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Sometimes, health problems could arise from the least likely of places, like our teeth, for example. It has been said that 90% to 95% of people who get their tooth removed have an infection. From here, various complications that may seem unrelated could come out. Digging deep to solve health mysteries that could arise from our teeth and more is Evan Brand who runs the Evan Brand Podcast and Functional Medicine Clinic. He talks about where dental health issues are within the whole functional medicine spectrum and talks about cavitations, the gastrointestinal system, pharmaceuticals, and even fertility.

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Digging Deep To Solve Health Mysteries with Evan Brand

I’m so happy to have my good friend, Evan Brand, on the podcast. If you don’t know Evan Brand, you should check out his website, EvanBrand.com. He’s got tons of information, how to meet with Evan and schedule an appointment, which would be a total value for anybody out there. You’ve heard me do podcasts, talk about health coaches, nutritionists and all these other people that are dialed into the health and wellness space that will give you so much more information than your cardiologist and your general internist, you go to someone like Evan Brand. He will tell us a story that I know that he recovered himself several times over from illness. Check him out and his podcast. He’s interviewed the best of the best on the podcast, including yours truly, Dr. Jack Wolfson. It’s great to speak with you. What’s happening? What’s going on with Evan Brand?

It’s great to speak with you too. It’s always a blast. Not too much is going on. My wife is pregnant with our second baby. That’s pretty exciting. We’ve got one girl, she’s two years old. I’m hoping for another girl but I’ll take a boy. I’ll take whatever we get. That’s what’s cooking in our world and that’s about it. I’m staying busy with the functional medicine hustle. I work virtually, which is cool because I don’t have to travel. It’s good for my clients and it’s good for me because I can jump on a Skype call or a FaceTime call and review labs with people. Make a protocol and ship them whatever herbs they need to anywhere in the world. I’m lucky and very blessed. What I’ve been doing, my new rabbit hole with the whole functional medicine health thing is focusing on a lot of dental health issues. I found out that I have cavitations. You and I were talking about that off air and I discovered that I was having some heart palpitations.

I had reached out to you, “Jack, what do you think is going on? I’ve got these heart palpitations.” You were like, “Evan, did you get anything new?” I got a new mattress, so that thing was making me sick. I got rid of that. I got an organic wool mattress. I spent a lot of money on it and then my heart palpitations went away. They came back and I thought, “What is this?” As all of us do in the health field, we reach out to our healthcare friends and say, “What do you think this is?” If you ask ten of your friends that are pretty smart, you’re going to get ten different answers. One of the answers was, “Have you had your wisdom teeth removed?” I was like, “I have. I’ve had my twelve-year molars removed as well.” A friend of mine, Dr. Christine Schaffner said, “You might have cavitations. Why don’t you go to this dentist down in Texas and see if he can help you out?” I sent over the x-ray and he said with 95% certainty that he thought I had cavitation. I canceled a week’s worth of clients and flew down to Texas and paid $5,000 and got the procedure done. What is a cavitation? Most surgeons don’t remove the periodontal ligament or some call it the periodontal membrane when they remove a tooth. This can happen for root canal teeth too folks.

Even if you have wisdom teeth but you’ve got other teeth removed, that membrane or ligament could still be in there. It rots and putrefies. You get sewed up and stitched up but the infection stays in the gum and it releases toxins into the system. In Dr. Wolfson’s case as a cardiologist, he may have a patient come in with a heart symptom that could be related to the mouth. My bias is the gut because I focused so heavily on gut issues. I’m sure we can talk about that and how that could affect the heart too. On the teeth rabbit hole, that night after I got those cavitations cleaned out. I was on an IV Vitamin C drip that day. That was the first night I didn’t have heart palpitations for probably six months to a year. It was such significant relief that I couldn’t believe it. Whenever you find something that’s significant in a health journey, I’m asking everybody, “Did you get your wisdom teeth removed? You might have cavitations.”

