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The beauty of nature is that it provides us various ways to healing. Pioneer of natural living and Biblical health education, Dr. Eric Zielinski, digs deeper into the healing power of essential oils as he breaks down some of its benefits and his recommendations. He talks about how the whole idea of essential oils as a health method started, while sharing his own journey of discovering its world. He lends some of his top four essential oils that work well together to alleviate a number of health issues. Learn more as Dr. Zielinski outlines those that alleviate sleep and hypertension, as well as those that may interfere with any cardiovascular drugs.

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The Power Of Essential Oils with Dr. Eric Zielinski

I’m honored and privileged to have Dr. Eric Zielinski on with us now. Dr. Eric, how are you?

I am blessed and truly honored. I appreciate all that you’re doing and I look forward to our chat.

You and I met a few years ago and we’ve been to some events together, these holistic health and wellness events. I’m sure you would agree that the health revolution is on and this information that we’re able to get out, whether it’s through podcast, through video, webinars and summits. I know you’re huge on the summit aspect as well. It’s groundbreaking and exciting for us to be part of it all.

To give people an opportunity where they can clear away the confusion and follow people that they trust. Essentially, not everyone gets one-on-one time with you but to hear your thoughts, to hear these interviews, to read your posts online, it’s a blessing. Also on the other side, it’s almost a curse because when someone types up whatever it is, Afib, stroke or depression, everything under the sun is online. I hope that what we do is clear away the mess because there’s a lot of mess out there, a lot of misinformation. A lot of misquoting, a lot of pocket share, researchers who have no right to be saying what they do. I hope and pray that people stop getting their medical advice on Pinterest and start going to qualified professionals.

From my standpoint as a cardiologist, some of the information that’s out there as you would agree is certainly very good because they’re not getting this from their typical medical doctor. They’re not going to go to their typical medical doctor and find anything out about causation. Yet they can go to areas of the internet where maybe it’s not the most qualified person that’s giving out the advice. I say the person who slept in the Holiday Inn last night, now they woke up this morning and they’re an expert in whatever field they choose. Although people do not need to be a doctor to be qualified to have the conversations, those people with Doctorate level education like yourself certainly can be very trusted authorities when it comes to real health and wellness.

I see it in the essential oil space. Maybe more than in your profession, Jack, because I can tell you, every doctor so and so, every mommy blogger, they’re either selling an essential oil or they are affiliating for a company. The information out there is just confusing and the reason I wrote the book and the reason I hosted my telesummit was that thousands of people started flooding my website and they’re like, “Dr. Z, what do I do? I’m confused. This person says this, this person says that and it’s like this.” I went to aromatherapy school because as a researcher, I realized there was a chasm between the information I learned, not only in chiropractic school, in public health school but from what clinicians are doing day-to-day.

There’s a huge leap and a logical leap and unless someone’s practicing with patients all the time, you can’t get from the research. That’s why I went to aromatherapy school. My mind was blown and I realized that most of the information out there on essential oils is incorrect about how to use them safely, about how to use them medicinally. I don’t even know where people get their information from. In my book, I had this section that says, “How to get the most out of the book.” I encourage people to do this. I encourage people to limit the voices that you listen to. For me at least, I’ve had very good mentors, emotional, spiritual, marriage, all kinds of stuff, my own personal life. I’ve had people that helped me. Men specifically guide me along my way throughout my life.

I’m telling you, it’s hard to have five, six or seven mentors speaking things in your life because what are you going to do when things conflict. For someone like you, for example, you’re the cardiologist I would trust. I wouldn’t listen to fifteen other cardiologists. You’re just going to get confused. With that said, especially in my world the essential oil space, choose one or two or three teachers that you want to sit under as you would a college class. Take their classes, their masterclasses, read their books and once you feel you gained all you can from them, maybe go on to someone else. I’m telling you something, there is way too much out there. Let’s just get back to the basics.

You also hit the nail on the head that I’m not here and I know you’re not either, to insult the people that work in some of these other organizations or have accounts with some of these network marketing or multilevel companies because they can provide some good service. That’s why I have you on the podcast and on the interview because you are the expert. You’re a doctor, you’ve got the patient experience with this, the clinical experience of thousands of people. You’re the go-to authority on this and a trusted source and just so much experience with the telesummit and the book. I want this podcast to focus on a lot of different things. Certainly, if we can hone in on maybe what are essential oils and how did the whole essential oils idea as a health method started? How did that all get started?

