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We tend to follow other people better than ourselves. In the health area, we have health coaches who help us overcome and guide us from our various health issues – from the physical and mental, and even up to our emotional and spiritual state. Looking into the perspective from the other side, Carrington Beauchamp, Lead Health Coach at The Drs. Wolfson, shares why she decided to become a health coach. Beginning from being sick at a young age to finding her passion to help, she ended up working to get the root cause of diseases from both the physical body and the emotional body. Carrington lays out why you need a health coach in your life, describing what it is that they do while laying out the necessary steps for them to help.

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Why You Need A Health Coach with Carrington Beauchamp

I’m honored to have on my show, Carrington Beauchamp, who is our Lead Health Coach at The Drs. Wolfson. She’s such a phenomenal human being. I’ll let Carrington talk about her training and why she decided to become a health coach. I often refer to Carrington as this old wise woman with generations of knowledge in your brain. I say that affectionately, certainly not calling you old because you’re not old. Tell me who Carrington Beauchamp is and why you became a health coach.

It starts with my journey into natural alternative medicine. I was groomed for allopathic care when I was young because I got sick and they thought I had juvenile arthritis. After tons of testing at Mayo Clinic and nobody can figure out how to help me and I was on leave every day for the pain. My mom took me to a chiropractor and the chiropractor said, “She doesn’t have arthritis. She has severe scoliosis.” My mom carried me into that appointment and then I walked out of that appointment after being adjusted. I immediately at a young age thought, “How doctors and medicine work is that you go and they fix you and then you walk out and you’re all done.” The idea of a diagnosis being what you live with forever never occurred to me. I always believed that healing was possible because of that experience. I loved chiropractors since I was little. Fast forward to me, I was a young mom and I started doing a lot of research on vaccines and natural medicine. I was pregnant and I was looking for natural ways to have a baby and all that. I was isolated from my family. I had moved to a small town, so I started blogging what I was finding.

The blog grew because I thought it was going to be a mom blog, but I started blogging about vaccines, about natural birth, and about nutrition and all these things. I was in my free time naturally passionate about it and interested in and Googling and on YouTube and all that. My blog took off and grew and I had thousands of readers that people would start emailing me every day asking for my help. I started responding with long emails of ten steps to fix their lives. “The first thing you need to do is to get more sleep, but in the second thing you need to do is to find a natural doctor,” and things like that. It was laid out and I didn’t have any training in that. That was my heart to help people. After a few years of that and spending hours every day responding to people, my husband was like, “Can you get paid for this?” I was like, “I don’t know how to get paid for this.” I didn’t know that there was such a thing as health coaching. I started googling and seeing if there was a way to do that and started finding a ton of schools. I ended up choosing a school called the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. One of the reasons I chose that school is because all the other nutrition programs I was finding were dogmatic. They would focus on one way of eating.

I at the time was into learning about Weston A. Price Foundation and I wanted to make sure that as a coach coaching someone that I would know all dietary theories and be able to help everyone. I believe that it’s by the individual. I went to school at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I got certified and started my business after that. I had a business for a few years, my own practice. I focused on moms like me and on people to help them feel the gut. Eventually, I found my way to you because what I put out there to the universe was that I wanted to work with a doctor so I could be a part of people’s care for a longer term. What was happening was I was attracting a lot of sick people and they would come to me for weight loss or things like that. I could tell that there was a lot more going on with them. I’d refer them out to get blood work done and get all that stuff done. I wanted to be a part of that process more and do more and help more people. Partnering with Dr. Wolfson was exactly what I had put out that I wanted. I am passionate about getting to the root cause of both the physical body and also the emotional body in terms of disease. I believe it all has to work together.

How would you define a health coach?

