical to making that acid.

Everyone is going to get so much information once they digest it. It’s all about how it all plugs into the body and how everything is so interconnected. Us, medical doctors, are so good with saying, “You have this disease which is this, this and this. This is a different category. This is a different category.” It’s so fundamental. It’s the food, it’s the environment that is absolutely destroying our health. Give me three strategies for optimal health. Give me three tips for our audience.

Organic diet for sure. Switch to 100% organic diet. When you buy food look for that certified organic label, not non-GMO, that’s not enough. Oatmeal is non-GMO and is loaded with glyphosate.

Non-GMO does not mean no glyphosate.

It can be very high glyphosate. Cheerios, for example, they proudly put a non-GMO label on Cheerios and they are loaded with glyphosate.

Non-GMO is not good enough. When I go to the farmers market and I meet the farmers, I ask them, “Are your stuff organic?” “No, it’s not organic.” “That’s fine if you don’t want to pay the government for organic certification. Tell me what you’re using for pest control. Tell me what you’re using for fertilizer. Convince me that you’re using non-toxic methods.”

I do that too. We have a home in Hawaii and over there, there are a lot of farmers markets and there are organic farmers. Many of them don’t have the money to do the certification but they assure us and we trust them. We go ahead and buy their products. The other thing is this high sulfur diet. Eat a lot of sulfur. Also, eat things that support sulfur. That includes things like curcumin, spices, and herbs, garlic will give you sulfur. These herbs will help you carry sulfate and deliver it to where it needs to go. Eating herbs and spices and turmeric is fantastic, for example. It’s a good sulfate transporter.

HHS 09 | Glyphosate

Glyphosate: Life on earth has allowed us to figure out how to utilize the sun’s energy, and we would be foolish not to.


You said turmeric, and what else?

Resveratrol, polyphenols, basically colorful fruits, and vegetables. Those things all come out of that Shikimate pathway which is the pathway that glyphosate disrupts. That’s another thing is the glyphosate disrupts the pathway that produces those aromatic amino acids, which then become those neurotransmitters but also those are polyphenols. All of these kinds of complicated plant molecules that transport sulfate can get disrupted by glyphosate so that you can have a depletion in your food if it has been exposed to glyphosates of these nutrients that are normally found in herbs and spices. Herbs and spices in general and buy organic spices. Turmeric is fantastic. It has so many health benefits and it transports sulfate. I believe that’s what makes it special. People don’t realize that.

The literature on curcumin and turmeric is so amazing. Google any condition, go into the medical literature, go to PubMed.gov and curcumin, Resveratrol will be along the same thing. One of my favorite super supplements is berberine.

My husband takes it for his diabetes and it’s working great.

You can get the medical literature and type up berberine and whether it’s cancer, whether it’s heart disease, cholesterol, blood sugar, Alzheimer’s, you name it, berberine is proven through its enzymatic actions to inhibit the production of tau proteins. I’m sure even if we said berberine and lysosome function, I bet you some fantastic stuff there.

Berberine and dandelion are both considered weeds and both of them have very healthy levels of these herbs that are so important for your health. Choosing foods that are herbal, basil, coriander, all those kinds of things. Use those generously. They taste delicious too, they enhance the flavors of the foods. Sulfur, I mentioned. I like a high-cholesterol high-saturated fat diet even for heart disease, which people find surprising. My husband is the case in point because he was diagnosed with heart disease and he eats a high-cholesterol high-fat. It’s a diet that’s rich in everything organic, lots of veggies, stir-fried veggies with a little bit of meat type of thing. Crabs, clams, and oysters all of those are loaded with cholesterol. He eats all these cholesterol­-containing foods and yet his cholesterol is quite low. He doesn’t take a statin drug. He absolutely refuses. His doctors are pestering him on that.

I hate the statin drugs. We could have a whole story about that. They’re not good because they are going to disrupt your liver’s ability to make cholesterol. The real problem with heart disease is the sulfate deficiency problem. It’s not a cholesterol problem. The cholesterol is going into the pack ready to become cholesterol sulfate should sulfate become available. It needs to become cholesterol sulfate to supply cholesterol sulfate to the heart. If the heart doesn’t get enough cholesterol sulfate, you will end up with heart failure. Heart failure is much worse than cardiovascular disease. The way to protect yourself from cardiovascular disease is to eat a lot of sulfur and eat a lot of cholesterol. Then you can keep your heart healthy so that you won’t need to store it because there will be plenty supplying it. The body won’t have that need to store it. Just to stash away a supply, waiting to become cholesterol sulfate, which is so crucial for the heart.