First of all to call it bluntly, if it weren’t for network marketing, we wouldn’t even be talking right now. Essential oils were fringe. They were bastardized like lotions, potions and voodoo medicine back 30, 40, 50 years ago. The aromatherapy up until now, no one even knew what it was. Then the network marketing community came. At the end of the day, I was just at dōTERRA, I was just at Young Living. I’m signing books at these major conventions even though I’m not affiliated with any company. We have tens of thousands of followers from these companies all around the globe. I try to meet these folks and I’ve realized one thing, they did the grassroots effort to get this message out because essential oils as an alternative treatment are to me, more the ancient treatment that we’ve used since the beginning of time.

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It’s been fringe because the medical community isn’t trained in aromatherapy at all. Unless you’re a medical doctor that’s getting advanced training or CE credits, continuing education credits specifically, like in Integrative Health Conference or Natural Conference that gives them credits, they’re not going to know what to do. That’s why we’re here. Thumbs up and kudos to everyone who’s been part of that movement in the last many years. Essential oils are volatile organic compounds. They are those compounds, those aromatic molecules that are in your plants or your favorite roots, herbs, trees and barks. When you put your nose into a rose garden for example or just a rose and there are lavenders in the area, that could trigger back.

That’s the thing, people don’t even realize what’s happening when they’ve got aerosols, when they go have sprays, when they’re spraying a lot of these synthetic ingredients. They might feel agitated because synthetic fragrances automatically are an insult to the body. There is no therapeutic benefit whatsoever. It triggers that traumatic experience to someone at the emotional, mental and physiological level. This will blow your mind. You smell lime, you smell orange, you smell tangerine and lemon, any citrus oils like orange that has delimining content on it, it will stimulate your brain to produce what’s known as lipolysis, which is fat breakdown. It tells your brain, “You don’t need all this fat. Let’s start burning fat.” Just by smelling lime, by smelling orange. On our new weight loss book, we’re teaching people how to use aroma to tell the brain and the sympathetic system, because think about it traditionally speaking, limes and lemons are mood-boosting. They’re the sign and the symbolism of beautiful harvest and beautiful sunshine. You get down to it, evolutionarily speaking, it makes a lot of sense. When our ancestors used herbs, when they burned incense, they were tapping into the power of essential oils for the healing.

I have a whole chapter in my book called One Nation under Prozac. In that chapter, it’s all about how mental stress, how mental health affects cardiovascular risk. We can say that things like stress, anger, depression and anxiety are all linked to cardiovascular risk. It’s a matter of how we deal with it. It sounds like you’ve got some interesting ideas regarding what we can do to mitigate those. Yet it’s not just about smelling any particular oil or any aromatherapy. It has to be dialed in and guided for best. What if someone out there who maybe doesn’t have the guide and they watch you, they pick up your information, they get your new book. Are there any blanket aromas or oils that would be beneficial as calming to most people in general?

By and large, we’ll go back to the citrus oils because that’s something that I’ve spent a lot of time researching and using in the last couple of years. Nothing is anti-depressive. Nothing can help stop a panic attack than bergamot, which is that beautiful taste and aroma that people like in their earl grey tea. Oil bergamot, that’s a citrus fruit, same thing with neroli which are orange blossoms and then you go down the line from mandarin, down to lemon, lime and all the beautiful citrus oils. Those for sure are a good start and those are mood boosting and mood balancing. If someone’s in sympathetic fight or flight and they can’t get out of this chronic stress situation, you want to focus on those that can bring calming. Those rooting essential oils like cedarwood, Vetiver which is a root from Haiti, lavender which we all know about, Roman chamomile. These can help and these can bring someone to a place where they could sleep better. Which to me, at the end of the day, the one thing I always want people to do, whether it’s cancer or diabetes, whether it’s chronic stress or suicide, I don’t care what you’re dealing with, you’ve got to sleep because if you can’t sleep, you can’t repair. We have these sleepy time blends. We try to get people aligned, “First, let’s focus on your sleep and then let’s tackle other things.”

