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Only nineteen years old but already full of wisdom, Matt Maruca, founder, and CEO of Ra Optics, speaks on some great things about our health while taking us on his journey towards creating an eyewear company. He shares the importance of practicing what you preach, especially in the health industry. He discusses more on that as he explains about the blue blocker glasses, why the mitochondria is the engine and not the fuel, why he does not drink coffee, why be shirtless in the sun, and why you should be wary of the different kinds of light you are exposed to – from red light to EMF.

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Preventing Disease Starting Young with Matt Maruca

I’ve got a special guest and get ready for this. He’s only nineteen years old but the wisdom of this man, I only wished someone had told me all the things that Matt Maruca already knows. When I was nineteen, I was a sophomore in college. I knew I was pre-med, but I was told getting that sickness model: too much bad food, not enough sunshine, not enough sleep, too much EMF, blue light exposure, libraries, fluorescent lights, alcohol. You name it, I was doing it. Nineteen-year-old Matt Maruca, I got him on the podcast. He is the Founding of CEO of Ra Optics. Matt, tell me some of your stories. I’m assuming it’s not that long because you’re only nineteen. How did you become the Founder of your eyewear company?

Pretty much when I was growing up, I had some health issues namely headaches, gut issues, and allergies. I was getting worse and worse as I went towards a high school. High school is a time when you’re trying to be social, have fun and play sports. I wasn’t really doing well doing any of these things because I didn’t feel well. I ended up trying different little things throughout my journey like growing up, I went to a naturopath. I already went to all the western medical doctors that I could go to with my mom and dad. I went and then I tried a gluten free dairy free diet per the recommendations and one of my dad’s girlfriends because my parents were split since I was young. That made sense and made me feel better but none of these things felt like they were going deep. Eventually, the issues got to their absolute worst.

I was about fourteen years old in my first year of high school. I began to research how to heal a damaged gut. I thought all this acne I was starting to get, it wasn’t the main issues I was having that triggered my change. My search was vanity, acne, skin issues and so on. My mom had said that greasy foods could somehow clog the pores. I assumed that all these greasy foods I was eating were somehow clogging my pores via the gut. I don’t even think that’s possible because whole oil molecules get into our bloodstream. Maybe they do if our gut’s damaged enough. I’m not sure about that at this point. That’s irrelevant. The fact of the matter is that when I learned about the Paleo Diet, which is the first thing that one finds after researching for how to heal a damaged gut, I realized that what I was doing in the way I was eating was bad. The way everyone was eating was bad. This suffering I was having opened my mind up. I had read Mark Sisson, Robb Wolf, Chris Kresser, anything two weeks previous to this light bulb moment, I would have thought I was stupid.

When I was struggling so much and I needed a change of paradigm to feel better, then I read these things and I was like, “Damn, this makes so much sense. Everyone’s killing themselves.” It led me into a whole series of trying to solve my issues with diet for a long time and a diet alone long story short, it didn’t work. I felt significantly better upon removing all these junk foods from my diet. Then I started to feel worse and worse even though I was making my diet stricter. I’m trying to eliminate foods that could stimulate my immune system and trigger my allergies and all this stuff, as per the autoimmune protocol of the Paleo Diet.

I went even further because I wasn’t feeling well, to try to heal my gut with the gut and psychology syndrome, GAPS diet, all about bone broth and all this stuff. I was going through all the phases of Paleo, getting stricter and stricter but feeling worse and worse, not understanding why. I thought I had to find that one food that was harming me. I had to balance my carbohydrate protein, fat ratios, which is not clearly the issue but I learned about Dr. Cruz. From him, the importance of these different researchers talking about the importance of light, electricity, and mitochondria for our health. These factors are not typically considered. I learned about the importance of the engines in our cell and how the engines in our cells are more important for our health than the gas that’s going in.

I’d never heard that concept before. I began to do all the things that improve my engine, interestingly enough, learning that I could even eat not so good food while doing these things and improve my engine and actually still feel way better than I ever did before. Not that that’s optimal and I don’t do that generally speaking but I got way better. As far as the glasses company, I needed some way to make money so that I wouldn’t have to go to college, be dependent on my father, be stuck in a bad blue light, Wi-Fi environment. I wanted to be able to travel and do different kinds of things. I was thinking about that for my whole senior year of high school, which was the year after I had applied all these ideas, which I did on a foreign exchange program in Eastern Europe during my junior year.

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Eventually, through various ideas that I thought about some of which are still in the works, the one that came along and worked was Blue Blockers. Luke Storey was in New York City for an event in the summer after my senior year of high school. I had heard him on his podcast and he was saying, “I’m coming to New York, anyone on the East Coast, come.” I went to this beauty salon thing where he was giving a little talk in New York, a two-hour drive from Philadelphia where I’m from. Luke asked if I could be on his podcast to tell this story and that podcast totally took off. It was six months, seven months later they released it and that’s why I’m in Los Angeles actually. There’s an influential music producer who invited me out to stay out here and work with them.

We both benefited on both sides. I got to be on his podcast and ended up in Los Angeles working with some celebrity type people. That was many months later, he got a pair of blue-blocking glasses that looks fantastic. I got a company out of it because I made a pair of glasses for him. He couldn’t figure out how to do it. I figured out how to do the tinting of the lenses with the right tint. Eventually, I realized this was such a pain for me to get done with these specific tints. No one else was doing it. I started doing it. Now you have several copycat companies, although it is capitalism like Blue Blocks in Australia, a great company nonetheless. I followed Rhythm Optics in Australia, they’re following with the BPI tints. There’s nothing wrong with that though, it’s capitalism, I encouraged the competition. They’re both companies providing good quality products as far as I understand. That’s how I started the company.