A lot of people look at health coaches in terms of other healers like, “I’m going to go heal and you’re going to tell me exactly what I need to do to fix myself.” The first time I talk to people, I usually tell them, “You know what your next step is and health coaches come in to affirm that.” I’m good at intuitively looking at someone and listening closely to their words. They’ll say things like, “I’m probably supposed to be doing this but I don’t know. I can’t do that. I feel that’s not going to work.” They know what their next step is. They know intuitively where they’re supposed to go to heal, but they have mindset blocks. They have negative thought patterns. They have distress in their own intuition. A coach can come in and affirm those things.

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I’m also someone that comes in and holds your hand and holds you accountable so there’s someone else watching what you’re doing or what you’re committing to. A coach does all the mental labor to lay out a step-by-step process of how to get from point A to point B, how to get you to your goal in an efficient way. It maximizes the amount of time you have. People on their own can reach their goal in a couple of years but maybe with a health coach laying out a specific format and steps with the experience and know the how to, they could get you there in a few months. I see it as efficient support. We encourage. We hold you accountable. We do the mental load to lay out a step-by-step process for your goals. We’re there to affirm your own intuition to help you achieve that.

There are a lot of people who do know the next step, maybe do know what they need to do. There are a lot of people that don’t know what to do. Maybe they’re sitting in a hospital after they recovered from a heart attack after they had a heart attack or an episode where they’re hospitalized. They’re struggling with mental health, depression, anxiety, stress, and anger, whatever issues people have. In a lot of ways, we medical doctors love saying, “Find a holistic medical doctor.” Maybe the first thing you need to do is find a health coach and let that person be your guide to find the appropriate practitioner for you. Whether it’s a holistic medical doctor, it’s a doctor of chiropractic. The quarterback of that team is the health coach. Go in to see that person first. I’ve got no doubt that Carrington, in our community in Arizona, that you would be a phenomenal resource for someone to reach out to and say, “These are my issues. What I perceive as my issues. I’m sick over here.” This is where a health coach can direct you in those areas.

That’s such a good idea because a lot of times people get sick and they know they need help but they have no idea where they’re supposed to go, “What doctor do I need? Where am I supposed to go?” The first step, the first line of medicine is nutrition. It’s always going to be first about the food that you’re eating. The coach can help you start there and then they can look at what you’re going through and recommend a doctor specifically to what you’re going through. The first step is going to be the nutrition as well anyways.

HHS 13 | Health Coach

Health Coach: People, on their own, can reach their goal in a couple of years but maybe with a health coach, they could get there in a few months.


It’s going to be the nutrition. There are all different types of nutrition. There are many different ways to start a healthy nutrition protocol. Tell me some of the other things that a health coach does? Nutrition is the obvious thing. First of all, why would you want to hire a health coach? I’m a busy executive. I’m a CEO of a company. I am someone who is a specialist in IT. I am an engineer. I am a manager at a hotel chain. Why should I hire a health coach? What else are they going to do besides the nutrition aspect that’s obvious?

You need another voice to come in and to look at the entire landscape of your life. Not just your health and what’s going on with your body but to look at your work, your personal relationships, and your spiritual life. To look at the entire landscape of it and to give you a perspective you cannot see because you’re in your own world. To give you a perspective of like, “Here are areas that you’re passionate about and you’re not spending any time there. Here are areas that are struggling and you’re not putting any effort into fixing them.” Another voice that can come in and help with that is key, especially for the busy executive and these professionals you were speaking of. The mental load of having to figure out what your next step is, how you’re supposed to get there. Someone telling me what to do each week and break it down for me so I can get to my goal. People don’t have time for that. If you can tell me your goal and my effort is to get you to your goal. It’s not my agenda, it’s your agenda. It’s what you want. I want to help you be your best self and I want to push you to be your best self.

Coaches are skilled at seeing the potential and seeing not just potential in success and career, but also in healing. Believing for you that you can get to where you desire to be because a lot of people cut that down way lower. They’ll want this but they’ll aim for this. Coaches are great at saying “There’s no reason why you can’t get there.” I’m always listening for stories that people are telling themselves that hold them back. It’s so subconscious you would never be able to see it yourself. When I can reflect that back to people and get that feedback, it can be life changing to think, “I had no idea that this thing that happened in my childhood where I decided and created this belief around it was holding me back now in my life. It’s keeping me from losing that weight or lowering my stress or I always have to be busy or I never can finish things.” It’s this constant mindset that’s holding you back.