You go to so many of these health events or even online and there is so much debate about what’s the best diet. I know you’re going to talk about your recommended diet and your essential oils diet coming up. We sit there and we debate on all these different things. Is it low fat? Is it low carb? Is Paleo? Is that Keto? Is it Vegan? What is it? Yet I would agree with you that more important than what you eat is the sleep that you get. That’s the ultimate importance. The second is sunshine and then food is somewhere down below. I’m not telling people, “As long as you’re sleeping and getting sunshine, go eat fast food, soda pop and smoke your cigarettes.” What I’m saying is that it’s very fundamental and for hundreds of millions of years it was all about the sun and about the sleep cycles that organisms had and our food, our diet came much later. Let me circle back to you. Do me a favor, explain a little bit how the oils are made because when you’re talking about these different citrus blends, where are we getting that from? Are we boiling or are we extracting from the skin? Is it from the inner flesh and the seeds? Is it a combination? Where are we getting it from?

Essential oils are volatile organic compounds, which volatility means they readily evaporate. They’re very light for those chemistry nerds out there. We’re looking at the Dalton, the molecular weight of these compounds. When you get plant matter, whether it’s geranium flowers or Vetiver roots or whatever it might be. You break it down and you put it into a steam distillation process. Then you distill it with boiling hot water and steam. Those compounds that go through the steam, through the condenser are those essential oils. Anything not light enough to go through the steam there, they will be admitted through the hydrosols, which are also known as floral waters. They’re the byproduct of essential oils but they do so much more. Those are what a lot of folks have in their perfume and their body sprays and whatnot. For citrus oils, you don’t want to steam-distill citrus oil because they’re so sensitive. There is a potential where you can denature and you can affect the chemical compounds by heating them up. What you do is you get citrus rinds. Let’s say you get 40 lemons, it takes about 40 lemons to cold press like you would olive oil to get an itty-bitty bottle, just the rind.

HHS 07 | Essential Oils

Essential Oils: If it weren’t for network marketing, people wouldn’t even be talking right now.


Putting things into perspective. I don’t know about you, but I love limes and lemons and I make my own soda. I get sparkling water. We have a SodaStream. I would put a few drops of liquid stevia with a couple drops of lime, lemon or orange essential oil and that’s my soda pop. I live off this stuff. I used to drink soda a lot. If you cut your lemon or if you cut your lime, if you want to add a little juice to it, your hands get a little greasy. That’s because of the essential oil in the rind. You get the rind and you cold press it together and it takes a lot of citrus to get that one itty-bitty bottle. These essential oils are in all of your plant matters that people have used traditionally.

Here’s the thing about supplements that people don’t realize is they’re dehydrated. The essential oils are extracted out so you’re not getting the benefit of essential oils when you’re taking supplements. What I found is when people take supplements and research supports it, especially enzymes and probiotics and some research suggests chemotherapy and other drugs using essential oils in conjunction with these therapies, makes them more effective. Essentially, they can act as a carrier because they’re lipid soluble. They enter into the cell without having to worry about, through normal diffusion. Unless you have something lipid soluble because your cell is surrounded by that phospholipid membrane, things can’t get in there. That’s why we hear a lot about liposphere, vitamin C and other encapsulated vitamins to make it absorbable. Essential oils can help with that. We incorporate essential oils in our food, with our supplements, with the medications that people want to take and we find it across the board to be very beneficial.

Maybe let’s talk about a few different situations and maybe just shoot me out a few options when it comes to high blood pressure. What are the things that can help to alleviate hypertension? We talk a lot about the autonomic nervous system and the parasympathetic and the sympathetic and everybody’s in that sympathetic fight or flight overdrive. I’m thinking maybe some ideas to lower the sympathetic, increase parasympathetic tone, which is the rest and digest. What else would you say can be helpful in that arena and then maybe give me two or three different options for people with high blood pressure.

Interestingly enough, Korean researchers back in 2012 evaluated nearly 100 hypertensive and pre-hypertensive patients to see how the aroma from essential oils can affect their blood pressure. They found that four work in synergy well together. That’s something we haven’t talked about. We’re big Marvel hero buffs in my home and we watched all the movies. You’ve got Captain America. Think of Captain America like you would think Lavender. Captain America can kick butt by himself. He’s good. He helps with a lot of things and so can Iron Man. I think of him like Ylang-Ylang and he can do his own thing once someone’s battling him or a foe. When Thanos comes and you have world universe domination, you need everyone together.