We were starting by accepting other people’s frames and tinting the lenses so they could have their own frame. We transitioned into offering our own styles and now we’re in a big transition that’s been going on for a while but towards a new website, a new production setup. We have some new lenses coming down the pipe. We hope for all this to be ready but I’m not 100%. Sure. That’s how I got to where I am. It’s pretty cool trying to build up the business. I have financial security and more importantly, I’m focused on putting these ideas down into a book or some similar form to encapsulate them. Pretty much every day, everywhere I go, I’m telling the same stories to people who ask, “How’d you get into the glasses company? What do you do for work? How did you get into that?” It would be good to just have something to care. That’s the gist.

It’s interesting you talked about not going to college. I don’t know if you’re going to go to college or not. I can’t even imagine any scenario of how college would provide any value to an entrepreneur like yourself. Someone who already gets it as far as what he wants to do, the things that he’s into. What are you going to learn in college? How they teach biology, how mainstream biology, chemistry is taught of or economics. You’re practicing it. You’re living it.

I could teach you what people will learn in college. I pulled up an essay that I read. I got very interested in the real purpose of schooling and what it’s really doing to people. This is just my belief but I do believe it’s the truth. There is a guy named Dr. John Taylor Gatto who is a New York City public school teacher who has won awards for being such a good teacher. Eventually, the administration caught onto the fact that his students were out during that day because he had let them pursue interest to them. The administration was saying, “Your kids can’t be out all the time. They have to be in school going through the motions.” Quickly he said he realized that schooling wasn’t about kids learning, it was actually about them learning to be controlled and to be obedient. It’s interesting there’re some people in Malibu who I met briefly. Laird Hamilton, he’s a big surfer and his wife, Gabby Reece, she’s a volleyball player for the US team, at least she used to be. They actually homeschooled their kids and they were talking about how their kids are much more mature. These are two high-level influential type people in their various fields. They were talking and saying, “When you realize that the curriculum of homeschooling only takes about two hours per day to cover the material that’s necessary, it makes you start to wonder what the other four or five hours per day is for.”

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The Underground History of American Education: A School Teacher’s Intimate Investigation Into the Problem of Modern Schooling

In short, Dr. Gatto summarized it, he has a book called, The Underground History of American Education. The first lesson is staying in the class where you belong, be where you need to be. Start thinking when you’re told and stop thinking when you’re told not to, surrender your will to predestined chain of command. You only get to study what the teacher wants you to study and what they think is good for you. The most important lesson is five, your self-respect depends on an observer’s measure of your worth and lesson six is that you’re being watched. You’re under surveillance. You need to be careful what you’re doing because someone’s always on top of you. In his book, he describes how the people who innovated schooling, innovated it as a way to create an obedient mass of individuals to work for the industrial system. I can’t say there’s anything wrong with it but it would be good for the people who want to wake up to realize that that’s what it is. You don’t send your kids off to school every day to get smarter and get an education. They’re going there to be taught to be obedient. You have kids, you mentioned they might be going to school. If you read this book, you’ll probably take them out of school and figure out how to homeschool.

I grew up in the public school system and I totally understand the things you were saying, sitting in the classroom all day long under artificial light, learning about the history of often dirty people, dirty politicians, religion, and science as perceived by some people. Science is without any creative flair, any creative to it. Science was basic evolutionary science as opposed to this is a miracle of how we are. Children need to be children and yet from day one, it’s almost like they’re put into that Matrix. They’re put into that educational system where they’re natural children who were meant to be obedient beings.

Our children go to a school called Waldorf School. Homeschool is fantastic on a variety of levels but society is geared against you for being able to do that. From a social aspect like children do all belong to be together and sometimes if you’re homeschooled, it’s a little bit isolated. Therefore, you need to find other homeschoolers to get them all together. Sometimes that’s a little more difficult. I’ve got no problem with people wanting to homeschool their child. For example, my kids have an hour and a half recess and we’re in Colorado. Come rain, sun, snow, sleet, they are outside and they’re playing and that’s fantastic.

I’ve heard about Waldorf schools and that seems like the second-best option or maybe the best option for some people in some cases. As it goes back to your question about college, I was going to go to college. I applied to some schools that seemed good. I realized that the only reason I would go to college was so that I could remain financially dependent on my father. Thankfully I’m lucky in a way that my family saved money so I could go to college. They would be paying for that and it would be covered. I would have four years of free time to think, learn, meet people, live and do what I want to do within the confines of being trapped in a school more or less. Develop any ideas that I had on the side.

I found some pretty cool little liberal arts schools like in Florida with strong sun and all this stuff. The biggest thing was I’m going to have to be stuck in a dorm with Wi-Fi and other peers with the bad circadian systems, everything. Maybe I could get an exemption which would be more interesting. What happened was I went on a gap year trip to Europe. I was going to college but after a full year, only after a semester. That was my plan. I was going to take one semester and travel the world for half a year. It was around October after my senior year of high school, I traveled around.

One of my first stops, I was with a guy in Norway who I met through the Quantum Health Optimal Health Community. He was into Qigong. He’s a good friend of mine now and this energy practice with the Qigong master of his, who lives in Norway. He trains and teaches these things to his friends in Norway who are some top-level professional soccer players in Norway’s top league, who are young guys. One of them is going to Austria to play in their top league. It’s a pretty big deal. He’s going to be making a ton of cash at a young age, $1 million a year or something like that. I met his Qigong Master, Guy Pierre and sat and talked to him. I’m glad I did. It was like a chance that he was coming home early because I wasn’t supposed to meet him.

I was telling him all this story of Mitochondria and all this stuff I learned in my background. They’re listening so intently at dinner. I felt really glad that these people were so open-minded. They had never met me before. For twenty minutes I told them what I had learned so they could take it and make sense of it. I told them I was thinking about going to college. He’s like, “Why would you do that?” I started thinking about it like, “Why would I do that?” If nothing else, I could travel for this guy’s home network and teach this to all of his friends. He said, “I have all these people around the US, Canada, the world who were into Qigong and this is what they’ve been looking for, this understanding of how Western science meets these Eastern principles.”