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You make some amazing points in the sense that it’s not just about the food. It’s not just about the physical nature of us. That there is this whole mental aspect of what’s going on and that can be relationship issues and you need someone to help you delve into those areas. That’s where the health coach can be spectacular. For the busy executive or for the mom and the mom is running her household. Maybe you hired someone to do the cleaning. You hired someone to go shopping or cook food or you’ve got this personal assistant, not necessarily as a mother but as a business person. In the current world that you need to outsource some of this to get you healthy again, and that’s where the health coach comes in. I love the word accountability. Talk about where the accountability factor comes in and how the health coach keeps you accountable to keep you on the healthy plan.

Accountability is the key because if no one else is watching the goals you set for yourself, it’s easy to not keep your word to yourself. There is value even in setting up a phone call with me knowing that I’m going to ask you questions about the goals you committed to. If you know that someone’s going to ask you and someone’s going to be there, then you are much more likely to be compliant in your own commitments. In those phone calls, I work through, “Why didn’t you complete them? What was happening in your mindset? Let’s talk about your resistance and what happens. Maybe it was an unrealistic goal and we need to adjust it and let’s figure out or maybe you ran into a bunch of problems and you need help trying to figure out solutions to those problems.” A health coach is going to do that. The accountability is key though because that is how we go fast. We can fall down, get back up, fall down, and get back up. When you have someone holding you accountable and they’re firmly holding you to your word because they want you to succeed with your goals and they’re committed and holding that space for you. You are much more likely to stick to every single commitment you make and you get there much faster because you don’t have to deal with constantly falling down and getting back up.

How do you find a good health coach in your community? Does it have to be in your community? Can it be online? Does it have to be person-to-person? How does someone find a good health coach?

HHS 13 | Health Coach

Health Coach: Everybody needs a health coach. Everybody needs to be accountable.


It does not have to be in your community. You should definitely take advantage of the worldwide community through technology and the internet. I don’t think that there’s any reason you need to be in person with your coach. I firmly believe that. That opens up so much more to you that you can go find the best coaches. I will say that most coaches offer some free chat, whether it be a fifteen-minute or 30-minute chat to get to know and basically interview them. They want to interview you as well because I have done this process and worked with people. I could tell right away that either I wasn’t going to be able to help them. They needed some different type of coach. I knew that they weren’t coachable and I knew we weren’t going to go or our personalities clashed a good bit. It’s a two-way interview and people go with one person and they try that person.

Similar to trying a doctor, there are great doctors out there and then there are tons of terrible ones. Same thing I hear this with chiropractors too. They have a bad experience with a chiropractor and they never go back. It’s like, “There are a million out there and some are amazing and some are not good. You have to keep looking.” The same thing with the coach, use their free interview service and ask them. You’re going to get a feel for how they are and the feedback they give you, but there should be a value that you receive in that first call in that you’re able to connect with them. I would go with coaches that allow for that and give you great feedback in that first call.

Do you get onto Google or get onto the internet and search a health coach? Is there a governing body of health coaches in general where you can go to? Should you ask a friend? Are there Yelp reviews of health coaches? I’m in Miami, Florida and I read this blog, “I need a health coach.” Aside from the obvious word, if you want to call up The Drs. Wolfson and work with one of our health coaches, that’s always a possibility. Everybody needs a health coach. Everybody needs to be accountable. That being said, The Drs. Wolfson, we can’t handle everybody as a client. Therefore, where are people going to go?

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It depends on what are your main goals. If you have goals more towards business like you’re starting a business and say you’re an entrepreneur. You’re going to want to work with a coach that specializes in working with entrepreneurs or a business coach. There are definitely specialties in the coaching area.