Lavender and Ylang-Ylang and Marjoram and Neroli, those are the four when we’re going to talk about hypertensive. They can help individually, but once they work together as a whole, they have a synergistic property that works together and they compound each other’s benefits. That’s one thing that a lot of folks don’t realize about blending. It’s not just to enhance the smell. It’s because they work in synergy with each other, which is pretty profound. It makes you think, “What am I eating? What am I thinking? What am I exercising? How are my habits in life?” Everything works in synergy and we hope to bring homeostasis and peace. You have Lavender, you have Ylang-Ylang, you have Marjoram and Neroli are four oils that researchers have blended together and tested. They can help people that are battling high blood pressure.

On the flip side, this is something that we realized that most essential oils have what’s known as a harmonizing effect, which means they help produce homeostasis. This is what’s interesting about nutrition as well. This is what’s interesting about proper exercise is that when you eat right for your body type, when you are exercising right for your body type, when you’re practicing emotional, mental and spiritual practices, this creates balance in your body. The same thing with essential oils. Some people, and you’ll probably appreciate this more than most people interviewing me, Jack, because you understand this. They’ve done studies on Ylang-Ylang where you have people that have high blood pressure and low pulse rate use Ylang-Ylang and it balances them out. When you increase pulse rate, you’re going to increase blood pressure. They found that the same people with conflicting biochemical markers, they found balance.

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Ylang-Ylang, like your wife would say, like a chiropractic adjustment, gives the body the innate ability to bring peace, harmony and homeostasis. I suggest to use essential oils with the mindset, not that, “I’m going to treat hypertension but I’m going to give my body what my body needs.” However, here’s the caveat. There are few oils, Rosemary being one of them that hypertensive patients need to be cautious of because there is no reason to believe at all that Rosemary will cause a decrease. It will raise your blood pressure. There are a few like that but that’s fine. That’s why you get my book, my masterclass.

I want to hear more about that. I do want to say Rosemary as far as a consumed spice is very medicinal and can be a blood pressure regulator. It can help to lower blood pressure down as can all those different spices because all the blood pressure drugs came from the spice industry. You’re saying as far as in the concentrated oil version, be careful of Rosemary if you do have high blood pressure. The four products that you recommend, the four oils that you recommended, is that available in a combo in any way or is that something that people are mixing on their own?

The culinary dose that you’re getting in herbs and spices is nowhere near the therapeutic dose of an essential oil. Going back to my lemon analogy, it takes about 40 lemons, 40 rinds of lemons just to get one bottle of lemon. It takes about 35 pounds of Lavender. Just think about how light a Lavender flower is. 35 pounds of that, just to get one itty-bitty bottle of lavender. This is super hyper-concentrated plant-based compounds. You’re right but it also brings to a point too about excess. A little bit of Rosemary’s good but excess can cause the opposite effect. That’s something I want people to realize. One drop is good but twenty is not better. The same thing with food. You had these oils that we mentioned: the Marjoram, the Lavender, the Neroli and Ylang-Ylang. You have to blend them together because I don’t know of any company that sells the hypertension blend and it’s easy.

That’s what we do. We teach people like, “Here’s how simple it is. You get these oils from whatever supplier that you want to. What we want to do is we want to blend them.” It’s very simple. It can get a little messy because you’re dealing with oils, you’re dealing with bottles. One thing that I like about this is unlike most things that I see out there, it puts the onus on the person. I know folks, the most accountable people with the most ingenuity in the natural health space, they’re doing their own stuff. Like you and your wife, you guys are great testimonies to taking control of our own health. Let’s start doing our own stuff and make our own food and make our own solutions, DIY whenever we can. That’s what I want to encourage people to do. Once you start doing a little bit, it’s like you get your power back.

You’re empowered not to see the solution everywhere else. Where when something happens where your kids maybe have a 102, 103, God forbid a 104 temperature, you’re not freaking out going to urgent care. You know what to do. You’re going to your medicine cabinet and you make your solution. As a father of four kids, that was when I realized that I had my power back as an individual because I now realize I gave it away to not only the pharmaceutical industry but the farming industry to the conventional food industries. Everything is being pre-made for me or everything is being done for me. It’s like I became essentially a victim. I became enabled by the system to not even know how to live. I couldn’t garden anymore, I couldn’t take care of myself anymore.