From there it was like no brainer. I’m traveling around, doing cool things, pursuing cool opportunities. To answer your question, the only reason it would make sense for someone to go to college is to have financial dependence. If you can’t make your own money through an online business where you’re mobile, then you’re going to be stuck in one spot, which might feel like a regression compared to going to college. I would actually say for someone to finish college, high school or even drop out even better and get straight into working, they start making their own money. They realize that in the world, either you go out, catch your own food, get your own water and build your own shelter in the middle of nowhere, which isn’t even legal anymore.

You’re required to own property, otherwise, you’re homeless and you can’t live on Federal land. You might know better about that than I do. You can’t do what our ancestors did, which is collect your own living off nature. I thought about this a lot. I was like, “I can’t do what our ancestors did, which is literally get my living from nature. I have to get food, water and shelter somehow, that means I have to do it through the economic system, which means I need to figure out how to get someone else or people to put their money in my pocket. I need to provide some good or service.” It was a really logical thing. The point is though I was landscaping, it wasn’t like I had this business like that.

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I was landscaping for several months after high school over the summer and the sun with my shirt off. It was a great workout and I was thinking like, “This is fun but I’m way smarter than this.” I know all this information that I’ve been given for years. There must be a way that I can apply this knowledge that I have to help people. As a result of doing manual labor every day for so many months and thinking, “This is awesome but I’m smarter than this and I could figure something else better.” Eventually, it came. It was a no brainer over time. When the opportunity came, I was for it. I was like, “I’m done with that. I’m going to start tending people’s glasses.” I would say people go get a job and start working out in the sun and eventually you’ll use your reading, doing all this other stuff over time and you’re not someone who settles, you’ll be quickly onto the next thing. I say landscaping.

I definitely would say as far as myself personally. I went through high school, to undergrad and then right into medical school. I was definitely not prepared for that. I don’t have any regrets because I’m happy with my condition as where I’m at. As far as going down that road without experiencing the real world, I definitely could have used a couple of years of maturity, maybe traveling and maybe working. I took some real-world job to get me out of that educational system. Unless you want to become a neurosurgeon like a friend, Jack Kruse, or an attorney, cardiologist, where you want to do these procedures. The rest of it, getting into college and that whole model, is a waste of time. It’s a waste of money. You’re nineteen years old, you see some of your other nineteen-year-old high school friends that are staying up until 3:00 in the morning and they are in the artificial lights. They’re in the artificial matrix lifestyle. What do you tell those people to get them out of it?

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The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams & Reaching Your Destiny

I honestly don’t even try. I don’t bother. I tried actually. It’s a funny part of my journey, which I’ll be writing about all this in my book or whatever form of content this idea takes. In the book, I’ll be writing these stories. One thing I did in my senior year of high school when I returned from my foreign exchange program in Eastern Europe, which as I said was where I transformed. In that book, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari that Dr. Kruse recommends to people, this guy went off to India. He was an asshole lawyer before he left but he came back and he was all changed, tan and healthy. That was honestly the change I went through, although I don’t think I was a big asshole before. I was such a people pleaser that I never developed individuality about myself. I’m growing on that front, but I started a club in high school called The Optimal Clubs. I was trying to teach people about optimal health. My friends were like the other officers of the club. My three best friends started to understand these ideas I was telling people about because they saw how well I was doing. They were sold on it.

They might not wear their blue blocking glasses every night. One of them does. The other two wear them most of the time. It doesn’t matter though. I used to care, it used to be important to me. Now, it isn’t. I spend the first half of my senior year trying to convince people that they need to live their lifestyle different. This came from a place of lacking on my own part. I wasn’t feeling as good as I could have been. I wasn’t applying these protocols to the extent that I could have been to be optimal. I can’t say for sure why but I was so concerned with helping others and trying to save everyone else. I’m totally spitballing here but this goes back to these far-left communist ideas that were implanted in the United States either after World War II was over, when a lot of academics from Nazi Germany came to the United States and actually filled the higher levels of academia.

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12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

If you’re a very liberal far left guy, no offense but it’s the ideas that underline liberal philosophies. Courses in college like Gender Studies, these studies, courses are all underlined by this premise of the oppressor and the oppressed idea. That ideology of viewing the world. That’s something that I don’t know how to simplify that idea but it’s the oppressor, oppressed mindset. It’s Socialism or Marxism. That’s something that’s really pervasive today. Especially for me having grown up in Philadelphia, a very blue liberal area. For anyone who wants more details on this, there’s a very famous Psychologist named Jordan Peterson. People can look into his work in a book, 12 Rules for Life. He outlines these ideas. The point is that I think I was falling prey to these ideas that it was more important to try to help everyone and try to save everyone. These are very idealistic ideas.

What I realized talking with friends is that for the powers that are concerned with only themselves that people are always talking about them, they don’t care that I was always referring to. I realized that probably the best thing that they could have in order for things to remain would be a mass of individuals whose only concern is about helping others. The results effect of that, at least from my experience, is that no one will ever help themselves and therefore those people who are in control will always be able to remain in control.

I’ll tell you where this change came. It came when I met Dr. Jack Kruse for the first time in Mexico and I started to think about that. It didn’t really register until much more recently. It’s been two full years since going into this. I’ll be back there for the third time, two years later after meeting him. When I started focusing on myself, learning about the importance of that, things changed. To drive that one home, I realized that if someone is concerned about changing the world, making the world a better place and helping others, first of all, if you have a ton of money. Let’s say if you are selfish and you work hard and you make a ton of money for yourself, not volunteering and doing all this other stuff for others but for yourself, you’re going to have a much bigger chance of changing the world if you have $100 million in the bank. You’re a rich guy. People who have a ton of money are much more likely to be able to change the world.

