HHS 3 | Six Steps To Cleansing


We are now right in the middle of a healthcare revolution – not only a healthcare revolution, but a revolution across the board for the earth itself. When the majority of the world’s population becomes sick – the air is contaminated, the water is contaminated, and the food is contaminated – the earth is just as sick as the people on the earth. Dr. Edward Group says uncovering the secrets to health, cleansing the body, and putting good things in your system is very simple, if you think about it. It’s just the lack of information is what’s missing. Dr. Group founded Global Healing Center in 1998 with a goal of providing the highest quality natural health information and products. He is world-renowned for his research on the root cause of disease. Take control of your health and join us as Dr. Group shares the six steps to cleansing.

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Six Steps To Cleansing with Dr. Edward Group

I want to welcome Dr. Edward Group to the podcast. Dr. Ed, how are you?

I’m doing great. Thanks for having me on. It’s always a pleasure.

Dr. Edward Group founded Global Healing Center in 1998 with a goal of providing the highest quality natural health information and products. He is world-renowned for his research on the root cause of disease. Under his leadership, Global Healing Center earned recognition as one of the largest natural and organic health resources in the world. Dr. Group is a veteran of the United States Army and has attended executive education programs at both Harvard and MIT Business Schools. He is a best-selling author and a frequent guest on radio and television programs, documentary films and in major publications and in podcasts. I’ve heard Dr. Ed speak before at California Jam and the Truth About Cancer and so many other places. Dr. Ed, it’s a pleasure to have you on.

It’s a pleasure to be on your show and just get the information out to people. Thank you for putting a podcast together, getting people the right information on your website, everywhere. The more people we can touch and the more people we can help, ultimately we can help change the world.

You and I were talking about this before too and the healthcare revolution that’s on right now is amazing. We are driving the market forces because of what our demands are. By people like you putting out this information onto your website, all over social media, all over the internet, this is where the revolution’s going on. It’s the people taking it to the corporations.

The Healthcare Revolution

I hear every single day that kids are watching their parents sick and unhealthy and dying. Their parents have watched their grandparents die on prescription medications or an unhealthy internal and external environment, what they’re putting in their body and the environment in which they live. I watched both of my parents die in my twenties of cancer and it’s starting to have an effect on people. Because of the internet and because so many people are coming forward, there’s a positive revolution that’s happening right now. I even tell people, my employees and my kids, we are right now in the middle of a healthcare revolution. Not only a healthcare revolution but a revolution across the board for the earth itself. When the majority of the world’s population becomes sick, the air is contaminated, the water is contaminated and the food is contaminated, the Earth is just as sick as the people on the Earth. Finding out the secrets, uncovering the secrets to health, cleansing the body, putting good things in your system, cleansing your environment, it’s very simple. It’s just the piece that’s missing and the lack of information that’s being taught out there is what’s missing.

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People are still stuck in that fear-based model, a lot of people. Although people are opening up and they’re becoming more aware, a lot of people are still stuck in that fear-based, for the most part, allopathic system which was what happened to me when I wanted to become a heart surgeon. My dream was to become a heart surgeon. My dad was a PhD chemist for Exxon so I got my first chemistry set when I was around one. It wasn’t until I was about to start applying to medical school where I met somebody and this was in the early ’90s. There was no internet around. He was doing a project on a research team from MD Anderson. That was right when MD Anderson was launching their CAM program, Complimentary Alternative Medicine.

This how I ended up completely switching gears and this is exactly what is happening now, which I’m thankful for. We all have a part to play in this role. I ended up talking to this guy and I was brainwashed to think that natural medicine was witchcraft, that it doesn’t work, that essential oils are of the devil. This guy started saying that he knew doctors that were underground and doctors were getting killed that he had interviewed and that there were cures for every disease out there. I was thinking, “What in the world is this guy talking about?” This was something completely different than what I’d been taught. Still talking about heart disease, he was saying, “We were looking at how many people die and the leading causes of death each year in cancer and heart disease and all these diseases. We don’t even need these. We have cures for all of this stuff.” I ended up getting on his research team and not ever applying and taking any tests for medical school because I was blown away. We went around and talked to and had to find these doctors. We interviewed them all and we took all their records back, the ones that they were successful with and we were looking at cancer, but what we found out was cancer was the hardest thing for these doctors to get rid of. All these other conditions, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, even autoimmune diseases, etc., they could easily get rid of all these.

When we brought the research back and started to share this individual research, we were surrounded by guys in black suits. They took it all. We were issued a gag order. We were never to talk about any of this and never present any of this research to anybody. It was shocking for me. I was followed around for close to two years in black vehicles. At that point in time, I knew the threat to the pharmaceutical companies and what they were telling us what we could and what we couldn’t do, but we had the solutions for every single disease. That’s what led me to go into chiropractic college and then start studying everything I can about detoxification and cleansing and identifying the root cause of the disease is what we did in our research.

