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Neurosurgeon by day and mito-hacker by night, Dr. Jack Kruse, talks about the body and the nutrients it needs that you may find unconventional. Dr. Kruse first shares his journey towards becoming into the successful and knowledgeable person that he is now. After declaring to lose weight, he ended up in his first foray into biohacking, which eventually led him to mito-hack upon finding how it is all about the mitochondria. Dr. Kruse then takes us into vegans and their DHA, his thoughts on adding hydrogen tablets to water, some strategies to deplete the deuterium from the body, as well as the role for retinyl palmitate supplementation. He then puts forward the importance of sun and UV rays and how it is counter to what dermatologists believe.

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NeuroSurgeon By Day, Mito-Hacker By Night Dr. Jack Kruse

I’ve got a super special show for you. I’ve got none other than the brilliant and amazing, Dr. Jack Kruse, on my podcast. I first met Dr. Kruse back in 2016 in Vermont at Shelburne Farms and I was so blown away by his message, by his presentation and his backstory. If you don’t know Dr. Jack Kruse, he’s a neurosurgeon. If you look at the top of the food chain, when it comes to medicine it’s like neurosurgeon is at the top and then maybe cardiovascular surgeon and then cardiologist is somewhere down below that. Whenever somebody gives their opinion on something, it’s like, “What are you, a neurosurgeon?” This guy is the neurosurgeon and he’s the neurosurgeon’s neurosurgeon. Welcome, Dr. Jack. Thanks so much for being on my podcast. I know your story but for the audience, tell everybody how you came to be. What was your progression to where you are right now?

It started many years ago when I designed some spine instruments for minimally invasive spine surgery. I was invited to come and speak to a group of orthopedic spine surgeons and neurosurgeons in Birmingham, Alabama. When I stood up, I tore my meniscus in my right knee. I had to have help to get to the podium to give my talk. It was embarrassing. It turned out I was fortunate because one of the orthopedic surgeon’s wife in the audience worked for Amgen. She came up to me at the end of my talk and she saw I was struggling. She goes, “I know why this happened to you. I’m going to send you six papers and a book.” That jumped me down the rabbit hole. She was trying to give me information tied to a hormone called leptin that I had absolutely never heard about. I graduated in medical school in ’93 and leptin wasn’t discovered until ’94. I had no way of knowing about it. She was trying to get me the message that Amgen was trying to cook their clinical trials.

At that time back in the early 2000s, they had pulled their synthetic leptin drug because it worked too good. They found out at that time, that cold and light, especially from the sun, could have the same impact as their drug. When they stopped doing what they were doing, they immediately went out and patented all the cold receptors that humans had at that time. That’s where we got the cool sculpting trend that’s probably big out in your neck of the woods in Arizona, where people are fat and they use metal plates on their body to lose weight. I did it a little bit more old school. I began to eat like a great white shark and live like a polar bear. I took cold baths and ate a lot of seafood because I stumbled upon this ancient pathway in the brain called the leptin melanocortin pathway.

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One thing led to another. I stood in front of my family in 2005 or 2006. It was close to Thanksgiving. I told my brother-in-law that in a year I was going to be as thin as him. At the time I was 360 pounds, 6’2″. My brother-in-law was 5’11” and about 200 pounds. He laughed at me, the whole family did. I told him that Thanksgiving was going to be the last supper for me. Long story short, this was probably my first foray into biohacking. It was considered a mito-hack by myself because I realized the whole story is about mitochondria, the engine and not the fuel and I lost 77 pounds in three months and lost 133 in eleven. Since that time, I’ve probably put back on maybe 35 pounds.

The reason for that, you may want to get into in the podcast is tied to my job. As a physician, cardiologists, unless you’re an interventional cardiologist, you don’t have to spend a lot of time in the hospital at night, but neurosurgeons unfortunately do. I found out over the subsequent ten or fifteen years, through this whole story about leptin, that light was driving my biology the wrong way and that’s what was causing a lot of my problems. Subsequently over the many last years, I’ve had to make several moves and it was all designed to get light out of my professional and social life. Out of my social life it was easier. Out of my professional life being a neurosurgeon, it was not. In 2017, back where I trained, a small hospital wanted to build their spine program and I told them, “I’d be willing to come and do what you want if you’re willing to come my way and change the hospital bylaws and make it so that I don’t have to take calls anymore. I don’t have to be up at night, I can be off all night and not work on weekends.”

Me saying that as a neurosurgeon, that’s like I’m asking for the world from the hospital. These guys had a previous history with me because the company that worked for this hospital in terms of their management partner, worked with me in Nashville when all this stuff that I told you was going on with me, when everything changed and they knew about how I changed my surgical practice literally overnight. They told the guys down here in Louisiana, “If you can get this guy, you’ve got to get him.” They changed the bylaws and I’ve been here for a year. I have to say I’m pretty happy. I’m not taking calls. That’s limited my leptin and melanopsin issue, which is what you asked me about. What is the key factor? Those are the key factors.

Over the last year, do you think you feel different? Do you feel better?

I’m a lot nicer guy. I can tell you that because I’m not constantly sleep-deprived and I’m not as blue light toxic as I was. Most of my blue light exposure these days comes from doing podcasts, comes from information with my members and trying to help people online. It got to the point in 2015 where I realized that I was going to have to do something pretty radical. All the moves in my life have always been associated with moving towards the sun and getting blue light and non-AD BMF out of my life. It’s not like this trend was new. This was a plan of mine for probably ten years, but having a good idea without execution leads to deletion of every good idea. You have to make it happen as a doctor. You probably are the perfect person to be interviewing me about this because you know that medicine is not set up with circadian biology in mind, especially my specialty. Most people who are obedient idiots that get out and get trauma, it’s happening at night time. It’s a big issue and it’s one that I found in my mito-hacks that I no longer could get around. I got to my mid-50s and I said, “If I am going to be good for myself and my family, I have to change what I’m doing. I have to control my environment better.” I took my own advice that I give my own members. It was a big-time struggle.