It’s one of those things. I know your wife is a doctor of chiropractic, she probably looks at somebody, “That person’s got a misaligned, this or that.” She probably spot stuff from a mile away. That’s how I am with teeth, “Look at this person, they had this done. They probably got this.” I interviewed my surgeon. He’s on my podcast, his name is Dr. Nunnally. If you look up Evan Brand Cavitation, you can listen to the podcast. He says 90% to 95% of people who get tooth removed have an infection. Maybe he’s biased because that’s his business but I bet he’s right.

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Teeth are certainly a complex issue and especially when someone comes to see you and they’re like, “I want a consultation with Dr. Jack Wolfson. I want a consultation with Evan Brand. I wanted to discuss these issues.” They’re expecting to get some information by, “What’s this magic supplement I can go one? Give me some dietary recommendations.” You’re like, “Here’s what you’ve got to do. You’ve got to fly down to Texas. You’ve got to see Stuart Nunnally. You’ve got to spend $5,000 to have the cavitations looked at or even more to have a root canal tooth removed.” It’s like, “I’m sorry to be breaking the news to you. Your teeth may cost you $10,000, $15,000, $20,000.” When should we go? When should we reach to that? Should we try with people other things first before we dive into the teeth? Are you at the point where, “No teeth are so primary of a concern that we need to address that in the beginning?”

There’s no perfect order of operations. I wish it were sexy to say there’s a black or white answer or say, “You’ve got to start teeth first, gut second, liver third, heart fourth or something.” I don’t think it works that way. The biggest health struggles I had come from my gut. I had parasite infections. I had H. pylori which was reducing my stomach acid, which lead to candida overgrowth systemically. I had antibiotics after my wisdom tooth extractions which destroyed my gut microbiome, which were causing me all sorts of issues like brain fog, fatigue, insomnia, joint pain, anxiety, and depression. I’m biased towards putting the gut first. Even you and I, we did some great interviews together talking about leaky gut, leaky heart. I would honestly try to say the gut is number one still.

I would say the teeth are definitely top five because I was taking motherwort. I was taking all these calming adaptogenic herbs to help mitigate the heart palpitations but that wasn’t a deficiency of adaptogenic herbs. That was something that was releasing toxins into the bloodstream that had to be fixed. It’s great that I did motherwort as opposed to a beta blocker but I still had to go to the teeth. I probably wouldn’t get focused too much on the order of operations. I would just say, “Whatever you stumble upon in the functional medicine world is probably going to elevate your health to the next level.” I’d been doing this thing for six years. I’ve been figuring stuff out, testing new things, in sauna, infrared this, float tanks, this herb, cannabis and this and that. Here I am six years later and I’m still working on myself. I had this whole new avenue that blasted open a new door for me. It would be good to turn over the biggest rock first, which is probably the gut but if you turn over a different rock first, that’s okay too.

When you say fundamentally it is still about the gut because the teeth is still in the gastrointestinal tract. We’ll put it all together. There’s leaky gut, leaky heart, leaky teeth and when those teeth leak bacteria and other toxins into the bloodstream, this is not alternative thinking. This is reality in the medical literature a thousand of times over. The same bugs that they’re finding in the teeth, in the periodontal area, these abscesses in the teeth are the same ones that are finding in coronary plaque. It’s all over the place. I do want to say congratulations on the impending baby number two, certainly. We’ve got three over including an almost ten-month-old and you’re a lot younger than I am.

Baby number three is born, Journey is her name. We had two boys and a baby girl. We did our third home birth and it was phenomenal. I’m 47 years old and I’m staying up at 3:00 in the morning. I look at my wife I’m like, “I’m 47 years old, I’m changing diapers, and all this stuff.” I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s phenomenal. We talk about the teeth. These issues are all starting in utero but certainly when they’re young kids. What recommendations do you have for these parents that are out there? How do we save the next generation of children from becoming the casualties from the dentist?