One of the things that you talked about is the fact that there are so many forces that are against us and against us getting that health and wellness message out there. The internet is such a blessing in that sense that we are able to get that information, but I know we were talking before and you were telling me about your family’s trip to Europe. When you go through a trip to Europe, you realize that there are a lot of villains in the history of mankind. There are some bad people that are out there. It’s no surprise to think there are bad people that are still around in our society whose only motives are power, profit and control. It’s no surprise to hear that when you guys were onto all that research and all those discoveries about what true health and wellness means and even today how there are some bad people that follow us around and make our lives miserable or worse. It is no surprise.

Our Self-Healing Mechanism

We looked at hundreds of doctors but there was a handful, maybe ten or fifteen, that were doing basically the same thing. They were using basically the same programs for every single disease, whatever it was. Whether you came in with a headache, whether you came in with fibromyalgia. It didn’t matter. All of the most successful ones would tell us and explain to the patients that they would all start with evaluating the patient’s lifestyle and where they live and what they’re putting in their system. They told every single one of them that we all have a self-healing mechanism within us. That is the most powerful healing agent that we have. More powerful than anything outside of us is what’s in us. The reason why our self-healing mechanism is so beat down is because of the toxins that we breathe in the air every single day, the toxins that we put in our body through the food every single day, the toxins that we consume through the water every day, the amount of stress that we’re under, the exposure to electromagnetic altered frequencies. The list goes on and we identified probably about 50 or 60 medications and all these other things and vaccinations and all this stuff.

Everybody has a tipping point. This was what basically we would explain to people as the root cause of disease because if someone comes in and says, “I have heart disease. I want you to cure me,” we would say, “Why do you have heart disease? Why do you have cancer?” They would look at us and go, “I don’t know.” Don’t you need to understand why you have the disease first before you can understand how to get rid of the disease? They were like, “Yes.” Let us explain to you why the root cause of why you have the disease. You’re bringing in a million chemicals and toxins on a daily basis and your body can only eliminate 500,000 chemicals and toxins on a daily basis. You have an excess of 500,000 chemicals or toxins coming into your system every single day.

HHS 3 | Six Steps To Cleansing

Six Steps To Cleansing: The most powerful healing agent that we have, more powerful than anything outside of us, is what’s in us.


It All Starts In The Gut

Your body decides where to put all those extra toxins because the liver gets completely wiped out within years. As a matter of fact, I would say 90% of the people right now on the planet only have 50% or less liver functionality. Where’s the body going to dump all these toxins? It dumps it in the cardiovascular system and that causes heart disease and an imbalance. It dumps it in the liver, causes liver disease. It dumps it in the joints. That’s arthritis. It dumps it in an area that it wants to wall off, which is cancer. The body doesn’t want to damage everything and that’s here your genetic background comes in, if your parents had heart disease or if your parents had cancer or whatever. It was a very simple process. If you tell people the root cause of where all these chemicals and toxins are entering their system and then you cleanse them out. It doesn’t matter what disease you have. It all starts in the gut. Whether it’s cardiovascular, whether it’s cancer, it doesn’t matter because how are the chemicals and toxins going to get into your body? They can get in through your skin, but we’ve only identified maybe close to 5% of the total amount of chemicals and toxins that you’re exposed to on a daily basis enter through your skin. 95% of them are going to come in through your gut lining. That’s why there’s such a big link to gut disease, liver disease and then the liver has to process them.

By identifying the root cause of all the chemicals and the toxins and eliminating them from coming into your system and then cleaning up your external environment, we used to go into individual’s homes all the time just like the doctors did a long time ago which all those books have been burned on fasting and intermittent fasting and cleansing and all that stuff from the 1800s on. Now, we’re starting to see more of them pop up online again. The basis of being able to kick in the body’s self-healing mechanism is to always start. This is why all of the doctors that we identified that had an over 60% success rate with cancer and probably close to 90% or above with any other degenerative health condition, they were all doing the same thing. Number one, they were educating the patient on the root cause of their illness. Number two, they were going to the individual’s home. That’s what we did when we had our cancer clinic before we got raided and shut down. We were going to the patient’s home because you can learn so much about somebody just in their living environment. You would see mold everywhere or whatever. The third thing they would do is the first part of their treatment program would always be gut. They would clean the gut extremely well and then repopulate it with good probiotics. By that time, the individual patient was also eating very healthy and eating the right type of food.

Tell me what you mean though by cleaning out the gut? Cleaning out the gut, detoxification, what does that mean for you in your program?

When we started studying and trying to figure out what the best way to clean the gut is, we ended up looking at some of the lost files of Nikola Tesla. Tesla, before he died, he was a visionary as everybody knows, but he had this vision in the future. Not too many people know about this. The only way you know about it is Tesla’s understudy, who was a guy named Arthur Mathews. Andrew Mathews’ understudy was a guy named George Freibott. Gorge Freibott’s understudy was a guy named Larry Royce. I was mixed into that group too because part of my passion as a young scientist was looking into quantum energy and all kinds of other stuff. I would get visions from the time I was ten about all these weird things, technologies and stuff.