The cool thing about sharing this story with you is when I talk with people or I meet them at meetings or at different events and I tell them, “You need to move. This is a big deal,” I can empathize with them because I’ve done it so many times. I know what it entails and I know that it’s not easy, but here’s the problem. When somebody tells me, “No, I can’t do that,” then I immediately say to them, “You’re telling me that your job is worth more than your health?” That’s when I make the comment to them that most neurosurgeons don’t make the patients. If you’re not good enough for yourself, who are you good for? When you stew in those tomatoes, you begin to realize that it is an important decision not only for yourself. You’ve met me in the real world versus the virtual world and I truly believe that when you meet someone in the real world versus the virtual world, you have a very good awareness of that person’s passion and energy and where they’re coming from. I try to explain to people that I am all in this. I realize that my job absolutely destroyed me from the time I was in medical school through residency. If you would have told me that at 39 years old, which was a year before I got the message, I would have laughed at you. I would have called you the biggest idiot because before when you introduced me about neurosurgery, talk about the top of the pyramid, the old Jack at 39 and 40 years old would give you a thumbs up on that.

The new Jack thinks that all doctors are at the top of the pyramid because we have a duty to teach the things that we’re learning that we didn’t learn in medical school. Our knowledge, especially in quantum biology, is radically advancing, far outstripping what they’re teaching in medical school and residency. The thing is, when you’re in medical school and residency, the public gets mad at docs and they shouldn’t because you have to learn a ton of stuff just to get through. The stuff that we’re talking about, that we’re learning, what I call aftermarket data, doctors, is important. That’s why you deciding to do a podcast is cool. To extend your reach, write more books, write more blogs, get deeper into it from your angle, on a hard angle and the cardiology angle, is good. I’m doing a little bit of the opposite. Instead of being a super specialist, I look at my role now as a neurosurgeon to try to be a jack of all trades, but a master of none. The reason I say that is the more that I’ve learned about quantum biology in the last few years, the more that I realized that you have to know the interconnectedness of all the different systems.

The one good thing about my training as a neurosurgeon, being a relatively smart guy in the top of my class, I did well in things that I hated in medical school. It turns out now those things are important for me as an educator for quantum biology because I can sit down and have a discussion with somebody now about why Vitamin D and platelets are linked through the wireless connection, through your red blood cells. I can sit down with a hematologist or oncologist and have a very cogent conversation, cite papers and they look at me like, “Why do you do this?” I try to explain to them and you know this, when we signed up for medical school, we wrote that stupid essay and we signed it on the bottom. Everybody who went to medical school or chiropractor school, any kind of healthcare profession at all, when you sign that essay, you’re doing this to help people. The thing is, when you get into medical school, even into residency, I don’t think it’s until you get out of residency where you realize that you’re not helping a lot of people. It’s a shock to your own system as a physician and the reason why I’m passionate about it now, I never lost my passion even in neurosurgery, to be a doctor. I thought I was a good doctor when I was below 40 years old, but I realized now when I tore my knee meniscus and that lady came into my life, she gave me the opportunity to be great at what I do.

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The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Remarkable Story About Living Your Dreams

The book, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, I know that’s the book that she gave you and told you to go read. After you told me about it, I went to go read it and that’s a fantastic story for anybody to read. When I speak from the stage or I see people out here in Arizona and I’m telling them about the importance of sunshine and like, “What do I do? I live in Minnesota, I live in Canada, I live in Seattle, I live in Portland.” I tell people, my best advice is to move. You can move to Arizona. It’s sunny here 450 days a year. You can move to the Caribbean. I know that I’m not seeing any patients that are coming in from Mexico or from these sunny climates. It’s all from the clouds but let me ask you about this. Another thing you turned me onto was the idea from Gerald Pollack about the Exclusion Zone. Certainly from a cardiovascular standpoint, how when you make the Exclusion Zone and you increase the size of that and now that is your buffer between blood flow and the blood vessel wall and the fact that the sun increases the size of the Exclusion Zone, that is the holy grail, cardiovascular medicine. What do you think about that?

Those are the foundation principles. Once every cardiologist delves in to that science, then they add the other parts in that they know about. They become much wiser. The big ticket that’s good about Pollack’s work, his book as you know, is written for a third-grader. I love turning my patients on. I tell my patients, “If you enjoy your doctor and you want to make them better, buy them this book for Christmas or Hanukkah or just to buy it for them, give it to them. I guarantee you, very few patients buy their doctors books. When you do that, you may not light them all on, but I try to tell my patients this, that if your doctor changes and opens their mind to truly look at the biophysics of water is all about, you may affect 1,000 other people in your own town. It might not be a huge impact. I tell people, “Don’t be afraid of it.” There are cheaper books out there. You can use John Ott’s book, Health and Light, because it’s so old you can find it in Goodwill for $5. I tell people to go on Amazon and buy twenty copies of it and give it to their chiropractor, give it to their physical therapist, give it to whomever. When they read the passages about clothing, about sunglasses and what Albert Schweitzer found from the mouth of his daughter, people are stunned. I’ve had cardiologists come up to me.

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Health and Light: The extraordinary Study that Shows How light Affects Your Health and emotional well being.

It happened where someone in the hospital came up to me and said, “I watched one of your podcasts and I went and bought that book about the eyeglasses,” and he sat down with me and talked to me for an hour about how the RP and the heart work together via the eye. He goes, “I would have never thought this in a minute.” I said, “All you have to do is tell your patients, tell them to take their glasses off and look at the sun in the morning. In my world, that is a cardiology maneuver, but that operationally occurs through Gerald Pollack’s work, but also understanding that a red blood cell is a ferry boat for sunlight that connects the sun wirelessly to our mitochondria.” It’s not that hard for a doctor to get. When we went through medical school, we learned all this BS in Biochemistry, we learned it in hematology and physiology. The problem is we didn’t learn really what matters. We didn’t learn the reason why does hemoglobin have a strong cutoff at 600 nanomoles?