I interviewed Stephanie Seneff, which is somebody you should probably have on your show too. We talked all about glyphosate. We look at the glyphosate and autism statistics. We’re seeing that it’s 1 in 36. Just a short time ago, autism was one in 10,000. That was a mind-blowing episode. Her and Dietrich Klinghardt, who’s another guy who speaks a lot about autism, toxins, retroviruses and chemtrails and all sorts of stuff. They both were like, “The future generation is pretty much doomed. Twenty years from now, every kid is going to be autistic. Their population will not survive. You better hurry up and enjoy life now because it’s going to come to an end. The USA will collapse.” I’m like, “That’s a heavy message.” I don’t want to believe it. What I’m doing is trying to raise my kids as healthy as I possibly can. Number one is to try to get the mother and the father as healthy as possible before you conceive. I don’t market myself as a functional medicine fertility guy or a pediatric functional medicine guy. I started to help a lot of mothers with fertility issues by accident. I would have these women who say, “I’ve been working with this fertility doctor for ten years. They can’t help me. I’m about to do IVF but it costs $20,000. I don’t have that money. I’m going to work with you first to fix my digestive problems.”

HHS 12 | Health Mystery

Health Mystery: Whatever you stumble upon in the functional medicine world is probably going to elevate your health to the next level.


We eradicate these parasite, other infections that were messing up their ability to absorb amino acids and create hormones. All these women started saying, “Evan, I’m pregnant. What do I do?” I’m like, “Let’s stop the herbs because we can’t use these while pregnant but congratulations, you’re fertile now. This is a pretty cool thing.” Get the mother and the father as healthy as possible. I run a test through Great Plains Laboratory called the GPL-TOX and it looks for all sorts of stuff. It’s a urine test. It looks for gasoline, xylene, pesticides, organophosphates, nail polish, hair dye, cosmetics and all sorts of chemicals. We know that a lot of these chemicals can increase all sorts of autistic spectrum disorders. It can create shorter pregnancies. Some of these chemicals can be linked to miscarriages. Some of these chemicals are linked to birth defects. Some of them are linked to cancers and leukemia. The goal on a perfect world, pregnancy would be a five-trimester thing. The women are like, “It’s long enough. Please don’t extend it.” Let me explain why it should be five trimesters.

First trimester is getting the mother healthy. It’s detoxing chemicals. It’s eradicating parasites. It’s getting rid of viruses. It’s going organic as much as you can. It’s getting the mother to say no to obligations. It’s getting her to distress. It’s getting her to have healthy relationships. It’s getting her to bed earlier. It’s blocking the blue light. It’s cutting off the breaker to the bedroom. It’s mitigating EMF. It’s getting rid of Wi-Fi. That’s first trimester. Then the second trimester is the first trimester when you’re growing the baby, then you have the baby and then the fourth, fifth trimester comes in and that’s the gut support. That’s the breastfeeding. That’s the continuing to stay organic. That’s the collagen, colostrum or whatever you can do to rebuild mom that’s supporting the adrenals. You see so many women now that get postpartum Hashimoto’s where they develop a thyroid condition because of the stress of the pregnancy. It drained them, depleted them and the immune system is wrecked. That’s my ideal world. My wife’s breastfeeding. Our daughter’s going to be two-and-a-half soon. We’ve got her taking fish oil, we’ve got the baby doing cod liver oil, we’ve got my wife on organic greens. We’ve got her doing a prenatal high-quality multi-nutrients.

For the kids specifically, breastfeeding is the go-to thing. From a structural perspective, you were asking about the teeth. How do we save these kids from the dentist? One way is breastfeeding and I’m not an expert on this. Maybe you have more to say about this than I do. I do know based on some limited knowledge that when you’re breastfeeding, the sucking mechanism that a child is doing is extending and developing the structure of the jaw so that the kid has enough room in its mouth. I was not breastfed at all. I asked my mom, “Did you breastfeed me?” “No, I didn’t.” I’m like, “Did you try?” She said maybe tried for a day or two or something. I had no room in my mouth. I had to get eight teeth removed because I literally had no room. If you could breastfeed your kid and prevent them from having to get extractions, therefore preventing cavitations that would be priceless.

Evan, this information is so amazing. I’m blown away by the stuff that you’re saying and I’m in total agreement with everything. For the audience, Evan is not a medical doctor. Evan is not a doctor of chiropractic or naturopathic medicine. Evan got his credentials and he’s got his training but a lot of this came onto the school of common sense. I’ve been up with some of the smartest doctors in the United States. The people that I’ve trained with in Chicago and out in Arizona and people that were the heads of major programs, Temple University that were big shots. All over where they came from and they don’t hold a candle to the stuff that you’re saying. The stuff that you’re saying is common sense and the breastfeeding mechanisms that helped to develop the jaw of the mouth of the child. All these things you said about the first trimester about getting healthy before you get pregnant. Fundamentally, that’s how you raise healthy children.