What led us to that is that Tesla said that what’s going to destroy the population in the future is going to start in the gut. Before he died, he wanted to develop something that people could use two or three times a week to keep their gut clean. He looked at all the different herbs, cascara, asana and all that and you can use them for a short period of time. In today’s society, people are eating a bunch of crap all day long every day. What our research has shown us is that foods can stay in the system for 72 hours. The proteins turn putrefactive, the carbohydrates ferment and the fats turn rancid. It’s almost like you need to get that out of your system as fast as you can. He said the only way that people are going to be able to do that and heal the bowel is to develop a reactive oxygen compound that people could take. Because most of the chemicals and toxins are positively charged and because most of the bacteria and fungus and everything, the negative, is positively charged, the only thing that he said that would save the people and the planet later on and save gut is to develop a reactive oxygen species, oxygen-based intestinal cleanser that people could take. When it starts to release this monatomic oxygen, it grabs the positive and it turns the solid matter into a liquid or a gas form.

George Freibott developed a product called Homozon and we were working on the formula as well. That was the first step of gut health first and that was the only thing that we found that people can take on a regular basis. A lot of practitioners use their own gut formula. You’ve got to have many gut products and probiotics. In between, they use the oxygen. What they would do is they would put them on their good gut recovery program and then in between, maybe have them do an oxygen-based colon cleanse once a week or twice a week. What happens is they never get in a state to where their intestinal lining is going to be damaged because they’re taking herbs too long of a period of time. They’re able to continually clean and they’re getting the extra oxygen in their system and they’re neutralizing the chemicals and the toxins instead of just doing basically like a fiber. Many practitioners out there have their own gut health programs, have their own probiotics, but just supplement with an oxygen-based cleanser to chew away and melt away all that compaction that’s in there in the small intestine, in the large intestine.

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Where would someone get a product like you’re talking about, something with a negative help to help, that goes after all the positive charges that are there from all of our digestion and all the bacteria and parasites and fungus? Where do we go to find something that generates those reactive oxidative species as you talk about?


Oxy-Powder. It’s the only one out there right now. I’m not trying to give a plug to people, but we’ve tested the other so-called oxygen cleansers out there because it’s becoming popular and people are just throwing stuff in there, but they don’t release any oxygen. I’m not the kind of guy that’s going to go publish a bunch of stuff out there saying, “All these other companies, here are the results. They’re not producing oxygen,” because I’m just not like that but the Oxy-Powder, we can send you the studies from Sam Houston State University which show that it still releases oxygen eighteen hours later into your system. I shouldn’t say oxygen because oxygen is O2. Reactive oxygen species would be O1 or O3 or O4, which is something that’s very electronegative that’s going to grab something that’s harmful in your system. They can go to GlobalHealingCenter.com and they can buy the Oxy-Powder right through there if they want.

That would be an alternative and certainly something easier than if someone was talking about doing any kind of other ozone therapies? Would that be along that same line if people are talking about ozone for a variety of different health complaints, certainly in the cardiovascular space? Is this an easier way to get it with the Oxy-Powder?

I am a big proponent of ozone, especially ozone gas therapy for cardiovascular, for anything for that matter, even hydrogen peroxide therapy. A lot of people do it at home with 35% food-grade and just put a few drops in their water. It’s not going to be as strong and as effective of going with ozone gas directly into the bloodstream or doing maybe an anal insufflation of ozone. There’s so much stuff always in the bowel and a lot of colon hydrotherapists use it as well. I love colon hydrotherapy, but most of the stuff is in the small intestine. You’ve got 25 feet of small intestine. You only have ten, seven feet of large intestine. By that time it gets down there, there’s not a lot of toxic buildup in the colon anyway. If you stretch the intestinal lining out and you cut it open, it’s the surface area of a tennis court. You can imagine if you just had a tiny layer of dust all along a tennis court and you sweep it up into the middle, that’s a lot of stuff that you’re putting in the system on a regular basis. You can contribute to all disease to the amount of toxic buildup from the sugar.

The Cleansing Program

I know you talk about this all the time in your book and stuff. It’s just all in the diet and the gluten and the GMO foods and the artificial sweeteners, eliminating all that, you still have a lot of people that you have to take baby steps with. The reason why intestinal cleansing works so good is that all that stuff doesn’t stay in the system for a long period of time because then you have massive toxic overload and that’s why I was saying earlier why nobody’s liver is working or functioning. That leads me into stage two of what these doctors and what we’ve all come to realize is one simple process that can heal any disease after the education. After the colon or the intestinal health program, these doctors always move them onto liver and gallbladder cleansing. That goes back ages as well. Hulda Clark was big into liver cleansing. We’ve done close to probably three million liver and gallbladder cleanses on people and we’ve looked at the statistics. We know now after evaluating so many liver cleanses that each liver cleanse only cleans about 15% of the liver.

There are a lot of programs out there. Most of them are fairly the same, but the ones where you drink the olive oil at the end, that olive oil is one of the key components to cleansing and purging the liver and the gallbladder because it sucks all those chemicals and toxins into little balls and then you flush them out the next day. That is the key to having successful liver and gallbladder cleanses. We have thousands of reviews from people that have had different positive results doing liver cleansing. We’ve had even a guy that had four-stage cancer that was given two weeks to live and I’m telling you this also because it goes into heart health. All this that we’re talking about right now will heal any heart condition. It will heal any heart condition, it doesn’t matter what it is, especially the liver. We’ve never had anybody in thousands upon thousands of cases with high blood pressure that their blood pressure didn’t fall back to normal after an intestinal cleanse and one liver cleanse.