You’ve read Pollack’s book, you’re going to find out why. When you understand why the red blood cell is shaped like a radio dish, you begin to understand why. It’s a radio dish for the visible spectrum of sunlight. When docs look at this, they start to go, “Have we missed the boat?” The cool part of the story is, most people who get into my stuff probably, even when you jumped in, most people think it’s hard and complex. I try to tell people, “If lions and hippos can learn this stuff, so can you.” The problem with humans, it’s harder for us because we have this crappy computer in our brain, our skull, called our brain, that allows us to break all of nature’s rules. If you can teach people not to break nature’s rules in the environment that they choose, you can be a rock star cardiologist. It’s not that difficult.

It all comes down to common sense. People want to go to Jack Kruse level, that’s a different degree of understanding. If all you get out of this whole thing is about getting more sunshine, get sleep when you’re supposed to get away from the EMF and the artificial lights. Eat the organic Paleo foods and certainly pack in all the seafood. When I talk to people about seafood, why can’t a vegan eat an oyster? Does an oyster have any more or less feelings than a head of cabbage? Why can’t they do that?

From a biophysics standpoint, they both emit extreme low-frequency UV light. The argument that they have is a religious argument about food. I don’t engage people about religious arguments about food because I am not a food guru. I am an engine guru. I’m a mitochondriac. When you have my perspective, you begin to see that divorcing yourself from the macro-nutrient game. Even the vegan game, I tell people, “If you want to be a vegan and be a black swan mitochondriac, it’s possible. The only problem is, you have to live within the twenties, twentieth north and twentieth south latitudes and you have to do some exceptional things.”

How do those people get their DHA? I test all the vegans that come in and they’ve got no DHA.

The key is there’s a mechanism in the eye called the Bazan Effect. Dr. Nicolas Bazan, he’s a world-famous eye researcher. He is at LSU. He’s the guy that taught me a lot of stuff in the central retinal pathways when I was a resident and it turns out, he’s an older guy. He’s probably close to 80 years old and he’s still active. He just published another paper. It’s his sixth paper on this effect that he discovered several years ago. The Bazan Effect is we have two loops in our eye. The first loop, any time sunlight comes in, it disassociates DHA and we recycle it in our eye. The key to that process, it’s controlled by the circadian mechanism, so if you’re blue light toxic or you happen to live next to a cell tower, you lose that ability. What’s the back-up system that evolution built into humans? Remember, the central retinal pathways have the highest level DHA of any mammal on this planet in humans and our brains also the same way.

We have a back-up system called the long loop and the long loop connects the eye to the liver. It turns out that your liver is designed to put that in there. If your eye gets broken, your liver can replenish the situation. A vegan who gets as little DHA as possible is constantly recycling. Assuming that they’re living on the equator where there are twelve hours of sunlight in daylight, that effect is no longer present. For example, the book that you mentioned, how I got to understand this, is about a guy who went to these monks in India. I had the realization that India sits on the equator. The southern part is full of vegetarians and the northern part is filled with people that eat a lot of meat and there’s no seafood there. That was the key. When I figured this out, I was like, “These vegetarians have made it for 4,000 or 5,000 years. They’ve done well.”

Do you know what they didn’t have? That’s when I got the message when I was standing at Michelangelo’s statue and I looked up. I said, “They didn’t have any fake light.” The only fake light that ancient people ever had was full moon and that’s where we get the word lunatic from, luna meaning moon. When you had the reflected blue right off the moon, even the ancients knew that blue light causes a problem. It turns out that vegans can recycle the little DHA that they get. Remember, in humans we do convert about 1% to 3% of ALA to DHA. It’s very small, but if you happen to have a perfect circadian mechanism, veganism can work. Do I think it can work in a zero G to 5G world? Absolutely not. It’s psychotic, but if you’re going to do it, you have to do it in a tropical environment.

Which nobody does.

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mito-hack: Having a good idea without execution leads to deletion of every good idea.


This is what I was going to tell you. They do it. Remember that India is the perfect example of this experiment that I want to share with you because right now they have the highest rate of diabetes in the world. This is the reason why. They’re still vegetarian but Bangalore, India, which is in the southwestern tip, that’s all our call centers for big tech companies. It’s the Google and Cisco of southern India. This is the reason why this is important. This is an important teaching point for people who are former vegans or vegetarians. I tell people, “If you’re vegan or vegetarian, the move to greatness is just to become a pescatarian. Just get something in your system.” Now that we know about melanopsin and how it works with leptin, once you fix this Bazan Effect in your eye with the short and long loop, you can do extremely well.

Me coming out of Chicago, the huge Indian population there when I was doing my cardiology training and the vegans, they’ve got some of the worst coronary artery diseases you can ever imagine. What we used to call tiny vessels until now, you know that when you go in there with the ultrasound wire, you take a look at the inside of the vessels, they’re not tiny vessels. The vessels are normal size, they’re just caked full of disease in a total, circumferential manner. It’s a major problem for them. Let me ask you, as far as water. A lot of people are talking about hydrogen water, about adding hydrogen tablets to the water. Give me your thoughts on that.

This is Gerald Pollack 2.0. Pollack gives you the base of understanding water. The key with water is it has to be devoid of dielectric blockers, you know what those are because we talked about it in Vermont. The big one is fluoride and bromine. The key in water that’s good is iodine. That’s the one halogen that’s good because it’s got an atomic number 127, so it stimulates something called the Grotthuss mechanism. The second level, when I tell you that you’re a black swan in training, the next big thing you need to know about water is to remember, what is water’s chemical symbol? H20. H has three different isotopes on planet Earth. Protium, which is H plus, which our mitochondrial matrix and chloroplasts are geared for. Then there’s Deuterium, which is known as heavy water, that has a neutron added to the proton. Then we have tritium, which is a radioactive form of hydrogen that’s not used in biology but it’s present in nuclear power plants and it’s present in nature, in Earth, in a very small degree.