That’s possible but the revolutions we’ve been talking about, the people that changed the world, whether it was Adolf Hitler, Stalin or Matt Maruca. How much money does Matt Maruca has to have to change the world? That’s the beauty of the internet. The whole concept of the world is flat. Anybody with a podcast, with a book or with the pen can make tremendous inroads. As you said, is that you have to live to lead it. You have to practice the art of living healthy before you can teach other people. There’re so many other gurus out there, including in the medical community where they talk about health. They talk about ways to stay healthy but they’re not living it. They’re taking pharmaceuticals, they are eating unhealthy foods. I see this at the conferences I go to. Someone’s talking about the benefits of organic eating and then they’ll sit down and they’ll be shoving in some French fries with ketchup. Tell me about the mitochondria and where you started to allude to at the beginning, where you and Jack and others say it’s not a food story, it’s a sunshine and sleep circadian rhythm story. Tell me about this hack of mitochondria because it’s the engine, not the fuel, right?

I’ll just touch on what you just said previously about fixing ourselves. That’s where I was going. There’re tangents in there that some may find interesting for pursuit. The key thing was what you said. I’ll speak for myself. When I started to focus on myself and the benefits of improving my health rather than focusing on all these other people, as you can see, I’ve got a company. I look pretty healthy, I can radiate that energy, people feel that and they see it. That was the best thing I could do for others, was actually becoming that example. You hit it right on the head with Gandhi saying the same thing, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” This goes back to the thing, “What do I tell my peers?” I tell them nothing. I show them everything by doing what I do. I’ve got a lot of peers who are Instagram messaging me, Facebook messages. No one uses Facebook in my generation, they use Instagram and Snapchat. They Instagram-message me saying like, “This is so cool. I’d love to connect with you.” I’m open to that. If someone reaches out and having the balls to come out and be vulnerable, I will totally sit down with them and have a coffee or whatever.

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Atlas Shrugged

I don’t drink coffee but something like that. It was dumb to try to convince your wife, your kids or any one of these things. You have to live at first. When you try to convince someone, you’re trying to convince their neocortex, their logical brain. Until you convince their limbic system, which is the emotional foundational brain that Simon Sinek, the psychologist talks about, people aren’t going to believe you. You need to start with why and as far as matters of health and things, most likely explanations of words aren’t going to convince people. You need to do it, live it, they’ll see it, they’ll feel it and then they’ll believe you from an emotional limbic system level.

Whenever you talk about the concept of being selfish or selfishness, it always reminds me of the books by Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged. It goes back to that virtue of selfishness. That is how society gets better. When the selfish person is allowed to be selfish and create greatness, that’s how everybody in society can be lifted up. It’s when you give people that free reign to do so. I certainly appreciate that.

I’ve been meaning to read her books for the longest time and I haven’t. I’m glad you brought that up.

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The Fountainhead

The two big ones are The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. She has a lot more stuff that she does, which is nonfiction after that. Those are fictionalized stories and an absolutely fantastic classic. Atlas Shrugged is probably her premier one. It looks a little bit daunting but you’ll go through that in a couple of nights and you’ll be done with it. Tell me what’s the matter with coffee? Why don’t you drink coffee?

It makes me feel weird, I’ve got to be honest. I don’t know. I’m not claiming to be perfect to have all the answers. That wasn’t even a premise but for someone who might think, “This guy has got figured it out.” No, I don’t have everything figured out. Coffee causes me to get headaches. I wouldn’t say headaches but to be anxious, on edge, nasal congestion and so does dark chocolate. The more cacao the worse, believe it or not. People think, “Maybe it’s the milk.” The more sugary and light the chocolate is, the less of a problem it presents on that front. It’s something about the caffeine beans. I have a hunch that when I was on the autoimmune protocol of the Paleo Diet, trying to eliminate coffee and chocolate, I somehow almost gave myself an allergy to them based on my mental, physical. I would eat them, I would be so upset with myself and create a whole stress response about it. That might be part of the issue but I don’t think coffee’s horrible.

Although Dr. Kruse, you read some of his posts about that it’s not going to be an optimal thing for people to be doing in a 5G world. The biggest thing is that coffee is a crutch. It’s like a credit card. If you need coffee to keep waking up in the morning, it means you’re lacking the DC electric charge and the mitochondria to run optimally. Dr. Kruse, when I asked him about the coffee thing he said, “It’s like what happens when you put too much electricity into a circuit. It will short.” I don’t exactly know but that’s what he claimed. He said, “Coffee is for me because I’m doing energy.”

My father was a coffee drinker. I became a coffee drinker due to the cold weather in Chicago. When I met my wife, she was pretty down on coffee. In saying it is a crutch, it is a stimulant, it is an addiction, those things are all true. Yet if you read into the medical literature about the coffee drinkers, that people that drink coffee tend to be some of the healthiest people. It is a tremendous antioxidant and that’s when people are drinking junk coffee. One of the people I interviewed for my podcast was the CEO of Purity Coffee. The idea there was we’re going to go find out the beans with the highest antioxidant levels in the world. He goes, he finds those coffee beans, it so happens he was able to find organic. I do agree that if you do have issues with stress, anxiety, sleeplessness or for cardiac standpoints, palpitations, racing heart feelings that you should look at coffee and caffeine. Chocolate has theobromine, which is a molecular mimic of caffeine. There are similarities that it’s probably something you want to reduce.

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I don’t know about how coffee could have those benefits. Maybe it’s the antioxidants. I’ve been swayed in a different direction that more antioxidants aren’t necessarily better because reactive oxygen species are what are mitochondria use for signaling purposes. When we try to get rid of these, we could actually have problems.

This is a food-based antioxidant. It’s not like somebody would be saying, “Take external vitamin C or some standalone product.” It is a food-based item. Tell me why are you shirtless in the sun? What does that mean?