If somebody in the audience wanted to do some intravenous or mainline sulfur or sulfate. Are there any IV therapies that people are doing?

I don’t know. I wouldn’t recommend IV therapy but I would recommend Epsom salt baths. I think that’s a great way to get it through the skin. Some people have even used MSM, methylsulfonylmethane topically, which is interesting. Getting it supplied to the skin is an interesting way to do it. I don’t like intravenous. I don’t like the concept of things supplied that way. It feels very unnatural. I look for natural solutions. There are sulfur-containing supplements that people can take. My husband does take methylsulfonylmethane, chondroitin sulfate, and glucosamine sulfate. Those are often sulfur. There’s also lipoic acid. That’s a sulfur-containing molecule. N-Acetylcysteine, NAC and N-Acetylmethionine. Those are possibilities for the sulfur.

A lot of that too is by boosting sulfur, you would theoretically boost up some glutathione.

There is a Liposomal Glutathione that may be an interesting thing to think about too. Glutathione, you can’t just take it. It can’t be delivered that way. You need to take the precursors to make it. Glutathione is hit hard by glyphosates. Not just the kids have a Glutathione deficiency problem in the liver that’s causing them not to be able to detox a lot of things. The other toxic chemicals are much more sensitive to other chemicals because glyphosate has disrupted their liver’s ability to detox, both the sulfation and the Glutathione which is a very important antioxidant in the liver. Also a good detox element in the liver. Also, the cytochrome p450 enzymes which are also disrupted by glyphosate. The liver is made defenseless against other toxic chemicals by glyphosate poisoning, which then gives you synergistic toxicity.

If you can sit and read a book having believed in vaccines, you could come away not believing in vaccines anymore. Click To Tweet

As far as three recommendations from Dr. Seneff, eat organic, lots of spices and high-cholesterol containing foods. Can you imagine this brilliant MIT Research Scientist recommends high-cholesterol? I’m surprised someone’s not going to break down your door, arresting you and me for having this conversation. Somebody from the Department of Health and Human Services whose job depends on the perpetuated lies told by the manufacturer of Cheerios. Why would anyone fake a Cheerio is heart-healthy compared to the evil villain coconuts from your island of Hawaii? Can we possibly stop the transport of this poison coming into the mainland?

Coconut is a very healthy food, high-saturated fats and it’s got also sulfur by the way. Coconut is very good. I also should mention sunlight. I believe in sunlight. Sunlight exposure to the skin, sunlight exposure to the eyes. Don’t wear sunglasses when you go outside. I know it’s against what you’ve been told. Life on Earth has figured out how to utilize the sun’s energy, you’d be foolish not to. Human life depends critically on sunlight for health. It’s going to help to supply sulfate through the sunlight energy, promotes the synthesis of sulfate in the skin.

Tell me about artificial light and what artificial light is doing to our body maybe specifically how it involves sulfation?

You need the full spectrum I think for sulfation. I can see how you need the infrared. The infrared grows the exclusion zone. The blue light, the protein that I believe makes the sulfate eNOS, endothelial nitric oxide response. It has these vitamins that respond to blue lights, so you need the blue light to activate sulfate. Then you need the UV light which energizes the water, which then allows the reaction to take place. It’s all very tricky. It’s the full spectrum of light. The balance of the spectrum that’s in the sunlight is perfect because that’s what biology evolved on, that’s what we saw all those years. Anything that doesn’t have that full spectrum is going to be problematic. Pieces that are missing, therefore, the function won’t work properly.

I hope I asked you everything I need to ask you because my wife is going to read this episode and she’s going to say, “You didn’t ask her about this and you didn’t ask her about this and this.” I get it because I would love to pick your brain forever.

We’ve covered a lot of territories.

It’s wonderful to see you. If you’re interested, where can people find out more about you, about your work? Is there a way to promote what you’re doing? You tell me.

I have a webpage at MIT. It’s a complicated name. It is People.CSail.MIT.edu/seneff. I’ve put a bunch of stuff there. It’s a very tech thing. It’s a whole bunch of stuff, all the papers that I’ve written on glyphosate are there and various presentations, slide decks for various presentations that I’ve done and a few of my interviews and whatnot. Also if you can remember my last name, it’s a rare name, Seneff. If you can remember that, you can Google it, you can find all kinds of interviews like this one. Also, slide presentations that have been recorded and put up on YouTube. We can get a ton of stuff, many podcasts. You can either listen or you can read or whatever you like. I have some articles also.

