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From the holistic space business, homeopathic practitioner Robert Scott Bell of gives us the breaking news on the health front, discussing the issue on big pharma and the world of homeopathy. He shares his insights on the health revolution going on, moving deeper into the conspiracy with vaccination and the medical monopoly. Bringing in more awareness, he explains what classical homeopathy is, breaking it down for those who are new to it. Robert also touches on the dramatic effect of LDL reduction, the toxicity in the liver, and the silver hydrosol and gut health.

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Homeopathics, Silver Hydrosol And Other Secrets with Robert Scott Bell

I’ve got one of my favorites in the holistic health space in the business, Robert Scott Bell at RobertScottBell.com. I got him on my podcast. Robert and I go back several years. We’ve been speaking at several events together. I know Robert obviously reaches out to me whenever something is late breaking from a cardiac standpoint or whenever you want to mix it up regarding vaccines and how to live the holistic healthy lifestyle. RSB, what’s happening?

Dr. Jack Wolfson, it’s so good to see you and be on with you as well. You’re right, anytime there’s any breaking news on the health front, you’re always welcome on my show as you know. It’s great to get together with you here as well to reach out to your audience. I’m happy to help out.

You’ve been at this since 1999. You’ve had your own radio show?

I’m about to launch my twentieth year in broadcast media, which I don’t know how that happened without preservatives especially and no vaccines or anything. We’re here twenty years later almost, and bring in that reminder that I feel so important to remind everybody the power that lives there is it’s yours, it’s mine, it’s ours rather than that disempowered context of mainstream media, big government, big Pharma that says, “No, you can only get health through us.” That’s been a disaster that we’ve been trying to counter for many years.

Why do you think that people in society have become so reliant on Big Pharma, on government advisory? Why have we lost the common sense? Why have the doctors lost the common sense as well?

It couldn’t be an endocannabinoid deficiency obviously. The cannabis plant that’s been suppressed for 70 years now and recognize that one of the things, Dr. Mechoulam out of Israel identified with the CBD, particularly the cannabidiol, the ability to forget. That’s an important ability particularly when it comes to those who would like to program you to be robots, automaton or slaves. It’s an unusual answer to that question because there’s a lot to it, but it comes back to programming. It’s generational. It’s the decline in our awareness or connection to the source of all sources. That is a spiritual concept, how the government has displaced, misplaced and replaced that as the source of your creation so that we now walk around as basically creations of government. When the government says you can or cannot do something, we say, “That’s fine.” Discomfort becomes so great that we finally rebel against our own programming. That’s where we are for a lot of folks that are waking up and trying to make better choices for their health and the health of their children.

Do you think that’s going on right now? Do you think the health revolution is on? Obviously, you and I are around the same age. You look a lot younger. You are like you said, you’re well-preserved. That being said, it’s like the health food stores have been around since the ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s. I’m sure back then they had thought, “We’re at the tipping point. We’re going to take this whole thing over.” Do you think we are at the tipping point? Do you think that our side is winning the battle here?

I don’t know about that tipping point going all the way back. I try to talk to folks in our elder generation, some who had passed from this place that talked about that they knew of the smallest of smallest minorities, we may not be in that minority anymore. That is a difference in terms of discussion of a tipping point. We talked with our friend, Jeffrey Smith, about that all of the time relative to the GMOs and his new film, Secret Ingredients, is phenomenal where a physician follow these families. The only switch they made from their ill health and diagnoses was that they went organic and non-GMO. We watch that transformation take place.

We are seeing things that have never been seen before including the awakening of the danger of vaccination or many official stories related to what we have held over now the span of generations. I’d like to think we’re at a tipping point. There is evidence to say, “Indeed, we are.” How does that manifest going forward? Does it happen without violence? I don’t know. In terms of rebellion against the elite controllers that want to suppress this information. Not only access to the information but the actual substances. Once we know that the information leads to, for instance, homeopathic medicines, herbal medicines, dietary supplements, whole food, these kinds of things that are relegated to the alternative, whereas modern medicine should have. It as a place but in a very small place compared to where it’s been for a number of generations now.

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You brought up a good point to be this for everybody in the audience who’s reading is that we can all talk about different things regarding lifestyle. We can talk about different things regarding nutrition and what’s the best diet, but we can agree on doing everything organically. Not necessarily certified by the government, but knowing more who your farmer is, knowing that they’re not using pesticides, knowing that they’re not using chemicals at your food. If all you did was get the chemicals out of your food as Jeffrey Smith’s new film will allude to, I think that makes a huge difference in overall health.

The simple steps are indeed simple. It means stop putting things into your body that work against your health and the health of your body. How does that manifest? It’s a radical concept to recognize that food is not the same as the food was throughout antiquity, through thousands of years of history that it had been altered in the 20th and now 21st Century. That has been slowly coming aboard. I started this journey when I was 24 years of age, chronically ill, standard American diet, inflammation throughout my body, chronic allergies, asthma and skeletal inflammation. You name it, I had it, gastrointestinal. I was relying on pharmaceutical intervention for my first 24 years. It was an awakening when I met a homeopathic doctor who had immigrated from Europe to America that said, “Your liver is congested. You need to eat organic food.”