Maybe you’ve already had a cardiovascular event. Maybe you’ve had congestive heart failure or atrial fibrillation, this is a way that you can attune with your children and your grandchildren so they don’t suffer the same health consequences. At the same time, you can start to recover your own health. Evan, I can’t imagine how many people are reading this that do have palpitations. You are someone who’s like, “I tried everything from my palpitations and it turned out it was coming from the teeth.” That is phenomenal type stuff. If someone was to come to you and they do have an issue like hypertension, they call you up, “Evan, it’s great to talk to you. I appreciate you doing consultation on me. I’ve got hypertension. What say you?”

First thing is I’m going to come in and give them some nutrients to try to help out. I’m going to give them a Band-Aid immediately. My Band-Aid is still going to be far better than the pharmaceutical drug though. We saw the massive recall with Valsartan in the US. I don’t know if it was multiple cancer-causing chemicals or what the deal is but I know that Valsartan was recalled a lot of different manufacturers of it and it’s bad news. My grandfather was taking Valsartan for hypertension and he was having a lot of issues with it. He was having arm pain, weakness, rashes, and crazy stuff. He went to his doctor and he said, “Are there any other alternatives? Is there another way to go about this and not use this drug?” They said, “We can switch you over to this drug or we could switch you over to that drug.” Ultimately the answer was never going to be to go for some type of herbs and that’s disappointing.

The first step is if they’re on a blood pressure drug, you’ve got to figure out what drug are they on. You can give natural remedies for blood pressure and actually lower the blood pressure too much, which is not good. You’ve got to be careful with that. Generally, I’m going to use a combination of some vitamin Bs, B6. Magnesium can be helpful. Pomegranate can be helpful. Vanadium is good. Lipoic acid is good. Inositol cysteine believe it or not, I’ve seen it help blood pressure. Hawthorn extract is good. You told me about a couple of others. I want to say you told me about celery. It was either you or somebody told me about celery being good for hypertension. I have used it and it does work quite well. It makes you pee a lot. The mechanism is acting as a diuretic.

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The other thing too is a celery seed has efficacy. You’re doing all these things and as a functional medicine practitioner, you are not supposed to stop people’s pharmaceuticals. I’m guessing that in reality is that you don’t. How do you engage with the patient to work with their medical doctor to get off the pharmaceuticals probably simultaneous to what you’re doing?

Here’s what I tell them, “Dr. Wolfson, you’ve got this Valsartan you’re doing, I’m going to add in this formula here. What I want you to do is do your blood pressure drug everyday like you’re supposed to but you’re going to add in a half dose of this supplement. I want you to track your blood pressure twice a day, once in the morning, once in the evening. I want you to keep a journal of it. Let’s say you were at 150 over 90 and all of a sudden with a half dose of the supplement, we’ve got you down to 135 over 85. That’s already pretty good and then let’s go to a full dose of the supplement and the drug. Perfect, you’re at 120 over 80.” This is exactly what happened with my grandfather. We got him to 120 over 80 even less. We got him at 115 over 75. I was super happy. “I want you to go to your doctor and I want you to tell them that you’ve addressed your hypertension holistically. You want to ask them if there’s any weaning protocol that they need to follow. If the doctor says, ‘Yes, there’s a weaning protocol.’ I want you to go to every other day. Then every third day, then every fourth day, then you follow the weaning protocol.

If the doctor doesn’t give you a weaning protocol, then you have to go about it on your own.” I let them decide are they going to do once every other day or are they going to do a half dose but it’s every day? Their doctor does say, “I measured your blood pressure. It looks good. Why don’t you try every other day for a week or two and then every third day for a week or two?” They stop and they’re fine. That’s exactly what happened with my grandfather’s doctor. He supported going every other day. Then he supported going every third day and within three weeks, he went from being at 150 over 90 on a blood pressure drug to being on a supplement at 118 over 78 off the drug completely, no side effects and he’s fixed. There’s a lot of root cause stuff that he probably needs to do. That guy got more mercury in his mouth than you wouldn’t believe. When he opens his mouth, you could almost see your reflection in there. That thing’s a mirror when you open that mouth. It is like, “Get that mercury out of there.” He’s not going to do it. He still drinks chocolate milk with high fructose corn syrup in it.