The most dominant form of hydrogen on earth is H plus. It turns out through evolutionary biology history, both chloroplasts, which showed up on this planet about 60 million years before the Cambrian explosion, photosynthesis was here first. Then at the Cambrian explosion, that’s when mitochondria became dominant in complex life forms. It turns out that both of those things, if you look at the atomic structure of chlorophyll and hemoglobin, you’ll be shocked at how similar both of them look. The key is the mitochondrial matrix absolutely loves H plus. That’s what it’s filled with. It turns out that the bio-alkaloid membranes in chloroplasts love H plus, too. Jack, here’s where the food story comes in and you know this is how we met at that Weston A. Price meeting. I got up there and told people that everybody in the Paleo community is clueless because they don’t know that the entire food web is linked to the photosynthetic web.

The question is how much do you know about light, electrons and protons? You know my position on that. The food gurus know diddly-squat about it. It turns out that different foods put different amounts of deuterium in it. Why would life do this? I’m going to give you and your audience a very quick run-through of all you need to know about deuterium depletion. That’s what your mitochondria and chloroplasts do. Deuterium is found in sea water, about 150 parts per million, that’s normal. Believe it or not, you’ll be interested in this, your blood vessels in your body is also designed to be between 145 and 155 for a very deep reason. It turns out where in the TCA cycle and the urea cycle meet at the outer mitochondrial membrane, it’s called Krebs bicycle because there are two tires. It’s designed to be devoid of deuterium. It doesn’t like it at all. It breaks the ATPase because remember the ATPase has a proton channel in it that only fits a proton. It doesn’t fit the proton and neutron. It breaks the ATPase. When you break the ATPase in the heart, electron chain stops, you die or you get sick before you die. That’s the whole reason behind it.

Here’s the interesting thing, how it works in life. When you get close to the equator, the deuterium content in things grown by photosynthesis, like food for us or grass for the herbivores, is much higher. At the equator, there are only two seasons. There’s a summer season and a wet season. It turns out there’s a difference in the deuterium content of the grass, so this is how the wildebeests know when they eat the grass, to migrate that huge migration that you always see on the Discovery Channel. They have to go across the Nile River where the crocodiles are and several of them get picked out. That’s how it goes. It turns out that the enterocytes in their gut get filled up with the deuterium. It gives them a bellyache and that’s how they know they need to leave. They didn’t know anything about deuterium. They didn’t know anything about hydrogen, but this is how the system is built and that’s when they know how to migrate. It’s also when they know when to come back. That’s how this works.

It turns out that same basic mechanism is present in humans. All the things that you hear a lot of people in alternative healthcare talk about like leaky gut, they have no earthly idea that it’s tied to the deuterium content. Why is this important, Jack, for you to hear? Because you learned, just like I did in medical school, how fast the enterocytes turn over in our body compared to everything else. 24 to 48 hours, do you know what that means? That means nature, when your circadian mechanism is working, has a mechanism that works very efficiently getting rid of enterocytes that are filled with a bag of stuff. When you’re blue-light toxic or you put the cell phone up to the side of your head instead of putting it on speaker phone, your enterocytes are filled. That’s what leaky gut is. It’s an electromagnetic phenomenon. It isn’t tied to any bullshit tied to foods that anybody you’re going to have on here and I’ll argue with them up and down. They just don’t get the biophysics behind it.

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Give me some strategies to deplete the deuterium from the body. How do we minimize our exposure?

This is where a guy who I know you said you had Luke on. Luke is just getting into this about deuterium depletion. Dr. Laszlo Boros, who is an MD PhD at UCLA has shown pretty clearly through his work in Hungary with a researcher and MD named Gabor Somlyai that ketogenic diets are deuterium depleted diets. One of the number one thing that you could eat to deuterium deplete yourself is coconut oil. It has a deuterium level of about 101 parts per million. It turns out that all fats, almost all animal products are deuterium depleted. What has the highest level of deuterium in it? This is where you’re going to laugh. Vegetarians won’t like this part. Anything that’s made from C3 or C4 photosynthesis. It turns out C3 photosynthesis forms 80% of the food webs on the planet. That’s the one that has the highest level of deuterium in it. That’s the one that vegetarians eat. What depletes us of deuterium? Solar mechanism, meaning the sun and your circadian biology. It’s present in many different systems. When I went back to the Weston A. Price meeting in 2018, that’s what the talk was about.

I’ve been waiting to give this talk in 2018 for a long time because it was the other part of the leptin story when we found out in December of 2017 that melanopsin was in the retinal arteries, the arteries of our skin, the arteries of our gut. We also found out in December ’17, it’s in our subcutaneous fat and skin. That was the missing data that I didn’t have to complete the story. Now that the story is complete and you can see that any kind of blue light or non-AD BMF uncouple vitamin A from melanopsin. That released retinol becomes, the best way to describe it is a nuclear weapon for all photo receptors, so you’ll be interested in this. You may not know it, B12 is a photoreceptor in humans. What happens when you have melanopsin and retinol damage, that’s the reason why vegans have such demolished B12s because when you put them in a blue light environment, they can’t recycle their Vitamin B12 through the liver. The other thing that people don’t know, if you take every single vitamin known on this planet, the only one that emits light is Vitamin A. That’s the reason why retinol is bound to every opsin in the human body.

You’re not a supplements guy, but I’ll ask you anyway. What are the best strategies to get Vitamin A into the diet? Organ meats, eating seafood, whole seafood products.

Liverwurst for me and believe it or not, seafood.

Is there any role at all for retinyl palmitate supplementation, Vitamin A or no?

No and I’ll tell you the reason why. If you look at the literature of Vitamin A, the one thing that you’ll notice immediately and this is important for everybody to hear. It’s also important for doctors to hear. Excessive retinol in any form, I don’t care if it’s synthetic or even natural, has been associated with significant problems. What is nature telling us there as clinicians that we have a duty to tell patients? That it has to be linked to circadian biology. That’s what controls it. All these reactions that I just told you are quantized. When I use the word quantized to non-biologists, it means it’s highly specific and highly sensitive. You can’t go taking something exogenously and thinking you can replace it endogenously. The cool thing is if your redox level isn’t trashed, eating liverwurst or eating seafood every so often, helps prime the whole system.