As far as role models to the children, as far as leading by example and getting them back to the basics. If you want to tell me what’s more important to teach your child how to garden and to lead a holistic life and to mix their own essential oils. To me, is that more important than them learning trigonometry? It is. Those are basic fundamental things that we’ve gotten away from them, we’ve outsourced and yet that fundamental knowledge is so important. What you bring up too also is the importance of essential oils. They are very medicinal and very powerful. This is where your guide comes in like Dr. Z here, to be able to guide you on the right way. You don’t want to do this without extreme care and caution because maybe you’re thinking you’re doing something good for your blood pressure, but it’s going to go up or your heart rate or your blood sugar or anything.

Sometimes people complain about the cost of holistic living and first of all, we talked about sunshine and sleep, which are free. From what you’re saying as far as the expense of an essential oil, if it takes someone and some company the ability to take 40 lemons and put those oils into a bottle. That’s a lot of lemons and lemons cost money. The processing, the quality controls, all that cost money. The next time, you’re going to question the value, you can get a Tylenol for $0.05 or you can get real health and wellness inside that bottle, but you’re going to have to pay for quality.

HHS 07 | Essential Oils

Essential Oils: Everything works in synergy.


Beyond the shadow of a doubt. I can’t tell you how many friends and family members who are loaded with medical debt because of co-pays because their deductibles are so high, treatments that are not covered anymore. We hear it, “It’s more expensive to be sick than to be healthy.” I get that, but I’m talking treatments are super pricey, especially in the cancer space. My heart goes out to anyone on chemo and radiation because they’re drowning in debt. Part of my story of why I do what I do is because I used to abuse narcotics and I used to abuse alcohol and when I was a kid, I was stupid.

It was marijuana, it was smoking pot that got me into doing cocaine. It was the gateway drug. I say that to say when I got involved with essential oils, it’s like the gateway therapy to everything because it’s super easy for me to tell you. You put a couple of drops of Lavender in a diffuser and then next thing you start sleeping better and you’re like, “What else can I do?” What’s hard is you’re like, “Here’s my 58 and a half step programs to lose weight and find the abundant life and do all the things.” That’s overwhelming to people, but anyone in the world can take those four essential oils I shared with you. Put them in what’s known as an aromatherapy inhaler, this little tube with a cotton swab and you put the oils in that. Whenever you want to, you could inhale and you can have everything from anxiety reduction to depression reduction to mood-boosting to energy. This is what my wife uses when she’s waking up at 5:00 in the morning to do her CrossFit exercises and things.

Anyone can do that. I find that if anyone wants a quick win, start with essential oils because it’s almost immediate. I get this question asked all the time, “When should I start seeing results?” Immediately. You shouldn’t be doing anything. Clinically speaking, as a researcher, I could share with you that you shouldn’t be doing something, in my opinion, for more than three or four weeks without receiving a positive reaction. If not, you’re going to waste your time. I don’t know what your thoughts about that, Jack, but you should be losing a couple of pounds. You should be feeling better. Your heart panel should be better after three, four weeks. If not, let’s think about something different.

I totally agree with that in the sense and I tell people, “Try something and see if it works and if it doesn’t work, then you go onto to the next thing.” Each person is individual so one treatment may work for one person or it doesn’t work for the next-door neighbor. That’s how it is and if you don’t get the results, then you move on. As far as the oils that we are going to use for hypertension or for the high blood pressure patient, would those same oils apply to someone maybe with a heart rhythm issue, something like atrial fibrillation or PACs, PVCs, extra heartbeats? Any oils that come to mind maybe for that group of people who were trying to lower sympathetic, increase parasympathetic but also like a vagal, smoothing oil, something to rid the people of their rhythm problem?

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For those types of situations, they’re working with someone like you. I can’t even begin to stress the importance of working with an expert like you who understands the root cause because I would want to find out why. To be quite transparent, the research is relatively silent for general issues. We have research on atherosclerosis, we have research on cholesterol, we have research on blood pressure, but when it comes to the condition that you shared, we haven’t had the clinical trials done yet. My hypothesis from what I know about essential oils and people is you want to focus on calming, relaxing, balancing. Ylang-Ylang is going to come up a lot in this conversation because it’s a known harmonizer and the same thing with Sandalwood. This goes back to what we discussed about helping people sleep.