The only term organic that I had ever come across was organic chemistry, which was not my favorite subject, although I enjoy it now after high school. This idea that food was poisoned and was made not ideal for sustenance. I’m like, “What do you mean by that?” That was a foreign concept. I don’t think it’s as foreign as when I first learned about it around 1990 or so. With the film Secret Ingredients that Jeffrey Smith you mentioned too as well, it’s come out. It’s now becoming obvious. It’s so obvious that even those who are staunchly opposed to cleaning up your act because it would result in less economic benefit to them, the doctors that prescribe drugs. They can’t deny any longer that the food has been so contaminated that it contributes to the vast majority of illness in America, which is why we can witness the simple change of the quality of food transforming people’s lives within days, weeks and months, certainly years. It took me a couple of years at 24 to undo the 24 years prior. There are things we can do in addition to cleaning up our act. That is the starting point.

How deep does the conspiracy go where they vaccinate in the womb? They vaccinate from day one of life with the Hepatitis B vaccine. We know that the same companies that make the vaccines then they’re willing to give us that cardiovascular drugs, chemotherapy drugs, the brain drugs, and the psych meds. Are there people in there that are sinister people? Are there people in there that want us to be sick because that is their business model?

At some level, we know that there is a conspiracy. This are two or three or more people working together in secret to achieve an agenda. If we go back to 1910, the Flexner report was a hidden agenda. People knew about it then but the agenda was a preordained established commission report that would say the only legitimate medical education involves training doctors how to prescribe patented petrochemical substances for which there was no deficiency ever in the history of humanity, much less animal life. We know that that led to the medical monopoly that we see that we’re struggling with as a culture or as a planet. The conspiring is very real. For the vast majority of the medical professionals out there, they are useful idiots for that conspiracy.

I’m going to say it. They don’t have a degree. They have a dog-ree. They’re not using the intelligence God gave them. People such as yourself that have woken up and outgrown the limitation or the programming are regaining their humanity and their spirituality, which we don’t see in a lot of allopathic medicine, which is a form of medical collectivism. It is evil because it basically takes away the individual that says, “You are not an individual. You are a group. You are a herd of moo cows. We will inject you the same way we inject everybody else. If you die in the process or either a child dies in the process, that’s the price of admission.” I’m like, “No, thank you. Not my child.” My children have never been touched by those needles of Big Pharma.

I say like Michael Badnarik, my good friend who wrote the book, Good To Be King: The Foundation of Our Constitutional Freedom. Doc, you bring the syringe. I’ll bring my 357 and we’ll see who makes a bigger hole. If that’s shocking to you, recognize that the potential outcome of that vaccine injection is death. Maybe the doctor isn’t intending to do it. I’m not saying that every doctor is, but the fact that it could happen means that you do not approach in my child with that deadly syringe. We have to stand up and defend our lives with that degree of certainty. Therefore, government media will not be able to mess with us in the same way they can. When you’re on shaky ground and you’re not sure if it’s real, if it’s right or if those things are dangerous or if that’s all a conspiracy theory by those of us who believe in individual liberty, medical freedom, and body free from pharmaceutical intervention. Unless we decide in conjunction with whatever health professional we’re working with, to do that for a crisis that needs to be addressed with impending doom. That’s an inappropriate place for allopathic intervention.

HHS 28 | Homeopathy

Homeopathy: Stop putting things into your body that work against your health.


You’re traveling all around the world. You’re getting this message out. You’re someone who talks the talk and walks the walk for yourself, for your family. Certainly, we need a lot more people that are like that. You allude to the Flexner report in the early 1900s and essentially put the kibosh and anything natural, anything holistic, gave all the money with the Rockefellers. Give it all to the medical schools. Give it all to the pharmaceutical industry. You’re a trained classical homeopath. It was your profession. That’s what medicine was is homeopathy. It was the use of glandular supplements. If you had a cardiac problem, you ate animal hearts and animal liver, if you had a liver problem. Tell me how you got into classical homeopathy?

Classical was part of the training along with the clinical aspect, which is the French approach known as drainage, which was an evolution of Dr. Hahnemann’s early teachings in homeopathy. If you go back through the Organon of Medicine, in his latter years, he went to Paris. He married a French noblewoman and then started dealing with the aristocracy of Paris, not the simple peasant folks, the farmers of Germany. He saw diseases that he had never seen in the German peasants. These are what we would call chronic debilitating, degenerative lifestyle conditions. Whereas the peasants of Germany suffered from acute diseases in otherwise healthy people that work the land, they were very strong people. That changed some of the methods from a classical perspective to a clinical or drainage approach, the French school that followed on from that tradition. This focuses on whole body detoxification. It works with organs and organ systems that have been corrupted due to toxicity. I would add deficiency and looks at the body a little bit more comprehensively in terms of what we’ve understood in the ensuing 200-plus years of advancements in science that are legitimate.