Mother Nature and evolution designed you to take the pieces and parts that are built by photosynthesis and have the substrate in itself to do the right things. The key that you have to do is you have to understand how sunlight controls the entire system, both in the eye and all the peripheral clock genes that are present. What controls the peripheral clock genes? Melanopsin. What controls the SEN? Turns out it’s melanopsin again because where did we find melanopsin first? It was in 1998 in the retina. We didn’t find it again in a new place until 2014, which will interest you as a cardiologist. It’s in every artery of the body and the arterials. In 2017, that’s when the seminal paper came that completed my Monk Who Sold His Ferrari story. I thought it was the craziest thing ever that Mother Nature or evolution or God would put the key fat hormone in our subcutaneous fat that goes into our hypothalamus. I was like, “Why would she do this?”

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Breakthrough: Eight Steps to Wellness

Then I had this come-to-Jesus moment. I read one of Suzanne Somers’ old books. It was called Breakthrough. Do you know those little penlights that we used to get when we were in medical school to check the eyes? She read a study where they put the penlight behind someone’s knee and it turned their melatonin level off. I thought to myself, “That’s crazier than crap.” I thought it was just one of those things in the alternative health world that was total BS. It turned out Suzanne Somers reported this. She had no idea how it worked, but that always stuck in my head and I made the calculated guess. Scientists and clinicians, we call that a hypothesis, that leptin had to have a photoreceptor with it wherever it was present in the body. That photoreceptor controlled it. When you heard my talk in 2016 and 2017, I talked about those benzene rings and all the aromatic amino acids are photon traps? When I saw the chemical structure of leptin and saw all those photon traps, do you know what I realized immediately? Leptin fundamentally is a photoreceptor, just like B12 is. Then I went, “That means there’s got to be a photoreceptor there.” I knew it was an opsin, but I didn’t know which one. If I was a betting man and I was truthful to you, I thought it was going to be rhodopsin.

When I read the paper in 2014, remember this is two years before you and I met and I saw that melanopsin was in the arterials of the skin and the retina, I said, “This could be it.” Then I started to go pedal to the metal down this rabbit hole. When I saw the paper show up in December of ’17, when the guys from Weston A. Price asked me to come back, I said, “Okay but you need to let me give this talk because I’ve been waiting to give this talk. It’s the culmination of what I learned from that lady from Amgen.” Now I know how it works because it turns out when you have blue light or non-AD BMF, any other part of the spectrum besides visible light, it disassociates the retinol from the melanopsin. Why is this important? All diurnal mammals on the planet have that covalent bond is weak. It turns out nocturnal animals have a strong covalent bond and the reason why, so they can handle different parts of the spectrum differently because our retinins are photopic, meaning they work by sunlight.

It turns out a rat and mice, all the stuff we see in the medical literature, those are scotopic retinins. They have scotopic skin. That’s the reason why you’ve always heard me say, “Anything that we learned in medical school is BS.” Here’s the reason why because everything we’ve learned has been on nocturnal animals that have a completely different retinal melanopsin system and that means leptin works differently. Whatever you find from a mouse has no input into a human. I never told anybody this because I was making hypotheses the whole time, but I didn’t have the data even when you and I met in 2016 to tell you, “Now I do. Now I can let the cat out of the bag and tell you why I was saying what I was saying, what I was thinking.” My members know this now. They’ve known it now since the damn paper came out in 2017. The real cool part of the story is what happens is, when retinol comes on it’s not connected to the circadian mechanism. It becomes toxic, which is why I tell people, “Do not supplement with it,” because what does it do? It destroys leptin biology. That’s the reason why leptin cannot be released from the subcutaneous fat in the blood to get into the hypothalamus at midnight. That’s the reason why the brain has no clue what the energy balance or metabolism is anywhere in the body because the retinol locally destroys the photoreceptor.

It’s the same reason why we have AMD in the eye because when retinol gets out there, it bins the retina. It destroys it because it’s ruining rhodopsin, melanopsin and all the cones. It’s also the reason why people get cataracts. I’m going down to Mexico to speak to a large group of ophthalmologists about what I told you because none of them know about this melanopsin story and they need to. It’s important that people understand, now that we know that melanopsin is in the arterials and also in the skin, this is the reason why you need to have blue-blocking glasses, but it’s also the reason why the way you dress indoors has to be like an orthodox Jew or a Muslim woman. It’s a smart move. Then when you’re outside I want you as naked as a jaybird, which doesn’t make a lot of people happy, but when you understand this whole story laid out, you begin to see why I’ve said what I’ve said for the last years.

I’ve seen some. I’m thinking about two in particular, Muslim women in my practice. They came in on their full religious garb and checking their Vitamin D levels. They’ve got no Vitamin D, yet whether we’re talking about them, why aren’t they all dying very young? I’m sure a lot of them are and they get cancer and whatnot, so about them and then maybe on the other side, what if we’re talking to a vegan? You are bashing vegans, yet the vegans have some of the best longevity data coming out of the Seventh Day Adventists.

That data is no longer accurate, just so you know that. The Seventh Day Adventist data has gone back and been looked at. They have some significant problems. The guy that made that all famous was Dan Buettner, The Blue Zones. People have gone back and looked at his work and realized, that work has been cooked. Those epidemiological studies, I’ll give you another for example. There’s a guy on Twitter, his name is Tucker Goodrich. He’s a big Paleo guy, big into protein and fat. He posted a picture and I’m glad he did it. I recapitulated because I’ve known about it for a while. You know that I’m a big fan of the Okinawan people because they eat a lot of pork and they eat a lot of seafood, which is all about my way of thinking. Do you know that in the last years they were the leaders in the super centenarians of the world, that it’s reversed in the many years that technology has come in?

It goes back to what I told you about melanopsin. Here’s the thing. Now that we know how melanopsin operates, we need to go back and start looking at different places. This is the reason why I told you and you heard me say this and probably smirked when I said it from the stage. I said, “If Weston A. Price was alive now, he wouldn’t be part of Sally Fallon’s tribe. He’d be part of my tribe because everybody he saw eat, ate wild, but they ate out in sunlight.” That’s the key. Once you get past the dogma that you’ve learned, you begin to understand how this works. Even the data on vegans is up for debate right now. I’m going to tell you, I truly believe this. Longevity is totally tied to how good or bad your mitochondrial biology is and how good you match that up with your single nucleotide polymorphisms, your single amino acid polymorphisms and if you live in nature.