HHS 3 | Six Steps To Cleansing

Six Steps To Cleansing: When the liver gets so congested with all those stones and fat and everything, the heart has to pump harder and faster.


The liver, when it’s so congested, it’s like an oil filter on your car. The liver has massive amounts of stones. We’re seeing non-fatty liver disease in children. It is an epidemic right now for the disease. When the liver gets so congested with all those stones and fat and everything, the heart has to pump harder and it has to pump faster. What do they do? They go in and they get diagnosed with high blood pressure, but it’s not high blood pressure. It’s all contributed to the bowel and it’s contributed to the liver not functioning correctly. I’m just telling you what I’ve found. You’re definitely the expert on the heart. I’m not saying I’m an expert at all, but I can say that 10,000, 15,000 people with high blood pressure that have done one to three liver cleanses and fixed their gut, their high blood pressure is gone.

We finally realized that most people are functioning at around 30%, that are over 30 are functioning at about 30% liver capacity. The strange thing is there is no blood test that can test for liver functionality. You have the GGT. You have ALT, AST, but there’s nothing that tests on purpose. There’s no test that tests for congestion in the liver, stones in the liver and how good the detoxification pathways are working. There are some more advanced ways that you could look at that, but not easily and not something that 99% of the doctors are doing. That’s set that way on purpose because they know they’re putting them on medications which are causing more damage to the liver and more damage to the gut.

When people talk about high cholesterol, that’s such a big buzzword, the cholesterol villain that it is. We never stop to consider. I ask people, “Why is your cholesterol high?” Then you can march that back. The body’s not making mistakes. It’s just reacting to its environment. Cholesterol production from the liver in excess is because of liver and total body dysfunction. Then on the flip side if your liver is so congested and so toxic, you cannot clean out those old LDL and HDL particles which then continue to circulate around, they become oxidized, they’re taken up by the immune system and then when that happens, immune system dysfunction and now you develop disease and plaque rupture and subsequent heart attack and/or death.

Liver health and liver detoxification and cleansing are fundamental to anybody with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, whatever label the medical doctors want to give it. It’s about that detoxification protocol. You’re right as far as making sure that people, they stop the toxins from coming in, open up those detox pathways through urine and through bowel. What you’re saying is after you’ve stopped the onslaught and you’ve opened up those liver or those bowel and bladder pathways, now we’re going to hone in on the liver and then you’re talking about specific detoxification products and suggestions to cleanse out that liver. We looked at every single herb, we talked to all these doctors that were having good success rates, what they had used, what worked, what didn’t work, what helps dissolve the stones in the liver, what kills the liver flukes like Hulda Clark’s research. She was big on liver cleanses. I had mentioned, he was sent home to die with two weeks left to live. Somebody told him that his liver was so bad, he needed to cleanse it. We didn’t find out later, but he ended up ordering three liver cleanse kits from us.

It takes about five or six days to do one liver cleanse the right way. He did the first one. He waited a day or two, started the second one, did the second one. Two weeks were up and he wasn’t dead. He still had one liver cleanse to go, but he decided to order an additional three liver cleanse programs. He did the final liver cleanse. He was still alive after the third week, which he wasn’t supposed to be. By that time, the other ones came in and he kept doing the same thing. He did 26 liver and gallbladder cleanses in a row. That’s the only thing he did. He went back in and his cancer was gone. You know this and many doctors know this about how important it is. Here’s the thing. I still talk to doctors and I still hear from individuals that are being seen by naturopathic doctors and physicians and chiropractors all the time. They’re not taking two steps backwards before they move forward.

I had 600 supplements in my clinic when I first started. Even when you’re going through the natural way to heal things, you’re still taught to give something for a symptom “Look at prescriptions for nutritional healing. Look at all this.” You’re still like, “If you have this, take this.” We’re missing that whole part. We’re missing the root cause area. You can take that stuff. Sure. It might work a little bit, but if you were to go to the root cause and you were to start with education and then you were to go into intestinal re-health or reprogramming and then fix all the holes in the leaky gut and then do your liver cleansing and everything, then you’re going to be absorbing those nutrients and those herbs and everything way better.

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Even when I teach physicians about how they can integrate different things in their system, I always say, “Whatever you’re going to do for the patient, I always believe that every patient should be working with somebody because they need to be educated by that person.” All I’m saying is just take two steps back and start cleaning their intestines and repopulating their bowel. Then do a liver and gallbladder cleanse. The next thing that we know for a fact, the next stage that we do after the liver and gallbladder cleanse is harmful organism cleanse because we have to get rid of all that fungus in the body. You know about fungus and mold and heart disease and parasites and viruses and bacteria. How are you going to get to that if your bowel and your liver hasn’t been done first?