When I learned about how to improve my engine, I learned that the engines, the mitochondria, the little motors in our cells, they are controlled by light and electromagnetic radiation. In other words, just as an engine in a car isn’t controlled and dictated by the gas that’s in the car, so too our engines or our mitochondria not dictated by food that’s going into our body. I started going in the sun and avoiding artificial light at night because this is the natural electromagnetic rhythm we’re designed to be in and we’re designed to function. We have a lot of hormones for example that are designed to be produced upon the exposure of solar light in the morning. We have a lot of hormones that are designed to be produced in the evening upon the exposure of darkness. We’re a diurnal animal. If you’re human, when you say you’re nocturnal, what you’re really saying is you’re a messed-up diurnal animal. That’s it, not nocturnal. Your brain and body will devolve. An animal that lives during the day has access to the energy of the solar spectrum. We fit a niche that gets that benefit. If humans lived at night, we wouldn’t have had that benefit of that much solar energy. We never would have become that as complex as we are.

Complexity requires energy in life. If someone goes and lives all the time during darkness and not during the sunlight, then their level of complexity is going to go from here where their genes allow them to be, based on the most optimal environment we’ve been in before. This can always improve too because our genes are like a shuffling code that can always be improved. If we go to a worse environment with less energy, like no sun and mostly artificial light, then we’re going to be a devolving to match the complexity that is allowed by that energy present. Whether you’re nocturnal or you live indoor lifestyle all the time, that’s the problem you’re going to face. When I started getting in the sun, I got way better. It was three months that I started getting in the sun. That springtime that I was on the foreign exchange in Eastern Europe, I got so much better on every level of my life. I felt so amazing that it was like, “Maybe we’re designed to be connected in the sun and I’ve figured out the answer to that one myself.” Others can experiment and see how they feel when they sit inside all the time versus being out in the sun.

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Blue Blockers likewise, darkness at night is the best. If you see me at my place at night, I have no lights at all except the little red headlamp that I use. I bought them but I should be selling those. People are going to go buy them and I should sell them myself. They’re not that profitable but that’s enough. The key thing is when you go out at night or you’re exposed to someone else’s lights that you can’t control, that’s when having a pair of good blue blockers is the bond. Unless you literally don’t go out ever, you’re planning on being a hermit, which is totally cool. Henry David Thoreau did that for two years in Concord, Massachusetts at Walden Pond and he did great. There’s nothing wrong with being a hermit.

Tell me about the red headlight lamp. When you use that, is that around your house at night as you’re getting ready for bed?

As soon as it gets dark, sunsets in California where I am, it’s early. It’s 4:45 or 4:30. It’s getting dark. It’s everywhere in the northern hemisphere because we’re reaching the solstice. It’s getting dark at 4:30 or earlier. Not in the northern hemisphere but everywhere north of Central America, even in Mexico it still gets dark at 5:36. I was there for a month, so I turn off any lights and then I use this red headlamp. You go on Amazon, google red headlights and you’ll get one that has white and red. I don’t think there’s any that have the red ability. I only use the red button, the one on the left and it’s great.

What about the EMF from the battery in that light?

I did measure the one I have and it didn’t register on my meter. It’s one of those tiny little circular batteries, so I’m assuming it’s not a big deal. My assumption could be wrong. Here’s the thing, typically in an ideal world one wouldn’t like to have it touching their forehead because it is an EMF risk but it’s minor. If you live in a house with electricity, the EMF of this tiny battery is not something that would be outweighing that.

We’re trying to talk about being a perfectionist. Most people are sitting there with their cell phone glued to their skull. I would agree with you. The red light thing is not going to be a problem.

That’s the perfectionist solution. Hold it in your hand or get a handheld red flashlight. Mine is on a clip where I can angle it, so I can angle it so that it’s not directly on my forehead, it’s off. Even with centimeters of space makes a benefit and that’s when I’m reading or something, I’ll keep that there. That’s a pretty good hack. Blue-blocking glasses are beneficial. They’re blocking the frequencies that are emitted by these lights that have blue and green, which are disrupting the melatonin. Our glasses block of the 550, which is all the blue and like 95% of the greenlight while still allowing enough where they remain widely functional. If we go up a little further, we could do that actually but then one, if you were to drive with them, which I can’t recommend, but if you were, you wouldn’t be able to see any green stoplights or even walking on the street. You wouldn’t see green stoplights. You wouldn’t know if it’s your turn to cross or not. Having that 20 nanometers of green, out of 100 nanometers, the green spans is well-worth it for us to maintain functionality. According to Dr. Kruse, the foremost expert, the melanopsin only goes up to 550 nanometers. That’s also why we pick that.

Believe me, I got no problem with you selling products on my podcast, especially when you’re selling health and wellness. I would never have someone on my podcast talking about, “I got this new pharmaceutical for X, Y, Z.” For me, it was a big paradigm shift going from the medical space. You’re selling a healthy lifestyle and that’s all fantastic. You make money and people get healthy. When they’re healthy they get to make more money and that’s totally Ayn Rand, that’s totally Jordan Peterson. That’s totally American and that’s all good stuff. I love it.

When I started the company, my goal was simply to have attractive frames that looked good with the blue blocking technology in them. There was nothing on the market that was offering both attractive and full optimal technology. I’m glad that I was the first person to combine actually good-looking frames and the proper technology.

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Aside from aesthetics, what’s different about the $10 Uvex and your product?

Those are pretty good. The only thing is that ours block a little bit more light up to 550 nanometers. However, you can go on Amazon and get a pair of glasses called DeWalt laser goggles. Laser and enhancement goggles and you’ll find them. They’re $10 and they block all the way up to 600. Don’t ever buy into TrueDarks from Dave Asprey’s Biohack Bulletproof. Nothing against Dave Asprey, I’ve met the guy only once a long time ago but those are $80. As far as ugliness and functionality, the ones on Amazon for $10 are the exact same. That would be a key thing, buy those cheap ones.