I’m talking specifically about health coaches. There are business coaches. There are life coaches and all these different. The ability to have someone on the outside to be able to talk to, to be able to talk about whatever issues that may be going on in your life are very important. This is an important profession. My father told me early on, “The best thing you can do is to get a consultation.” If it’s a free consultation, there’s no charge. Even still, if you have to pay for that first visit with whoever it is, you go there. If you resonate with that person, you stick with that person. If you don’t, if you don’t like what they have to say, if there are some barriers, if there’s like, “We’re working on different levels here,” then you move on. You go find somebody else. That can be true of a holistic cardiologist. That can be true of a health coach. That can be true of a chiropractor, a naturopath or an employee in the business that you’re running. You resonate or you don’t and you move on.

As far as searching the internet, if you have no idea where to start, I would look for health coaches that are functionally medicine-trained in nutrition. The Institute for Functional Medicine has people that do that, also people that graduated from the school I went to, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. They come at health and nutrition from the bio individual so they’re not dogmatic. They’re going to say, “You have to only eat this way, do vegan or do this or whatever.” They have this committed mindset. They’re going to look at you and your body, what your body is saying it needs, and design something more specific to you. Those are two different resources that you could do, but also asking friends and family for whom else has used a coach and who they liked. You’re going to find a lot of people on social media. That’s where to start. The interview process, that free consultation is where you’re going to find your match. Don’t be afraid to schedule three or four of them in a week to get to know different coaches before you commit to a program.

HHS 13 | Health Coach

Health Coach: It’s validating to hear that you’re not failing at life because we were never meant to be in this world in isolation.


It should be a big commitment. It should be something like, “This is someone I’m going to work within maybe the next few months.” I know you have clients that you’ve worked with for years and that are the best relationship. In that way, you get to know somebody. It’s always professional but it becomes a friendship on both sides. I know I feel that way with a lot of my patients that have been with me for years. We are friends and occasionally we’ll go out for a cup of organic coffee or a quick chat on the phone. Especially when they’re like-minded people, they become part of our tribe and how we’re all together. Tell me if a person is interested in signing up, for example, your program with The Drs. Wolfson. Without getting into the specifics of what we do with The Drs. Wolfson, but what’s the typical health coaching package or packages? What should people be looking for? What are the price ranges typically people can expect?

Sometimes you’ll find coaches that will do one-off calls. It’s like going to a therapist. They’ll have a one-hour fee and you can call them up and do anything you want. I find this not effective because to reach your actual goal, you need someone holding your hand, holding you accountable, and going through the process with you. You can also then find coaches that do programs. They write content. They have themed content. You’re going to have three, six, twelve-month programs that are committed. Typical standard coaching is going to be two calls a month, about an hour each. Sometimes they break it up by the week, but there’s also such thing as group programs. If health coaching one-on-one is not affordable for you, you can find group programs that are usually more affordable.

It’s a small group of people that meet over the phone and can be quite effective as well because you have other people holding you accountable as well. The typical prices for a coach right out of school are going to be $250 a month for those two phone calls. That’s without any content or anything like that. It’s for each call breakdown of that. It can go anywhere high up from that. $400, $500, $600 a month for a good coach because it’s about the value that you’re getting and someone with a lot of knowledge and background can get you where you want to be fast. That would be why you would spend the money on a coach that is more expensive because they have more knowledge and experience to get you where you want to be faster.

When I get a phone with Carrington Beauchamp, what can I expect on that first phone call? I call up The Drs. Wolfson or I call up any of these health coaching services. I get some information on the program. Should I expect a free fifteen-minute consultation? Should I demand that? On those fifteen minutes, what are we trying to establish? What can we expect on that first full coaching call if you will?

Most coaches are going to go through a health history with you. Some might be detailed and they’ll take an hour. Some might be brief and ask you what your main health concerns are at that time. They’re going to go through your health history, which I have found in my business to be valuable when they are able to go through the timeline of their health. Sometimes they haven’t seen a health professional in years and they haven’t thought about how these things in their timeline went together. There’s a lot of value there to see like, “When you got that IUD in, you started experiencing all this depression and weight gain and stuff,” and they had not connected those two things. A lot of that call is a lot of connections. The health history allows the health coach to see if they’re a good fit for you. If they have the knowledge and experience that they know that they can help you or if they need to refer you out to somebody else and vice versa. You’re going to be able to see as you talk to them if they have knowledge about the health issues that you are going through and if they can help you.