Then the third step that these doctors were using and that we used is a harmful organism cleanse. We’ve got to get rid of all that stuff. There’s an epidemic with fungus and candida and mold and pleomorphic organisms and all the stuff that they’re creating and all the things you’re getting through vaccines and Morgellons. Just assume everybody that’s sick, their liver is at 30%. One liver cleanse is going to bring them to 45. The next liver cleanse is going to bring them to 60%. The next liver cleanse is going to bring them to 75%. That’s why we changed our program to where people need to do three liver cleanses because one wasn’t enough when we started looking at all the statistics over the last twenty years and looking at million liver cleanses people have gone through. You could learn so much just by evaluating data from and individual’s mouth. That’s why clinical trials and all this stuff are not effective. Think about it. If you were to do an accurate clinical trial, I’m not saying they’re useless but wouldn’t you need to clone 30 people or 60 people or 100 people that you have? Wouldn’t you need to expose them to the same levels of stress every single day? Wouldn’t you need to expose them to the same diet every single day?

It’s very difficult.

It’s almost impossible. We live in a state where the parasympathetic and the sympathetic systems are completely out of whack. Everybody’s living in a sympathetic state. We got high levels of cortisol. You got adrenal burnout. Our cardiovascular system’s working triple times, ten times what it should be having to work to get blood everywhere. All the small capillaries are being all clotted up everywhere with toxic buildup and residue. Content is super low in the cardiovascular systems these days because we’re not breathing enough oxygen in the air. People aren’t breathing right because they’re in a sympathetic state.

Do you think people need to test for these toxins, pollutants, parasites? There are so many different companies that are out there that are testing this stuff and it’s all very good. Then at the same point, could we just assume that if you do have some symptomatic disease or you’ve been identified with some medical condition that you should go through this program anyways of just getting all the environmental toxins and pollutants and metals and whatnot, get it out of your life? You’re going to cleanse and heal the bowel and make sure all those detox pathways are open. You’re going to do a liver cleanse and then pretty much everybody after that, let’s just jump right into the parasite, fungal, bacterial cleansing process to get you where you need to be.

Depending on that individual patient, a lot of practitioners want to have something to just say, “This is our starting point.” That’s why it’s so important to spend a lot of time with the individuals and fill out a good health questionnaire, a good history, what they have in their home, their job. A lot of people are exposed to stuff at their job and they don’t even realize it. If you want to do all that testing, that’s fine. You don’t have to. This is another scenario that we noticed happen multiple times. We did some testing on some individuals that came in that were sick. It was a research study over the phone and when we had our clinic. I don’t see patients anymore because I’m just too busy getting the word out, but we took them through a health questionnaire and then sat down with them, did a history, all the physical, everything, got a diagnosis.

HHS 3 | Six Steps To Cleansing

Six Steps To Cleansing: We’ve seen a million things change when people have gone through the cleansing.


Let’s say a differential diagnosis, maybe two or three things that that patient had that we thought they had. We even ran some testing so we could confirm some of those. Then we ran then through all the cleanses. We can talk about it, but after the harmful organism came the chemical and heavy metal cleanse. That’s the one that we do last because when you’re pulling out the chemicals and the heavy metals, you want the liver and everything to be functioning. That was the last one, the last step. We ran them through that one time. Then we went back as if they came in as a new patient and we did a whole brand-new history and everything on them. The strange thing was about 80% of the time, the symptoms that they had after they had finished cleansing were not the symptoms that they came in with. That tells you that 80% of the time, patients are being misdiagnosed because they’re only seeing the symptoms on the outside.

Then you start peeling back that onion and you start getting to the root cause that didn’t show up on the initial but will show up. If you start cleansing them, 60%, 70% of their symptoms are going to go away right there because their self-healing mechanism has kicked in at this point. Their body is able to focus on the things that it needs to focus on. They’re eating healthier. A lot of their symptoms went away and you can start seeing maybe where these real imbalances are, these real biochemical imbalances or maybe they had a spinal injury that’s altering a nerve going to an organ and that organ is becoming weak. Maybe they have a root canal or something that’s going that’s affecting their organ or whatever it is. We knew at that time that if someone comes in and says “I’m suffering from this and this,” No, you’re not. That’s just what you’re feeling right now. It’s definitely something that’s probably going to be deeper and deeper.

You mentioned root canal, so as long as you went into root canal and dental, when you take that full history, if one of your doctors is taking that history on someone and they identify that there’s a root canal, at what point do you say that person should have that root canal addressed? We’re trying to do so many things and just going in and if you’re a McDonald’s, cookie and cupcake eater, we can’t just necessarily tell that person, “Go have your root canal tooth yanked out,” because that could make them even sicker. We need to prime the person for that. Where do you put all that dental and oral health into the whole picture?

We put everything that’s in the picture post-cleansing because we don’t know what’s going to change. We’ve seen a million things change when people have gone through the cleansing. What we’re doing is getting to a starting point to where we can see what’s going on with that individual. Then you could pick and choose what you want to do. In all honesty, talking about every single disease out there that’s man-made or degenerative disease, not like Down Syndrome or something like that, but every single disease out there, we’ve seen completely go away with just the cleansing program. At best, if everything’s not gone by the time they’ve gone through all of those cleansing and they’ve changed their health plan and everything, then we’ve only probably had to have probably a handful of people that have gone through the same thing all over for the second time. If you go through the intestinal, the liver and gallbladder, the harmful organism, the chemical and heavy metal cleanse and then you’re still suffering, then you just go through the whole thing one more time. By that time, most likely everything is eliminated.