These oils can also help get people out of that sympathetic fight or flight state. The Roman Chamomiles, the Lavender, the Vetivers and the Cedarwoods and there are other woods: Ho Wood, Buddha Wood, Agarwood, those oils can help. For folks that struggle in that space, I would be cautious against overdosing on the stimulating oils. It happens a lot in overdosing on caffeine. Maybe a solution is to replace a cup of coffee with maybe a peppermint and orange inhaler and see how that works because that will stimulate your respiratory system. Research has shown just one drop of peppermint in a glass of water and for people that might get some esophageal irritation, I recommend diluting it with a little coconut oil or Liquid Stevia, which could help so you’re not drinking straight the peppermint oil.

Research has shown that college athletes, their athletic performance skyrocketed after ingesting peppermint. It makes sense. It’s like legal blood doping. You’re increasing your airways, you’re breathing better, you’re getting more blood shunted to the whole entire system. Maybe try that and try to also look at what else is causing this. I’m telling you, when it comes to emotional balance and detoxification and mental wellbeing, people start to realize everything else starts getting better. When your outlook on life is better, maybe you’re depressed, maybe you’re stressed. Get out that lime oil, get out that Magnolia oil. I love Magnolia, lime orange and lemon. I live in Georgia, we got magnolia trees all over the place. It has that nice, subtle lemon scent to it. You get Magnolia oil, a couple of drops of lemon, a couple of drops of lime, a couple of drops of orange, you put in your diffuser or you can make a spritzer out of it or a body lotion. It’s like how can you not smile? How can you not feel better?

I’m thinking about it right now and it’s about the cardiovascular benefits of citrus in general. One of the components and one of the phytochemicals in there is called naringin and it’s all over the literature. Most cardiologists aren’t reading that. For the literature, they’re not interested. We’re only interested in the pills and the procedures and how we can make more money. To understand some of these medicinal benefits of the oils is outstanding. According to you, it sounds like it’s fairly simple, but once again you want to get the literature. How easy is it going to be to Dr. Z’s new book and to plug into his system? It’s going to be super exciting. Are there any oils you can think of that maybe interfere with any cardiovascular drugs that you can think of offhand? If we talk about drugs that are maybe beta blockers, ACE inhibitors, angiotensin receptor blockers, all these different things that I’m trained in. Is there ever a situation where you think that you can have some interaction or is it two separate jurisdictions?

Let’s first say what’s not is not grapefruit. You’re trained to avoid grapefruit. I’m assuming juice and fruit for a lot of these drugs. What we find is that grapefruit oil because it’s extracted from the rind, it doesn’t have the same chemical in it that would interact with your heart disease meds. There’s a variety of them. One thing you should not at all have any concern with is something I get on a regular basis. A lot of folks, these pharmacists and cardiologists aren’t trained in this, so they’re just giving blanket recommendations, not realizing that it’s not the essential oil fruit, it’s the essential oil from the rind. You don’t have to worry about grapefruit. One thing that comes up and this is important is cloves, because cloves can interact with blood thinners and cause people to have internal bleeding.

That’s important because a lot of your favorite blends, a lot of your immunity blends and being a non-branded educator, I’m not going to pinpoint any particular company. I try to stay brand specifics, but you know what blends they are and you know what companies you use. Typically, these blends that are known to boost immunity and kill the flu virus in the air. That’s wild too because we’re in flu season. I’m diffusing our immunity blend and it’s been shown clinically to kill the flu virus, not the flu shot. That’s a whole other topic, which we might want to talk about shots. The thing to recognize is these immunity blends typically have cloves and cinnamon, rosemary, eucalyptus and citrus like lime, lemon or orange and they work in synergy with each other. Be very careful if you’re ingesting that and if you’re taking some blood thinner. Other than that, there is not. There are some and I don’t have the list all in my head. Forgive me on that.

HHS 07 | Essential Oils

Essential Oils: If anyone wants a quick win, start with essential oils because it’s almost immediate.