We know that fructose is a major driver of hypertension. If we could just get the fructose out of his diet, we could significantly keep his hypertension down. You’ve got to work with who you’re working with. As you probably know yourself, your family may not be the people who are going to listen to you. To them, you’re Jack, you’re not Dr. Wolfson. They may not take you as the same, whereas person who’s paying you, they’re going to listen to everything you say. If you say get rid of the corn syrup, they’re going to get rid of the corn syrup where he is like, “I love my chocolate milk, Evan. I’m not going to get rid of it.” That’s his story in case but if we were in a client situation then we would be going into heavy metal testing because I’ve seen a huge link between heavy metals and hypertension. We would be going to the gut for sure.

When you talk about heavy metals testing, what are you doing over there?

I cannot prescribe with my credentials and even if I could, I wouldn’t. What I found is a company called BIORAY, they have a tincture that’s called NDF. They’ve shown this and they’re testing that it’s an effective provocation agent far more effective and safer than your typical DMSA or DMSO or your chelators. You can use this stuff. All it is a micronized chlorella but the micronization process makes it so small that compared to your typical organic, broken cell wall chlorella, this stuff is like chlorella on steroids. We’re seeing like a 3,000% increase in excretion of metals. What we do is we have these people, the typical dose is one milliliter, which is about 26 drops. We have people do six milliliters, which is about 150 drops of the chlorella. We collect the urine.

I swear you will be blown away at the excretion of metals in the urine by using this as a provocation agent. That’s the tip of the iceberg. You’re like, “Your pre-challenge was this amount of mercury. Your post-provocation was this percent. You’ve got a major mercury problem.” What we do is we take them back to a baseline dose and we say, “Start at three drops, work your way up to 52 drops twice a day.” What we’re seeing with the labs is we’re seeing a 65% reduction in all heavy metals across the board in six weeks. Some people don’t have the budget or they don’t have the interest to do the metal testing. To be honest with you, that stuff is so safe we could just throw them directly onto the tincture.

HHS 12 | Health Mystery

Health Mystery: If you could breastfeed your kid and prevent them from having to get extractions, preventing cavitations would then be priceless.


We’re also toxic anyways. Let’s go ahead and go straight to the protocol but I agree with you as well. I like the data as well and the data is motivational to show people, “Here you were at time zero. Here we are at time 90. Keep it going.” If something is awry, we can identify that and change course if need be. I want to circle back to the Valsartan. When we spoke the truth about cancer, I put up that slide about Telmisartan which is another angiotensin receptor blocker, the increased risk of cancer in those patients and that was a study that looked at 30,000 patients. The Valsartan data was tainted. Generic is what it was but the actual drug itself likely increases cancer risk. You have to decide why exactly you’re taking a pharmaceutical.

We don’t get any awards for low blood pressure. We want to decide is the low blood pressure decreasing my chances of heart attack, stroke, kidney disease or dying? It barely does that. Maybe it increases cancer risk. I’m sure you saw this how ace inhibitors are linked to 14% higher risk of lung cancer and this is a drug that’s been around for 30 years. There are tens of millions of people that take this in the United States alone. What’s happening is that when you inhibit the ace enzyme, you have this plethora of bradykinin, which leads to cough from ace inhibitors. All that lands in the lungs, stays in the lungs and therefore causes cellular dysfunction and cancer.

What are some of the brand names of those ace inhibitors just in case people are like, “Am I taking that? I don’t know if I’m taking that?”

A lot of people ask us this on Facebook as well when I posted the video. What you and I are doing and I know what you do with your podcast is getting the information out there to the world to save the generation so we can prevent this fatalistic thing that Stephanie Seneff and others talk about as well. How we’re going down that path and you and I are at the forefront of trying to prevent people from doing that. I got on and did a Facebook Live talking about this study and telling people, ramipril, captopril, lisinopril, enalapril all those that end in pril, those are the generic names. The brand names, generic anyways, you’re probably not going to see too much of it.