I’m still active in seeing new patients and I take that history on people and as much as I want to say, “Have your root canal tooth removed,” that’s a big deal for people. It’s like, “Wait a second.” Maybe it’s a front tooth from an injury. They’re worried about how they’re going to chew. They’re worried about cosmetics and also the expense of that and then what to do. Is it a bridge? Is it an implant? A lot of people don’t want to take those steps if they don’t have to. What you’re saying is, “I know you definitely agree that root canal teeth are bad and cavitations from old wisdom teeth removal are bad and veneers and all these different things, but in lieu of doing all that, let’s see what’s left over by the time you do this multistage cleansing program and then let’s reevaluate and see where you’re at.” Maybe everybody doesn’t need to have that drastic oral surgery. I know you’re familiar with this like we all are in the natural space of breast implants. A lot of women who spend all that money on breast implants, maybe they don’t want to have them removed if they don’t need to. Maybe we can preserve that in some of those people.

When you start talking about the teeth which is a good question, it’s definitely important. The teeth are connected everywhere. I recommend people find a biological dentist. The thing that we would focus on first is just training the individual to learn a new lifestyle. It’s baby steps too. If you’re sick and you’re debilitated, basically you’re living the 30-70 rule. 30% of the time you’re doing good, but 70% of the time you’re not. We’re trying to flip that around to the 80-20 or the 90-10 to where 80% of the time, you’re eating healthy. I tried going 100%. For a year and a half, I did nothing but raw food. I drank no alcohol. I meditated for two to four hours a day like a Himalayan monk for a year and a half. I ended up losing all my friends. I was depressed. I was super healthy. I was super spiritual, but there’s got to be some balance. I was never invited. I couldn’t go out to eat anymore. There’s the certain social aspect of us being healthy and communicating and being around friends and being with people and all that, that if you go to the extreme, it can do you damage.

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What do you think about the idea where some people talk about purposefully putting that stress on the body? No one’s going to say, “Go suck on an exhaust pipe of a diesel engine to stress out your body,” but maybe doing different challenges to your body whether it’s food related, maybe breaking some of your food zone areas. I know some people would say give your body gluten once in a while, wheat or other things that may be food-allergenic to stress out your system. I’m trying to think of good examples, yet at the same time, leaving your comfort zone. I’m not sure where I could put that in. I know you feel the same way. We’re not going to go purposely out and go eat GMO food just because it may put a stress on the body or we’re not going to go drink some kind of cheap moonshine made in some bathtub in order to stress out our body. I know you’re a big fasting guy as well. That fast-famine and then doing the feast modes and maybe those alternating cycles.


There definitely is some research and documentation that it’s not necessarily a bad thing to put a little bit of stress on your body. That’s why I’m big into fasting. It’s probably the most effective thing that people could do. Gandhi, when he was assassinated at 78 years old, he fasted for one day every single week. Once a year, he fasted for nine days on nothing but water. When they did the autopsy at 78, he had the internal organs of a 40-year-old. I’m very big on fasting, intermittent fasting and you, for heart disease, for being a heart expert. The benefits are incredible. Look at Dr. Alan Goldhamer. He’s the only person in the world that did clinical research on cardiovascular hypertension. Within ten or eleven days of water-only fasting, there were dramatic results with heart health. High blood pressure was completely gone. They were off all their medications. Lipid profiles were back to normal.

Think about eleven days of just drinking water alone. The longest water-only fast I did was eighteen days. Right now, there’s a lot being said about cold therapy as well, taking cold showers, how that shocks the system, going outside and jumping in cold water. It’s good, but that can go back to your 80-20 or your 90-10. There are limitations. I’m not going to eat a bunch of refined sugar. I’m definitely not putting any Splenda, NutraSweet, artificial sweeteners in my body. I’m definitely not putting horrible alcohol. That’s my philosophy on that. Yes, it is good for the body. That goes back to the situation that we’re having now with children because children are not developing good immune systems because they’re washing their hands all the time. There’s definitely research out there that shows that we need to be playing in the dirt and sticking our fingers in our mouth and touching things and not be so strict about always keeping our bodies super clean and super washed down all the time because that’s showing a negative effect. Our immune system is not as strong because we keep ourselves so clean all the time.

What I tell people about fasting is I either tell them once a week to do a 24 or a 36-hour water fast and I tell them to do it on a weekend. I say, “Here’s how Jack Wolfson does it.” Saturday night is my last meal. Then wake up Sunday morning, it’s water all afternoon, all evening. Then I wake up the next morning which is Monday morning and that’s where I have a greens juice. That would be a 36-hour program. That’s doable for anybody and everybody, but how do you recommend it? Are there variations to that? How would you recommend it to the first-time faster?