My next one is going to be, because you mentioned blood thinner and people are always asking me about natural blood thinners. I’m going to guess that none of these are actual blood thinners, but what if we can say, are there any oils that maybe would enhance blood flow, improve the natural blood circulation environment that’s there. The body has what’s called the coagulation system is in a delicate balance. There are things that help shut down blood clotting and there are things that improve the blood flow in that situation in the body, it depends on the delicate balance. Any oils that come to mind that can regulate and normalize the circulation?

We go back to cloves, cinnamon is another one that’s been shown to help flow. That’s why you’ve got to be careful if you’re on a blood thinner. When it comes in the normalization of it, that’s why I want people to go back into that vitalistic philosophy and do what you need to do with your nutrition, with your exercise. Using essential oils like the ones we shared, like the Ylang-Ylang and frankincense I haven’t mentioned much and myrrh I haven’t mentioned yet, but oils that we know that can help bring peace in homeostasis. I’d be very curious to see what would happen but for sure we know of cloves and cinnamon and cassia, those are the ones that come up. That could be through the inhalation, also be through the topical.

One thing that we haven’t talked about is internal versus topical versus inhalation. There are three different ways of using them. One thing I want to caution people of is to not underestimate the power of topical use because what we’ve seen through the literature is within minutes of applying oils and always diluted, you just don’t want to slather cloves. Lemongrass, for example, has been shown to help people balance cholesterol. You could apply some lemongrass over your carotid and that’s what the common practice in the aromatherapy space is but don’t do it straight. Get some coconut oil, some olive oil. Follow my Dilution Chart because it will give you guidelines. Don’t underestimate the power that within minutes the chemical constituency in the essential oils can be detected in your blood stream.

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This is mind-blowing to me and research study after research study has shown this. Just thinking about the half-life of this chemical compound, after about an hour and a half to two hours, no essential oil constituents are detected when they’re evaluating human trials in people’s bloodstreams. We’re talking complete metabolism, which brings a couple things to note. You don’t have to worry about any negative biochemical buildup like all drugs that I know of do, but it also lends itself to believe you have to apply regularly if you’re trying to treat something or if you’re having any depression attack or anxiety attack. It’s just not one and done. The same thing with simple things like bug repellent, like DEET has chemicals in it that stick on your body and skin that will last all day. If you have a natural bug repellent like Citronella and peppermint and your cloves and oregano which are all good, you’ve got to apply that thing every hour or two. That’s the thing that the nature of good supplementation of essential oils is your body will completely just utilize that product.

Tell us the best way to find out more about you and oils, your program and upcoming book. This could be a subject that we can go on talking to all the different possibilities here, but how are we going to get people some help going forward?

HHS 07 | Essential Oils

The Healing Power of Essential Oils: Soothe Inflammation, Boost Mood, Prevent Autoimmunity, and Feel Great in Every Way

I recommend them to get my book, The Healing Power of Essential Oils. You can go to HealingPowerOfEssentialOils.com or you can pick it up on Amazon. Amazon’s got it for $12 or $13. Get the book, it will give you from start to finish what you need to do and use essential oils for. If you want to dive deep, if you want to find out what I’m all about, go to my website, DrEricZ.com or you could search up Dr. Z essential oils and Google will tell you right where to find me. The first step is to get the book, get the foundation. I have a masterclass that people can take it if they want to go step-by-step how to learn essential oils. All that stuff is on my website.

Doesn’t that sound much better than taking pharmaceutical or some Band-Aid or cover up or having surgery unnecessarily when there are all these different other options out there? Dr. Z, it was a pleasure having you on the show. I hope you come on again. I’m going to upgrade my level of understanding of the oils. I definitely want to bring it more into my practice and I’ve had people that are representatives from some of these companies. There are patients of mine and they want to help people out. There are some good people out there but I’m better having such an authority on aromatherapy and essential oils. Dr. Eric Zielinski, thank you.

Thanks again. I appreciate you having me.

Until next time in the Healthy Heart Show.

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HHS 07 | Essential OilsThe author of the National Bestseller, The Healing Power of Essential Oils, Dr. Eric Zielinski has pioneered natural living and Biblical health education since 2003. Knowing what it’s like to be sick from a young age and having recovered from several chronic diseases in his early 20s, he has been on a mission to share the evidence-based approach to natural living that empowered him to regain control of his health with the world. Trained as an aromatherapist, public health researcher and chiropractor, Dr. Z is an accomplished researcher with several publications and conference proceedings.