Aesthetics make a difference if you’re going out for dinner or a business meeting. A lot of people operate in a world where they can’t go to sleep at 6:30 at night, 7:00 at night, 8:00 at night. They’ve got to go to some of these business meetings, lectures or maybe they’re a bartender. That’s how they make money but the ability to wear something that’s stylish as opposed to the DeWalt laser glasses or the Uvex glasses, nobody wants to look like a fool.

For people who look at the price point of these glasses, “That’s really expensive.” The thing is their optical-quality frames and optical quality lenses. Not cheap plastic stuff that you can buy on Amazon. The DeWalt is also optical quality but they’re mass produced and they’re very low on the optical quality spectrum. Ours are made with good quality lenses. Those are designed for guys who are staying on the street who are using lasers to do leveling and stuff like that, to see specific frequencies. Ours look good. The biggest thing to note is that before I started Ra Optics and then other companies followed along in offering these tints or these lens technologies with the good quality frames and attractive frames too, to get a good decent frame off the optometrists are the opticians’ shelf plus these lenses with this tint on them. They would have had to do a special order. The total costs would have run somewhere between $300 and $500, potentially even more than $500 if you have a prescription.

Our price point at $129 is significantly less than I was paying to have blue blocking lenses specifically tinted for myself. Another key thing that’s pretty cool is people will see if they go to our website, RaOptics.io which I made at the beginning our startup. We’re inching closer and closer for launching a new site. For people who are interested, you can go to RaOptics.com and put your email there and we’ll have a new site. It is very interesting, some of the stuff we’re going to have on there. If you need a pair of blue blockers as far as functionality, the ones that we’re going to be releasing then and now we’re going to be the same. I wouldn’t necessarily wait for that.

What about the people that wear prescription glasses?

We do offer prescriptions, although against the will or the suggestion of many advisors because from a business perspective, prescription is very difficult. It’s more difficult, with more problems involved potentially and more room for error because of the many fine details of prescriptions. However, we offered them because I want to be able to offer them to customers. Even though it adds a little more complexity on our end, our customers can go on and you’re going to select a frame that looks good to you. You’re going to select the proper tint that you would like, whether the lens is for day or night. You’re going to go and select prescription or nonprescription.

If it’s nonprescription, it’s straightforward, if it is prescription, you’re going to enter the prescription at the checkout. Give it a shot and another benefit is if you don’t like the glasses, you need to return them within 30 days of when you received them for a full refund. The biggest thing I can tell people is this isn’t a charity because you’re getting a good product. However, if you believe in the mission that I’m doing, even if you don’t need the glasses, if you believe in the mission that I’m working on and you want to support this, you might go through $100 for this or that for Christmas and some brand new charity but I would say it’d be much better to invest in Ra Optics. As this company grows, I’m going to have a bigger platform from which to share this information on a greater scale.

If someone does want these ideas to spread by supporting Ra Optics, you’re doing that. That’s another reason the other companies are out there, you can support them. That’s great because these are also individuals who are benefiting from that capitalism and so on. None of the other individuals running that company that I’m aware of, as far as I know, are going to have nearly as big of an impact on this as I am working towards having. They’re mostly in it from a business perspective I would say and so am I but my end goal here is to get these ideas out on a bigger scale. It’s what I’m passionate about. I’m not going to lie. I also want to have money, financial stability. I want to be able to make my life as good as possible from a health perspective.

HHS 27 | Preventing Disease

The Paleo Cardiologist: The Natural Way to Heart Health

For other people, this is a great gift for anybody for their birthday. You could buy them gift certificates at Starbucks or whatever kind of garbage you want to do there. Why not give people the gift of health and wellness? From my book, The Paleo Cardiologist, to give people that knowledge, that information, that life-changing stuff, it’s so much more valuable than a sweater at Christmas time or a bottle of wine for a birthday gift. Do I have to wear blue blocker glasses during the day?

You should. You have natural light coming in the window in front of you, that’s pretty good actually. Even then, there’s a blue light hazard risk. Window glasses block a percentage of infrared light and red light, which means relatively you have more blue. Believe it or not, this is another thing that Dr. Kruse hasn’t talked about too much, but he demonstrated to me and explained it to me when I was at his house for Thanksgiving. The risk you have going on there is not as bad maybe as purely being exposed to artificial light but because you’re in indoors with natural light from the window, it doesn’t mean you’re a 100% okay. Being indoors isn’t optimal, that’s the point. I’m in Malibu. That’s where I live. There was a wildfire. All this stuff got destroyed and the dude who I’ve been working with lost a tremendous amount of property and so on, which is very disappointing. The place, the guesthouse cabin type of place where I’ve been staying totally survived despite the big barn, another house and all the houses across the street being burned. Mine was in a saved little vortex. It’s pretty fortunate. The point is I have a great deck that I could sit on and be out in the sun.

The Pacific Ocean is literally 200 yards in the distance that way. There’s great surf, the ocean’s good. That’s the crux of the matter of sunlight. We didn’t get into the specifics but sunlight charges your mitochondrial engines. It goes through our blood and this is something Dr. Kruse again has been sleeping about ad nauseam in talks like one that I coordinating with him in Cancun. When we’re in the sun our blood actually comes to the surface. That’s why I’m pink and it happens more as there’s more UV in the sun in the summer. That’s why we get this pink not necessarily because we’re burnt. The burning is separate but the pink is when the blood comes to the surface because of UV light. The hemoglobin cells, the water in the blood, it can absorb sunlight energy. That’s what water and blood cells actually do.

Blood cells have chromophores which are molecules that absorb red light wavelengths specifically into our blood. They bring these to the mitochondria, which is where the blood cells also have to go to deliver oxygen. The more of the light we’re getting, the more we’re directly charging or mitochondrial function and fine tuning of the little details. There are many other effects to the sun but that’s pretty simple and straightforward. Not only that but it feels amazing. People who are pale, skinny or pale in general and can’t get sunlight without burning, that is because you’re unhealthy.