Here’s what happens, you go to a medical doctor and you get one of the pril words, you consult with Evan brand and he’s going to tell you about magnesium. He’s going to talk to you about hawthorn. He’s going to talk to you about garlic. He’s going to talk to you about nitric oxide boosters. He’s going to talk to you about stress management. This is why so many millions of people are opting out of the medical system and they’re looking for guys like Evan Brand to get to the nuts and bolts. Can you imagine these women that are paying $10,000, $100,000 for fertility treatment and it turns out that the whole thing was gluten or the thing was metal toxicity? They had some biotoxins they were exposed to. This stuff you’re talking about, they’ll go to $100,000 fertility expert when they could have gone to you and found out that they’re being exposed to benzene.

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A friend of a friend that we watched go through the fertility treatment, this girl was injecting herself with I don’t know what. I’m not a fertility expert in terms of the conventional pharmaceutical stuff. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know what’s in it. Is there Thimerosal? I don’t even know what’s in this stuff. I know that this lady, one of her cute pictures that she posted on Facebook after she had the child and it was a thousand needles that she had circled around the kid with a heart shape. Was like, “These are all the needles and drugs that led to this baby. I’m so grateful.” I’m glad she had a baby but what was in those thousand fertility vaccines or whatever you took? I’ve got no idea what that was. When I saw that picture, I got the chills. I was like, “That’s the conventional model versus this model?” That was scary.

The health revolution is on. The time for change on. We’re doing some amazing things. I know if you reach out to Evan Brand, you go to his website, EvanBrand.com and you’re going to get some fantastic information. You better book up your spot with Evan Brand because he’s all over the place. He’s got so many things. There are so many people calling on him for his health expertise as you’ve heard. Evan with baby number two coming around, I’m going to think you’re going to be even less available for getting your message out there and for individual consultation.

HHS 12 | Health Mystery

Health Mystery: All that lands in the lungs stays in the lungs.


I don’t know what the plan is. For our first daughter, I took two weeks off and I was ready to get back to work. The good news is I work from home. As you know, it’s different when you work from home because I could do a call with you, run downstairs and go play with my daughter. Then run back upstairs to do another call. I’m blessed in that sense. I’ll probably work three days a week. I did train a girl for the last two years to do a lot of what I do. That is smart to try to clone myself a little bit because I’m one guy. I’m not the only guy out there. I don’t ever want to claim to be the all-knowing. I’ll say I figured out enough stuff to help a lot of people and so if I can try to replicate that, I’m working on a functional medicine course. I’m going to unveil that to certain practitioners with certain credentials. That way I can have other people doing what I do because if I can help ten people in a day, that’s pretty good. What if I could train 100 people to help ten people a day? That’s going to be way better.

What we’re doing here is not rocket science. It can get complex and complicated. If you work on the body systems, you get the proper testing and you go through the proper order of operations, you can have a pretty sustainable, consistent success rate with people far better than what you’re going to get if we just threw you on drugs. I want to say thank you for our friendship. I’m glad to be a colleague of yours. You’ve taught me so much great stuff over the past several years of our relationship together. Even the beet powder. You blew my mind last time we talked. You were talking about how much beet powder can do for nitric oxide production and all that. Here I am thinking I’m helping someone’s gallbladder but I’m helping this too. I hope that the benefit for our relationship is mutual because I learned so much from you every time we talk.

It circles back to the fertility thing is that what they found that a lot of women with infertility issues have very low levels of nitric oxide. You boost up their nitric oxide while they’re trying to get pregnant, before they’re trying to get pregnant. That stands to reason that you have to have blood flow going to the uterus, ovaries, to the developing fetus and the placentas as time goes on. If you’re deficient in nitric oxide, that is not going to happen. It’s a pleasure to speak with you. Stay in touch and keep us updated on baby number two. I wish the best to your wife. Thanks again for being on a on the show.

Thank you, Dr. Wolfson. It’s a pleasure.

We appreciate you staying tuned. We’ll see you next time.

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