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I do believe that you could eat crap on a shingle as long as you live in nature properly, you can get by. A lot of my critics will say, “Jack, when you gave us the analogy of Paleo effects about the car, if you put crap gas in a car you know that it doesn’t work well.” Do you know what I have to point out to all the food gurus? I said, “Does your car have the ability to self-regenerate through a process called mitophagy and apoptosis? The answer is no.” Does food control that? It turns out no. What controls it? Melatonin levels do. What controls melatonin levels? Solar exposure via melanopsin. Melanopsin dysfunction is what causes melatonin to go up and down and that’s what controls mitochondrial DNA. When you get to that level, then you begin to understand, this is the reason why when Usain Bolt became the fastest human, he was publicly stated, all you Google it. He ate Chicken McNuggets during his training before he won all the gold medals. You believe that you can’t fuel on crap. This is the fastest man in the world who had unbelievable performance.

I wasn’t there in Vermont. Correct me if I’m wrong, that’s some of what Jeff Leach’s work was. What he was doing? He was trying to feed the African tribe all this garbage food and it didn’t matter. They were perfect as healthy.

I wish you were there because you would have loved what I did from the stage because I was pretty, I don’t want to say toxic. We had another doctor there, Zach Bush, who was selling people this Restore product. Jeff spoke the night before me and Zach talked. Zach talked first, I talked last. He was telling people how wonderful this Restore stuff was and Jeff got on the stage and told people, “We fed them Coca-Cola, high-fructose corn syrup,” The stuff that would make you and your wife’s head explode, but here was the crazy thing. When they sampled their microbiome, it didn’t change at all. Jeff, to his credit, said from the stage, “We don’t know why, but we’re going to study it.” I’m sitting back there after his talk and I said, “Does anybody in the room know the significance of what Jeff said?” This blows up the food paradigm, especially in the microbiome. What it says is that people who live on the equator, like the Hadza do, they live in constant sunlight. It’s twelve hours of daylight and night-time. It turns out that light controls the microbiome. You go read the literature, the microbiome of the breast, the microbiome of the gut, it turns out when people’s redox potential is high, the microbiome doesn’t change.

What is Jeff going to do this year? He’s going to take the Hadza and bring them to Texas and feed them crap on a shingle again. He’s going to say, “What does the 29th latitude do to these people when we feed them crap on a shingle?” His other paper got published in Nature. When this gets published, I am hoping that it limits the BS that we hear from functional medicine doctors, from the food gurus out there that are doing something or feeding people pre- and probiotics, somehow is a magic pill to fix their microbiome. It turns out it’s not. It goes all the way back to what I’ve been teaching people. It’s about fixing your redox potential, which means increasing the net negative charge. This goes back to what Pollack said in his book. When sunlight hits water, the Exclusion Zone forms a net negative charge. That’s what mitochondria need because people forget what mitochondria need. It’s water. They take glucose and turn it into CO2 and water. What does photosynthesis do? It takes CO2 and water and makes sugar with sunlight. It reverses the process. When you start to put all the pieces together, you start to see where they fit. Jeff’s talk, I sat from the stage and I said, “I thought my talk was going to be good.” I thought his talk was way better because it blew up the paradigm that was all around me in Vermont that, “No, we have to eat cabbage and kimchi and all kinds of other BS to get your microbiome right.”

I’m fine with people doing that. I don’t have any issue with it. If you think it’s going to work for you, great, but I’m going to tell you, get your gut, your torso, your abdomen, out in the sun as much as you can and you can be Usain Bolt. You can be like the Kenyans that live in Nairobi that win every marathon around. There’s a reason why people do this. I tell people this all the time. I’m going to tell it to you. You take it for what you want because it’s going to be something you’d be interested in, since we brought up Bolt. You know that AM sunlight, the transition between UVA and infrared A light, make dopamine. That’s one of the things that programs dopamine and dopamine is made from aromatic amino acids. Here’s what people don’t know. Dopamine goes to fiber-type muscles. This is important for you to know as a cardiologist. When I talk to the meatheads in Paleo, they’re always interested in big muscles and this and that. We just had one of their big, meathead guys die, who I tried to get the information to for ten years, which is Charles Poliquin. He was a great guy and he was a rule-breaker, like I am, but he didn’t understand that you needed to work out outside and not in a gym. The guy was 58 years old and died from a heart attack, which is your organ.

I know also you and I were both critical and I’ll give you a lot of credit for increasing my knowledge on it, but Bob Harper from America’s Biggest Loser. Outside, that guy looks like he’s Superman and on the inside, he was frying his body for all those unhealthy reasons that we talked about.

Now he’s on TV selling Brilinta to obedient idiots.

That kills me when I see that, not that I watch TV and look at them all.

Remember, he’s got to replace his salary because he can’t exercise any more people to death. The point that I wanted to make to you is that skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle have dopamine in it. Dopamine is important for fiber type. Here’s the crazy part, the AM light is what builds dopamine levels highest. You know that Usain Bolt is Jamaican. He lives on top of a volcano in Jamaica. The higher you go the more UV light you get. Also, the darker your skin you get, so it makes your redox higher. His fiber type was fast twitch. That’s the reason why he’s amazing. You know the story I told you about Kenyans. Kenyans come from Nairobi. Nairobi’s at one degree north, 8,000 feet on a plateau on an old super volcano. They’re the blackest people on the planet, to protect their skin from the UV light. They get more UV light. The natural UV index there is 14 or 15, that’s the reason why they have the fiber type for endurance racing. That’s why they win everywhere they go. That’s why they train there.