You have to fix your health and then your skin, which is your biggest organ, will improve its health and be able to assimilate sunlight. I used to be super pale, super skinny and very unhealthy. I would go in the sun in Martha’s Vineyard, which is up near Cape Cod, Massachusetts, this island where I go for a summer vacation for a week. I would get fried to a crisp because they never got any sun the rest of the year. I would burn myself like crazy and my skin was low quality so I couldn’t absorb a lot of sun. I go to Mexico, which is significantly closer to the equator than Martha’s Vineyard and I could sit in the sun there for hours all day long. I’m the whitest, palest person I ever met when I was growing up. I’ll have some pictures of that that I can even send you if people don’t believe it or on my Instagram.

Matt, it also brings up the importance of getting that morning suns. Our ancestors would walk out of their cave, their teepee, their igloo and they would embrace the sun in the morning. What I tell my patients, “Our ancestors went to sleep with the sundown. They woke up before the sunrise and then they spent the day in and out of the sun and they were naked.” When we used to go on vacation and I would go on vacation to Daytona Beach coming from Chicago, we would wake up at noon. Go out in the sun for three, four hours and get totally fried. We’re totally unhealthy and we never had that full spectrum of light to prep our skin to accept that UVA, UVB. That’s all we got, UVA, UVB of the noontime sun.

That’s totally part of it. I couldn’t even tell you all the exact physics details of why that works.

It’s common sense, I agree.

When you get in the morning sun, everything is in your body. I could describe more of the details of the hormonal processes that go on in the brain from morning light exposure and these proceed throughout the whole body. It only makes sense that when we’re exposed to the sun and our cells all turn. They’re all on and ready for whatever hits them. When you get into the stronger sun, the mechanisms to absorb UV light are better. I can actually tell you, I do know why. It came back to me based on what I’ve learned. When we’re in infrared and red light, that builds the exclusion zone in water in our cells. Anyone who read Gerald Pollack’s book, they probably know the four phases of water, they remember.

Sunlight, red light builds this part of the water called the fourth phase structured water. They called it the exclusion zone because it excluded, it kept out any impurities. It was pure water, it’s the structured special liquid crystalline water. That’s created by this infrared red light that’s found in the morning sun with no UV president until the sun gets a higher angle and it has to penetrate less atmosphere. The interesting thing is once the exclusion zone was created and then they shine UV light on it, then the exclusion zone was able to grow to massive proportions. If they just shine UV on the water by itself, it didn’t form the exclusion zone. Once the exclusion zone is formed, then UV light could be shined onto it, the exclusion zone itself, the structured water a battery. Charge in the water is separated between this negative structured zone and the protons that are capped off, which is a positive zone. It’s actually a battery that the cell can use but when they would shine UV because UV has more power per photon in it, it would create an engine essentially of water that cells can use.

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It’s funny that I thought I didn’t know the answer but then it came right back from all the stuff I’ve read. You need that morning sun to get the water in the cells ready to be able to absorb the light. When you have the exclusion zone built then you can go on the UV and absolutely crush it. That’s actually a pretty good explanation as for the base level because water is the base molecule that builds us up. I’m actually going to an event and I’m slightly nervous. There are cells in algae DHA supplement and I highly recommend that people eat whole seafood from my experience. Even though people who sell these algae DHA supplements and in general often say that there’s PCB, mercury dioxins. More in farmed fish, but even in wild fish.

I say if you’re concerned about that, get deep ocean fish from the North. Halibut, Alaskan Salmon, things like this lower on the food chain. They haven’t accumulated so many toxins but I have to be honest with you, from all the stuff that I’ve learned of how well our body can function when we’re exposed to sunlight, avoiding artificial light, sleeping well, drinking good water, going outside, barefoot, avoiding EMF and getting cold exposure. These are the main things that I teach people about that I’ll be writing about in my book. We can handle some exposure to these toxins and so on.

In sardines and anchovies, those small fish, there’s about zero toxins to those. I test people’s levels of heavy metals in my office and nobody’s coming back high in mercury unless they’re eating tuna or swordfish. Everything else is fine. With that being said, there is even value in eating tuna. The value of eating that if you have to, you’re going to get tremendous benefits. All those things that you do with the healthy lifestyle help upgrade the detox mechanisms phase one, phase two, liver detoxification, building up glutathione, strong mitochondria so you can process out those toxins out of your body. I’m a huge fish eater and I agree supplementation whether it’s frill or algae or even fish oil, the answer is eating from the sea. I totally agree.

This is a claim that I don’t have too much evidence for besides my intuition and my experience. I eat lots of tuna and lots of higher up predator fish, like Poke, the Hawaiian dish of raw fish. I feel fantastic eating it. Someone might argue, “Your mercury levels might not be so fantastic.” I look at myself in the mirror and I feel healthy. I look healthy from what I consider healthy. I look at someone who’s telling me, “You shouldn’t be eating seafood.” I look at them, they’re pale. They don’t look particularly healthy. Maybe I would even be even better if I wasn’t eating fish or the high predator fish. The fact of the matter is that if you’re doing the majority of everything right, these small little things almost become not irrelevant because the details do matter in many cases but certain details like that aren’t that important from what I’ve learned.

I’m not here to proselytize, do what you wish. I’m going to do what I wish. That’s the cool thing about this free capitalist society is that we can do what we want. The only thing that makes me a little uncomfortable is like these communists, liberal type people who want to impose their will on the other people. They want to control how other people live their lives. It’s like that mindset of Adolf Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, where if only I were the dictator of the world, I would be able to solve all the problems. I don’t know if this desire to control and change other people’s behavior doesn’t sit well with me.