Sometimes it’s difficult for people to educate other people. When you’ve got somebody with your credentials and you’re able to point people to the webpage, “Here is the link and here’s to the head honcho who’s come up with this information. Here is the person, here is the authority that put it all together four years ago. If you don’t believe me, go read it from somebody else.” Give me your favorite book.

HHS 09 | Glyphosate

How to End the Autism Epidemic

I would have to recommend J.B. Handley, How to End the Autism Epidemic is one that I read and I enjoyed. It’s very well-written, very gripping. He’s done a good job of reaching across the aisle to the people who don’t think vaccines are a problem. It’s more accessible to them than some of the other vaccine books. There are a lot of vaccine books out there but that one, in particular, is quite well-done.

As long as you mentioned it, Handley, obviously he’s a fighter for the children and natural immunity. I have not read the book but clue me in here. I understand the book to not necessarily be anti-vaccine, more of like cleaner vaccines?

Right. He’s gotten a lot of flak for that probably from the passionate anti-vacciners because they say he didn’t go far enough. It’s hard because if you are too extreme, they close the door down. You need people like him. He’s a very good writer and it’s very gripping and you need that to get people to respond because many people refuse to listen. If you can sit and read that book having believed in vaccines, you could come away not believing in vaccines anymore. Whereas if someone’s telling you, it’s too opposed. I don’t agree with what he’s saying. I doubt he agrees with it either, but I think he understands the need to be more modest about his requirements in order to get people to listen.

It’s like a tell-all life and be like, “I forgot to say this. Splitting up the MMR, we didn’t mean that. We’re here to say don’t get the MMR. Get none of it because vaccines are poison and totally unnecessary.” Can you imagine that? We’ve evolved on this planet, the sunshine, the sleep, and with the organic foods and somehow our Creator forgot to give us the flu shot.

I am so shocked that people still believe it’s a good idea to get the flu shot. When you see what a mess the flu is in right now, the flu shot is making the flu much worse than it would otherwise be. It’s such a nightmare. People are messing up their innate immunity with the flu shot so they’re ending up with this mercury. They’re disrupting their innate immune system, so they can’t fight off the flu the way you would have if you hadn’t had all those flu shots. Every time you get a flu shot, you’re setting back your general immunity and making yourself more susceptible not just to the flu but to all these other viruses. There are all these other viruses that cause flu-like symptoms that you’re not more susceptible to. Your flu shot has only managed to protect you for a short time from those specific viruses that are in that specific years shot. It’s such a puny piece of the protective space that they are dealing with and then they’re disrupting everything else. It’s a stupid idea. I’ve never had a flu shot and I never will.

The hepatitis B vaccine is loaded with aluminum to a newborn baby. That’s all we need to know. If you’re a pharmaceutical company willing to give the hepatitis B vaccine to a newborn baby, you’re willing to do anything. You’ll go to no end to promote that agenda and to promote the sickness. You’re an evil person. Dr. Stephanie Seneff, thank you so much for being on the Healthy Heart Show.

Thank you.

We’ll see you next time.

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About Dr. Stephanie Seneff

HHS 09 | GlyphosateStephanie Seneff is a Senior Research Scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. She received the B.S. degree in Biophysics in 1968, the M.S. and E.E. degrees in Electrical Engineering in 1980, and the Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 1985, all from MIT. For over three decades, her research interests have always been at the intersection of biology and computation: developing a computational model for the human auditory system, understanding human language so as to develop algorithms and systems for human computer interactions, as well as applying natural language processing (NLP) techniques to gene predictions. She has published over 170 refereed articles on these subjects, and has been invited to give keynote speeches at several international conferences. She has also supervised numerous Master’s and PhD theses at MIT. In 2012, Dr. Seneff was elected Fellow of the International Speech and Communication Association (ISCA).

In recent years, Dr. Seneff has focused her research interests back towards biology. She is concentrating mainly on the relationship between nutrition and health. Since 2011, she has published over two dozen papers in various medical and health-related journals on topics such as modern day diseases (e.g., Alzheimer, autism, cardiovascular diseases), analysis and search of databases of drug side effects using NLP techniques, and the impact of nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxins on human health.