What’s the third story? This brings it back to you and me. If you’re an NFL fan, you’ll take out an NFL rushing list when I get done with this podcast with you and you’ll notice that the top twenty NFL rushers all went to school in the Southeast. Not one of them with the exception of one guy, John Riggins, went to school north of that. Because muscle fiber type is linked to your physiology and the amount of solar exposure you get as a kid. What’s the key here? As a cardiologist, if you have anybody that has cardiac disease, your job is to get their chest, their sternum out in the sun as much as possible. With ladies who have heart disease, they say, “I can’t just take my boobs out and walk around.” You can, ladies. They make something called Cooltan out in your neck of the woods in Arizona, a clothing company in the States. There’s another one that I push my members to, which is Kiniki. They’re in the UK and I found that Kiniki allows more of the infrared A and UV light to come through. These are things that we can do to help people. These are little, actionable steps that improve people’s things. Instead of them coming to see you have a wire placed in their coronary arteries or coming to see me to have pedicle screws placed in their back.

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mito-hack: Once you get past the dogma that you’ve learned, you begin to understand how things work.


Tell me how someone who’s been told the sun is bad and all that rhetoric. How do you get people safely in the sun? I know we wouldn’t tell anyone, “You haven’t been in the sun. Go out at noon and just go bake yourself for an hour.” How do we get people into that?

The way I do it, I’ll give you my way as a physician because it may help you and some other physicians who have listened to this. The first thing that I do is I make the patient buy John Ott’s book and I direct them to the story. You first have to understand why dermatologists and ophthalmologists believe UV light’s bad in order to understand the whole paradigm. It turns out babies that were born with jaundice, who always come from mothers with melanopsin problems and dads with melanopsin problems because that’s why they’re jaundiced to begin with, they used to be put under UV light in the ’50s. It turns out a lot of those kids got retrolental hyperplasia in their retina. Immediately they found out, “This is UV light exposure that caused the problem.”

What didn’t they know is that babies have lenses that are completely permeable to UV light because you remember Jack, when we were in medical school, we were told by ophthalmologists that the lens blocks UV light, which is also BS. It lets 2% to 4% of UV through. It turns out babies let it through. Because UV light stimulates brain growth. What do you know about human babies? They are born shitting on themselves, a fat ball of goo, not like chimps. Chimps are almost fully functional. It turns out their lenses are permeable for sunlight to help stimulate them to grow. The story became that the people back in the ’50s that dealt with jaundiced kids, they would use these lights. They eventually switched in the late ’50s to the early ’60s to blue light because they found out the blue light didn’t cause the retrolental hyperplasia and it was able to get rid of jaundice, but what have we found out in the 2000s about kids that are irradiated for jaundice?

They all have higher levels of melanoma, skin cancer and this new cancer that’s blowing up everywhere called ocular melanoma. It’s the number one fastest-growing cancer in the ophthalmology literature. We found out the story that the blue light goes from 435 to 465. That’s what stimulates melanocytes in the retina of the eye and on your skin. It’s the key frequency range that melanopsin works at, so now we know that it’s artificial blue light that causes the cancer. It turns out that UV light is taken out of its spectrum, so if you’re thinking about the Pink Floyd album cover, remember, UV light only makes up purple. There are six other colors. UV light will never hurt you when the six other colors are present. UV light’s different than every other part of the spectrum for this reason.

It only makes up 1% to 4% of the terrestrial sunlight that falls to earth, but in that, it’s predominantly UVA, it’s a little bit UVB and there’s no UVC. The other interesting thing is, it’s diurnal, meaning that it’s not present equivalent every place on the earth. The only place it’s always present equivalently is at the equator, which is the reason why anybody who is sick, if you look at any epidemiologic study of any disease known to man, the incidence drops at the equator. Type I diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, MS and everybody knows it but nobody knows why. It turns out when you understand the story in Ott’s book and you take it forward. You start going through the ophthalmologist literature and the dermatologist literature. One of the things that I love doing because you know I’m a crap stirrer in medicine, I love sitting down with the dermatologists and say, “Tell me, why is it that people have the highest rates of melanoma and skin cancers, have the lowest levels of Vitamin D, if UV light is the cause and we know that 312 nano of light is the only thing that converts cholesterol to the active form of Vitamin D.”

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They just look at you and dribble on themselves because this is in their literature. They know it, but you know what they haven’t been able to explain? Why the incidence of melanoma on the skin and in the eye, is exponentially greater in 2018 than it was before we had sunglasses in the ’30s and sunscreen in the ’50s and ’60s. The reason is the lower your Vitamin D level is, the higher your rate of cancer. If you put that person in an indoor environment and you know that most of your patients and most of my patients live 98% indoors. That’s where the blue light is. We don’t realize, as I said to you before about the story about the polar bear and the great white shark. This computer allowed us to start breaking nature’s laws for light in 1874 when Edison came up with the light bulb and then in 1893 Tesla screwed us because he made the AC power grid. Now we have all kinds of crap plugged into it. Since that time, if you look at the disease metric data, charts from 1900 to 2018, the country that’s done it the best is Sweden. They have the best health medical records back. Where did I find all this information about blue light and ocular melanoma? That’s in a blog that’s out published in the Swedish registries.

When you begin to dive deep, you begin to realize what people are told. I’m going to tell you right now, if you want skin and eye problems the smartest thing you can do is put a tarp over that. That’s the greatest benefit to the medical profession for dermatologists and ophthalmologists because you’re guaranteed you’re going to have medical problems. This is the reason why people in the alternative health world were shocked when I told people many years ago that the celibacy syndrome in Japan was caused by all the technology. The other big issue that people started to realize is that myopia, all the kids in Asia are myopic. 96% of teenagers by the time they’re twenty years old, they’re myopic, for the same reason. Because dopamine controls the way the globe grows, which goes back to our story about muscles. Have you ever seen Kenyans that win races that wear glasses or contacts? Did Usain Bolt have them on? When you’re in UV light it’s the antidote for myopia. When did I become myopic? When I was in medical school.

As far as sun exposure, what do you say? I know you’re out there with every sunrise, you’re getting some sun in the morning, you’re getting some sun in the noontime, you’re getting some sun in the sunset and you’re getting that whole spectrum coming through.