Here’s what I would say with that. I agree with you when it comes to adults. You’re an adult, you can make a decision. If you want to smoke cigarettes in your own house and you want to eat McDonald’s, cookies and cupcakes, if you want to be nocturnal, do it all day long. That’s your prerogative. It’s a free society to do so. When it comes to children, that’s where we can have significant arguments about the best way to raise the children because the children don’t have a voice. That’s where some government authority has to come in and constitute what should be allowed with regarding children. To me personally, I think it should be illegal to smoke around the child. It should be illegal to feed the child with fast food. It should be illegal to put toxic sunscreen all over your children. It should be illegal to put Beats headphones that are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth bombs going into their brains. It should be Jack Wolfson’s rules. We’re going to make up the rules when we think is best but that’s where we can let freedom go too vile. Once we start limiting it from Wolfson’s standpoint, then somebody else will come up with their rules as well and that’s certainly dangerous.

I have to agree but also slightly disagree. As far as human evolution works, trying to force anyone to do anything isn’t going to make much sense. They’re probably going to do it anyway. Live the change. Even if many children suffer and are put to poor health because of their parent’s ignorance and lack of knowledge, eventually rather than using government force to try to force people to do stuff, the actual truth will come out. There was a time when people didn’t slather their kids in sunscreen. It wasn’t a thing. It’s not like it can’t happen again. That’s not ever going to happen through government regulation. Government regulation I don’t think can enforce any positive policies almost. Maybe a few but mostly not, that’s my opinion.

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I certainly agree with your proselytizing. I agree with your ability to speak out and getting the truth out there because that’s where the revolution’s on. It’s on Facebook, it’s on WhatsApp. It’s on podcasts, it’s on Instagram and Snapchat and that’s where the revolution is on. That’s how we get the information to the masses to make a difference. Matt, you’re a superman, you’re super cool. I’m so envious that you’re outside in the sun. I’m so envious, I hate to sound condescending and I don’t mean in any way. Nineteen years old to know what you know, I can only wish I knew what you do at nineteen. I’m so happy for you. I’m so happy to meet you, to get a chance to share your message with the world and for you to be so inspirational. Honestly, to the other nineteen-year-olds out there that have ulcerative colitis, brain fog, diabetes, obesity, to hear from you that you can do this. You can learn when you’re young, you can make all these different changes and it’s fantastic. Thank you.

I’m going to keep working. That’s all I do, I work. I also take time for myself but working and working on this business so that I’m financially good. People support this mission and be beneficial for yourself and for me. The biggest thing is when I do have a book or some form of this to put out, it’s going to be big. It’ll catch wildfire like the wildfire that happened in Malibu, as a little bit of a free preface or foreshadowing I should say. That could be cool because I want these ideas like Jack Kruse, which is very limited in its reach. Jack’s ideas are limited because they’re very big but the reach is limited based on the extreme complexity he uses, which I understand why he does it. It makes someone like me who’s motivated. I want to keep looking and understanding more rather than having all the answers on a platter.

If he had put all the answers on a platter a few years ago when I first learned about his work that taught me these things and led me to the next researchers, many of whom I’ve actually gone and met. Some of these leading mitochondrial, sunlight, the origin of life researchers and so on. If he had put it on a platter, I would’ve probably thought that’s too simple. I can’t buy that and there’s no way that’s going to work. It was hard and I had to trudge through it to get the next piece of information, it was more enticing. It’s time to put it to some extent on a platter but not exactly with a bit more detail than that so that people can apply it. If they get it, then they can apply it.

If I had a suggestion to you, it is about how to take the knowledge of these PhDs and the neurosurgeons. Take all that quantum theory, quantum physics and boil it down into how do we apply that into daily life. You can sit there and you can talk about all of the damaging effects of blue light. You could talk about how it hits the retina and goes into the suprachiasmatic nucleus. It goes up and down the brain stem and destroys melatonin then the pineal plan. You can tell people, “Follow nature, go to sleep with sundown. You awake with the sunrise, you stay out of the artificial light. You get sunshine as our ancestors did. You eat Paleo foods that are organic like our ancestors did. You walk, stand barefoot as our ancestors did.” If you want to go understand science, go delve into the textbooks. You can do that all day long. If you want to be a healthy person, you need not understand science, live with nature. It’s pretty simple.

It depends. On one hand, I agree but at the same time, there are a lot of people like me who do want to understand and not have to take it at face value because of the nature thing, especially in a world where people look at like the hippie nature types as crazy. Putting the explanation with the applicable practice is going to be the little niche that I capture, to bridge the gap between not too complicated textbooks on it like deep dive but complicated enough where the person who wants to read those chapters and paragraphs can see that. The people who want to know how to do it, they can also do that.

That’s pretty cool too how Jack does that with some of his blog posts where it’s like, “Here’s the information,” or whatever he calls like the Science geek. “If you want to geek on all of this stuff here, here’s your deep dive session,” all that is fantastic. Matt Maruca, Ra Optics, check it out. Thanks so much for being on the Healthy Heart Show. There was so much to touch on. Kudos to you, best of luck in the future. If there’s anything I could do to ever help you going forward, let me know.

I appreciate it.

I look forward to seeing bigger and better things out of Matt Maruca. Thanks so much.

We’re going to have glasses for all your patients and for any other doctors, glasses for all your patients. That’s where we can set something up.

This has been another episode of the Healthy Heart Show. We’ll catch you next time.

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Then, four years ago, I learned about mitochondria, the little engines in our cells that keep us alive by burning our food with oxygen to make water and energy. I learned that health is a synonym for “how well our mitochondria work” because when we can make energy well, we feel energized and our body can do everything it needs.

I learned that every night, a hormone called melatonin helps to repair our mitochondria and that my late-night TV, phone, and computer use was destroying my melatonin level and mitochondria because the light frequencies in these devices mimic the sun and trick the brain into thinking that it’s daytime.

So, I began going outside in sunlight during the day to make melatonin and wearing blue light blocking safety goggles at night.

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