That’s perfect. I would recommend doing intermittent fasting on a regular basis and you can start with just skipping one meal a day. You could do from noon. One day, you eat until noon the next day. You can ultimately get it to the point where you’re doing about eighteen-six. Eighteen hours out of every day, you’re fasting and then six hours, you’re eating. What I do is I don’t eat until about 11:00 or noon every day and then I stop eating at six o’clock at night. That’s not every single day. It’s the 90-10 rule. I might have a birthday or a dinner party or something. I’m not going to go there and just not have anything. I might just eat a salad or something like that. 90% of the time, 95% of the time, that’s an eighteen-six intermittent fasting schedule. If you look at a lot of the practitioners that were doing work in the 1920s, Ehret and the mucusless diet, what we’ve come to discover is that we only have a certain amount of energy in our body every single day. We talked about the root cause of the disease. We talked about the self-healing mechanism. When you talk about that, you have to talk about energy stores in the body because energy ends up being everything. The ATP production, every cell works. Our body is a churning machine.

Why the bowel is the root cause of disease and why people should fast is because let’s say one McDonald’s meal, if you just ate that at noon, can take 72 hours of your energy to break that meal down, 24 to 72 hours of your energy. It’s very easy to know that if you have one meal and it takes that much of your energy to break all that stuff own inside your system, that we’re at a loss of energy. If you want to look at it that way on what’s the root cause of all disease, it’s that we’re losing more energy than we’re producing on a daily basis. By cutting that down, Ehret said one small meal a day is an optimum amount that our body can break down, one small meal, a healthy, raw meal a day keeps our energy reserves. That’s why so many people are fatigued all the time too. That’s why so many people are on stimulants all the time. Because they just don’t have enough energy. If I could just give everybody one big tip, just reduce the amount of food that you eat. If you’re still eating three meals or four meals a day. Eat some raw food in there and reduce your portion sizes at least in half.

HHS 3 | Six Steps To Cleansing

Six Steps To Cleansing: Fasting past four days that will bring your body into autophagy is what you want because that’s when your regeneration happens.


Dr. Ed, it’s been absolutely a pleasure and thank you so much for being gracious with your time. I know you’re super busy at GlobalHealingCenter.com. You mentioned stimulants. Tell me your thoughts on coffee.

The jury’s still out on coffee. My main concern with coffee is how people are using it and how contaminated it is because 80% of the coffee supply is heavily sprayed with pesticides and insecticides. If you’re not drinking certified organic coffee, you don’t need to worry about the coffee. You need to worry about what’s in the coffee. You’re being poisoned by it. I drink coffee. I don’t overdo it. It’s all about moderation too. I have a cup of organic coffee.

How about coffee while you’re fasting? Coffee, water fasting, yes or no?

True water fasting if you’re going to go past four days and you’re going to bring your body into autophagy, it’s what you want because that’s when your regeneration happens. That’s when your stem cell production happens. The only thing you can put in your body is water only because anything that the body senses as any type of food will kick your digestive system back in because your body thinks that it’s going to be getting a meal. Water-only fasting is more or less tricking the mind and it takes 72 hours before you go into ketosis roughly. Autophagy starts around day four to day six. That’s when your body starts attacking any abnormal cells and starts breaking anything down that’s not supposed to be there. That’s when your stem cell production starts.

Fasting is absolutely essential not only for the cardiac patient and for a cardiac cleanse, but like you said, how does the body kill cancer cells? When you’re fasting, you’re going to preserve the nutrients and all the good things going to the cells that matter and that is essentially starving off that cancer because your body is not going to feed that. It’s going to use that for the structures and the tissues that are totally necessary.

Fasting is the ultimate form of healing that there is. There’s nothing out there that me or any scientist has ever found. USC did a water fasting study and in 72 hours, the immune systems were almost completely regenerated and were producing immune stem cells. There’s nothing that could do that except for the power of the mind which is a whole other subject we can get into later, which is extremely powerful but people just aren’t ready for that quite yet. Fasting is the oldest and the most traditional remedy out there. Every single text you can find dating back 5,000 years ago talks about how every civilization would go through a 40-day fast every year or a twenty-day fast or whatever for regenerating the system and rejuvenating the system. Ultimately, everything is in simplicity. You can heal every single disease known to man with rest, meaning no stress, sunlight and water. How simple is that? We’ve already been given the tools. It’s just that we’ve been taught in so much fear about not running to the doctor and not having faith in our own body.

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One of the biggest accomplishments the pharmaceutical companies and modern medicine made was the fear of fever because they knew that all bacteria, all fungus, all viruses, all negative substances would die at a temperature range of 100 to 106.5 roughly. They knew that they had to put a major campaign in action back a long time ago. This is how they started the whole fear allopathic thing. They started it with the temperature. They had to convince people that if you started running a fever, you needed to go to the doctor’s office immediately to get checked out. That’s the basis of how all pharmaceutical and prescriptions started. Now, I’ve never tried to reduce a fever. As a matter of fact, when we were seeing cancer patients in our cancer clinic, we were doing hyperthermia in 1998 into the tumors, heating them up. They were dying. The cells were dying. The highest temperature one of my kids ever got to was 106.4. It’s so hard for parents to not allow the fever to get up high, but that’s your self-healing mechanism. The body knows how to kill things off.