To cut to the chase, I’m going to make it easy for you and everybody to it. I have a very detailed answer, but you’re right. This is what I got from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. Julian Mantle made a comment in there that stunned me. I shouldn’t say it was him. It was the monk that was talking to him. He said that humans on average see 25,000 sunrises in their life. I stopped when I read that in the book and I said, “How many sunrises have you seen?” At that time, the answer was probably ten or eleven. I started to think about it and that’s when I started to realize that the light in the morning is different than the light every other time. I started to delve into that. What I did is, I took all these observations that I made when I was reading this book and doing all my homework at the medical school library to learn all this and I came up with something on Patreon that I released called How to Build Your Solar Callus. The answer to you is, I tell people once they read Ott’s book, then I want them to go read this Patreon blog because it lays out how to build your solar callus.

Here’s the long story. I can give you a short story. The short story is, infrared A light forms up 42% of sunlight. It’s the dominant form of light. It turns out red light in you is the fastest way for you to build your solar callus. That means the redder light you get, the more UV light you can assimilate and you don’t need to be outside and you’ll never get red. You’ve met me, I’m an Irish guy with freckles. I can stay out in the sun for eight to ten hours. I was outside watching some of the NFL games, ten hours straight in the sun. Do I look like I’m blistered and miserable? No. People don’t know this about the skin, that this ability is there. Women are recalcitrant to do this because they assume that they’re going to get wrinkles because that’s what the dermatologist tells them. What the irony of the story is? The higher your skin redox is, the more mitochondria you have, the more water it makes, the less wrinkles you get. It’s the opposite. If you want to get wrinkled, sit in front of a computer all day.

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mito-hack: The lower your Vitamin D level is, the higher your rate of cancer.


Tell me, where can anyone who’s in the show learn about you? What have you got coming up next? What are your lectures? You mentioned Patreon. How do people become a member of your tribe? Tell me where people can go.

The first and easiest thing I would tell people to do is just go to my JackKruse.com website, read all the free stuff. 99% of what I’ve written is free. The second thing is, if you want to cut through the first three years of blogs that are all on leptin, you probably are better off reading my book. It’s only $10 now on Amazon because it’s been out for about a couple of years. That would be the second thing. Third thing, I have tons of podcasts online. Just put my name in and put podcast, you’ll pull up a ton. The ones I did in Vermont I personally think are pretty epic. The one in 2017 about the eye is amazing. The one I did this year is all about melanopsin. That one unfortunately is on Patreon, so you’ll have to pay for that. Patreon is when I moved the blog to more clinically oriented things. Jack, you’ll understand why. When you start talking clinical and you’re a doctor on the internet, you have to be very careful. You go to www.Patreon.com/DrJackKruse and in there I will give you a treatise on quantum biology. I’ll teach you about deuterium until your head splits open.

You’ll get the solar callus blog. You’ll learn about what survivor soup is. Survivor soup is how you create deuterium-depleted water in your body, especially if you have a serious mitochondrial disease. Probably the last thing that I would say is, over my many years being in public now and talking about this, I always had a goal, to make a quantum clinic. A place where black swan mitochondriacs in training could come to learn, to teach other doctors. I wanted to build a facility that was tied to my teachings. I found a piece of property at the 28th latitude that I’m developing. I’m talking to you from the kitchen of the farmhouse now. The clinic is about 100 yards away. It’s not done. It should be done in a few months, so I will be probably every quarter teaching doctors. You don’t have to be an MD. You can be any kind of doctor, any kind of practitioner, even a massage therapist or anyone else. I’m going to mix it with the public. If you want to learn about quantum biology, you will be able to come there for a fee and I’m going to teach with a curriculum the things that I’ve learned in detail.

The last part is, I’ve had a lot of members. You can become a member of my website. We have four different levels now, that’s silver, platinum, gold and titanium. Titanium’s for families. I personally think gold is the best way to go because you get access to me every month. We do webinars on different health topics and most of the Q&As last three or four hours. Jack, you know I like to talk, so they last a long time. The last level of membership is going to be, if you want your hand held and you don’t want the full force of reading everything Jack does. You just want my wisdom and you want me to be your doctor, you’ll be able to hire me directly. That’s what the farm is going to be about and it’s going to focus in on all the quantum biology that ties light, water and magnetism completely together.

I don’t know how to thank you. I know you’ve got so many people that demand so much of you. You’re such a sought-after speaker and educator and to get on the different podcasts, I appreciate you spending the time with me. It’s always difficult. I know you feel this way as well that we want to get this information out to the world and we do so through the computer and social media and blue light. Sitting there in front of that camera and you got the light back here to make sure that we look legible yet knowing that it’s so unhealthy.

It’s a real difficult dichotomy that we all live in, but I applaud your efforts to get out of the hospital and get rid of night call, the weekends and all that toxic lifestyle. I wish my father heard this information. I told you the story about my dad dying, a cardiologist dying of progressive supranuclear palsy and the people at that Mayo Clinic, they’ve got no idea why, they’ve got no therapy. I meet my future wife, who’s a doctor, chiropractic and she says, “He worked inside of a hospital. He never saw the sun, in Chicago, lousy sleep, lousy food, too much alcohol, around all the environmental toxins.” She’s got all the answers as to why my father is dying and the Mayo Clinic has nothing.

The funny thing is, I forgot when you shared that story with me in Vermont and it’s so ironic that you brought this up. This is what quantum entanglement is about. I released a Patreon blog called Quantum Thermodynamics 20. It’s about how light and EMF through the eye can cause a brainstem disease, which is what your dad had. For people who don’t know, most people don’t know what that disease is, but you know what the disease process that I used as the analogy was? I used Tic Douloureux because as a neurosurgeon we treat that, but I explain to people how that disease linked through the blood vessels via the melanopsin deficit because the fiber tracts do not connect. Your dad’s problem is exactly the same way. I can tell you now, it was likely the blue light that did it because the circle of Willis that fed his upper brain stem, which is where that nucleus is located, that’s what caused it.

Thank you so much, Dr. Jack Kruse. This has been The Healthy Heart Show, another fantastic episode. Go find Dr. Jack Kruse, watch his podcast, watch YouTube on him, subscribe to his channels. He is worth it. This is money that you’re talking about that’s going to save your life, so pay attention to Dr. Jack Kruse.

Take care.

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