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In general, knowing where medicine is these days and how short the medical doctor’s visits are. They talk about none of the things, Carrington, that you’re talking about that a health coach can delve into taking this long, detailed history. Trying to find out where health issues arise not only for people that are sick but for people that are looking to be healthy. I can think of no better client for a health coach than that 35-year-old mom or the 38-year-old business owner or the employer, anybody who wants to prevent being sick, to take a preventive approach beforehand. Who better a prevention help guides you than a certified health coach?

This is broader than what you were saying, but I believe back in Paleolithic time we were part of a tribe where we had our needs met. We had people all around us. Now, we’re isolated either alone or into our small nuclear families where we have the support of our spouses or our close couple of friends. We are lacking the community of the tribe. I feel like a health coach that I come in and affirm to people that it’s okay to need help in these areas, that we were designed that way. We’re designed to live in community and share resources and have people that help us. All the time I hear people are like, “I’m struggling to lose that weight. I wish I could eat.” They feel so much shame and guilt. It’s like, “Your struggle makes sense to me. It’s hard. Nobody can do this alone. Everybody needs help.” It’s validating to hear that you’re not failing at life. You were never meant to be in isolation like this.

That’s how I picture you are this old, wise woman in the tribe. People go to you for all their ills and sicknesses and you do your different techniques. This has been fantastic. I know people are going to get a lot out of this interview. People know how to find you when they go to the health coaching programs. On the website at The Drs. Wolfson, what’s the best way to get dialed in either to get more information on the website? Even calling the office, how do they get scheduled with one of our health coaches?

The first thing I want to make notice is that there are a couple of blood tests on the website currently where you can get blood work done and have access to the health coach to go over a couple of those tests. That’s a great way to get started if you were unsure about the experience with the health coach because you’re going to get blood work done and you’re going to get that experience with the coach. As far as interviewing or testing out the program, see what we have to offer, you would give the office a call and schedule an appointment for that free consultation. We’ll be able to go over your health history and then I would tell you about the program. If you go on The Drs. Wolfson, you can get signed up to our email list. We’re going to be launching a webinar where we’re going to give a ton of free information. We’re going to keep doing that and give tons of free information and our hearts are in teaching and education about health. If you’re locked in right there, usually we have information at the end of those webinars on how to get into the coaching program. It’s also another way for you to experience the value of having a health coach and see how we work.

You guys are all putting out great health information on social media, on Instagram and the Facebook coaching group for TDW health coaches and stuff like that. People can find you there. Carrington Beauchamp, thank you so much for being on this episode. People are going to get tremendous information and value out of this and understand that they need to find a good quality health coach. We’ll see you next time.

Thanks, Dr. Wolfson.

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About Carrington Beauchamp

HHS 13 | Health CoachI enjoy helping people just like you reach their health goals! Integrative medicine and root cause medicine has been my passion since I was a child.

Hi, I’m Carrington, a certified holistic health coach in Phoenix, Arizona. I believe every one of us has the power to create what we desire, and I love helping people transform into living and eating healthy.

I help you improve your health and well-being through effective coaching on positive diet and lifestyle changes. We work together to keep things fun, effective and flexible so you achieve high impact results that last a lifetime.

I support you, guide you, encourage you and hold myself accountable to help you be the healthiest person possible. You gain much more than knowledge – you become empowered, action-focused and self-motivated to achieve life-long good health with improved overall happiness.

I do one-on-one personal coaching from our office and offer online virtual coaching services as well.

As a wife and mother of four, I know that a busy life can make it difficult to nourish and care for yourself in ways that promote vibrant health and beauty. I’m here to make it a whole lot easier for you.