On the flip side though, what annoys parents too, they’re running for the acetaminophen. They’re running for the ibuprofen. The toxicity linked to those in just acetaminophen as to how that destroys the liver that we’re talking about and how it damages and decreases the production of glutathione which is the body’s main antioxidant and detoxification molecule made in the liver and the parents are doing that. That highlights the point. For anyone who’s listening to this and you have children or grandchildren, take them to a holistic doctor. That’s where you will run into problems. When you go into the medical system, your child is done. If you plug them into the natural health system, they will do very well. Dr. Ed, tell me a few words about iodine. I know you’re a huge proponent of iodine. I know at Global Healing Center, you have the best iodine product on market. Tell me where we need iodine, where we can get it from food, why we need it in supplementation and then what are the illnesses we’re going after?


Looking back at the root cause, you stumble upon things that have been done on purpose like the attack against natural medicine, the attack against organic foods. One of the things that we’ve identified, it’s almost a rabbit hole that you start going down. When you look at the introduction of the toxic halogens being fluoride, bromine and chlorine and the negative effects that those three compounds have on the body and on the thyroid and the cardiovascular system, every single cell in the body has an iodine receptor on it. Iodine was purposely taken out of the salt years ago too. It was put in the salt after the iodine study in Michigan in the goiter study and it was purposely taken back out and bromine was added.

Iodine, to me, is one of the root causes of the majority of diseases that we have to date. Iodine deficiency can be associated and we’ve linked it to every single health condition. Nobody is getting enough iodine in the system. There have been multiple studies on iodine and heart disease and a deficiency and how that is directly related to myocardial arrhythmias and high blood pressure and lipid compatibility. There have been iodine studies with cancer, fibrocystic breast disease, ovarian polycystic ovary disease, prostate. You name it, there’s a link to iodine deficiency. We stumbled upon all these things. There’s such a high level of these halogens in the system and iodine even removes heavy metals at high doses and there’s no fungus, bacteria, virus or any organism that will not die in the presence of iodine.

The RDA of iodine is 148 micrograms or something around that range. What we found people need just to maintain proper homeostasis in the body is somewhere around 5,000 micrograms a day. Women need more, breastfeeding women need more and children need more. That’s what led me to develop a stabilized iodine in a high concentration, which ultimately became the first certified-organic iodine in the country and in the world right now. Once the individual has become cleansed, I recommend everybody go through all those cleanses every single year. That’s where you come in and that’s where the individual practitioners, your natural healthcare practitioner is, the maintenance programs or the programs for strengthening a system.

Let’s say you ran everybody through these cleanses. Then they would go on your heart health program. Then they would go on whatever you’re working with and your maintenance programs and all that. Then once a year, go through the cleansing process. It’s doing the fasting, educating people to where they understand. I’m not the kind of guy that says, “Everybody needs to be on bags,” because how many times have we seen that? You have patients come in. They’re bringing bags of these horrible supplements into your office. They’re on 60, 70 different things every single day.

HHS 3 | Six Steps To Cleansing

Six Steps To Cleansing: Everybody and every kid, and every pet for that matter, needs to be on some sort of iodine supplementation.


As far as iodine from the food, to get five milligrams of iodine from food, it’s an awful lot of seaweed and kelp. I’m a big proponent of eating clean, quality shellfish which have iodine. Shrimp, lobster, all has iodine in there. Tell me some of the best food sources.

You named some of them but you’re just not going to get enough iodine through food sources. Working with Dr. Brownstein and his evaluation of over close to 7,000 patients now, over 95% some crazy number are iodine-deficient. Think about how many people have thyroid conditions. You’re just not going to get enough iodine through the food no matter what. You could drink, you could eat cranberries all day long and you’re still not going to get enough iodine.

Given our history of toxicity, our history, you’re right. The people that come in it’s like, “For the first 60 years of your life, you’ve not been healthy. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do.” That’s where supplements supplement that healthy lifestyle. You’re saying you feel strongly that out of that bag of 60, 70 supplements, there are a few in there that you definitely need and a quality iodine source is going to be one of them.

I would just say pretty much everybody and every kid needs to be and every pet for that matter needs to be on some iodine supplementation.

Dr. Group, where do we find you? Where do we get all this fantastic follow-up when people come to find you? Where do we go?

You can go to GlobalHealingCenter.com. We have tons of information on the site. You can go to our YouTube channel, Global Healing Center. Facebook, @GlobalHealingCenter. We have full-trained staff. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions, lead you in the right direction. It’s all about helping people. That’s what our mission is. We want to let people know how they can change their life, how to identify the chemicals and the toxins that are surrounding them, how to start eliminating those from their diet, from their life and how to reactivate their body’s own self-healing mechanism.

Dr. Group, I’ve got to tell you, I don’t mean to sound condescending in any way. I’ve been around some of the smartest doctors in the world that most people would consider the smartest docs. I’ve been and worked at the Cleveland Clinic and I’ve worked at the big hospitals in Chicago and out here in Arizona. Those people that are commonly considered the best doctors, they do not even hold a candle to what you’ve shared with us, to your knowledge base. I appreciate you being on. It’s so refreshing to talk to people like you, leaders like you. The knowledge that you have will just continue to awaken the world of wellness. Your website, great information. Once again, thank you so much. I learned a lot in this. I know our audience is going to learn a lot as well. Thank you again.

Thanks for having me on. Thanks for all the people that you’re helping and all the things that you’re doing as well. I appreciate it.

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