That doesn’t preclude the use of a classically prescribed similimum that single remedy, but it also embraces the use of complex formulations when you have multiple systems or multiple organs corrupted and working with each remedy synergistically to address the function of that system rather than simply be guided by a series of symptoms leading to one single remedy. When you are toxic and deficient, even if you nail what I call the similimum, you’ll not have addressed all of the things from a lifestyle perspective that precluded in broad on the chronic disease.

We can still go into miasmic prescribing, which is the idea of inherited predispositions or sensitivities. We can prescribe that way as well. We can also use nosodes. You mentioned glandulars, sarcodes. You can take disease tissue and apply it homeopathically to address an organ that may be cancerous, for instance or nosodes, which can be substances from a disease process that they utilize this concept of vaccination, which is more isopathy combined with toxic injections, which is not the same thing as homeopathy. We can sensitize through nosodes the immune system safely and gently without compromising the system nor risking the actual disease for worse. It’s a loaded question when you asked me about homeopathy. We could go on for days and still not be done.

You mentioned Hahnemann. Hahnemann is one of the founding fathers of homeopathy. His name winds up on the medical college in Philadelphia. It’s amazing how Hahnemann University, the medical school over there has a tremendous history in the medical space, you can say conventional medicine these days. To say that its roots are homeopathic. He was buried in France too because I’ve heard of some homeopaths talk about Hahnemann and visiting his gravesite in Paris, am I correct?

Yes. It’s very interesting that the only physician honored in our nation’s capital here in the United States, on Scott Circle in Washington, D.C, is a physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. In fact, eighteen years ago, the president granted at the time, sent his band to dedicate the Hahnemann Memorial. I was there at the 100-year anniversary in the Year 2000. Clinton sent a few of his band members, but Clinton himself did not show up for that. There’s a fascinating history. I went to Emory University in Atlanta, a medical research university and they taught homeopathy on their curriculum up until about 1949. It was completely eradicated. It was a little slower to banish in the south where going back in the history of America. If you go to civil war museums in the Deep South, you will see the field medical kits that the officers, the soldiers had all had homeopathic remedies in them.

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Take me back to Homeopathic 101. Tell me as if you were talking to a five-year-old, explain homeopathy.

The idea is that a substance in nature if ingested or exposed to can create a series of symptoms that are very defined in and known. You would apply that by taking that very same substance that would cause those symptoms, but by taking it into a process of serial dilution and succussion, that is you would take the substance to dilute it, succus it, which is shaking. Each step you would get less and less of the original substance so it becomes nontoxic completely. It would impart some information into what is remaining in the water.

That information now we can know is measurable on a nanotechnology scale. Some have called it nanopharmacology that even when you dilute beyond the number of Avogadro, there is still some substance remaining albeit very minuscule, but it mimics in a sense how our own body works at that level. We are energetic beings. Even our physical body relies on energy. It converts molecules to energy if we eat that way. The idea is that hormones and enzymes are operating at levels that are staggeringly small. We’re talking parts per 150 billion and beyond. That’s definitely in the homeopathic realm, have powerful effects on matter, on the material, on energy.

There have been double-blind placebo-controlled studies over the years that show the impact on the matter by energy. I always joke about the skeptics or skep ducks that we see out there that are naysayers, no matter what is presented to them because they can’t conceive of energy impacting matter. I say, “Stick your finger in a light bulb socket and turn it on and tell me how energy doesn’t affect matter.” It’s ludicrous. We are energetic beings. Let’s say we take a remedy like a Rhus Toxicodendron, which is poison ivy, and you will find that symptoms of poison ivy are pretty overt and obvious, skin eruptions, itching things.

You can use homeopathic poison ivy to reverse that. There’s also reported aspects of poison ivy leading to stiffness in the joints. It’s why Rhus tox is also used for arthritis. We also see that Rhus tox interestingly enough as we address arthritis could have a benefit on cardiovascular health because it seems to have an impact on uric acid in the body, the collection, and gathering of it. That means uric acid we know can impact inflammation within the circulatory system. From a clinical homeopath perspective, I could identify and nail that, but I realized physiologically the function of the liver is critical for transforming uric acid into the salt of the acid. The urate to the urine for urinating it out and that function has been somehow corrupted due to an overwhelming amount of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides.

We talk about the standard American diet, GMOs as well, congesting liver function. I could say, yes, that Rhus tox nailed that symptom, but if I don’t also functionally address the liver congestion and the kidneys that suffer because of that, I’m now functioning almost as an allopathic homeopath. I don’t want to address symptoms. I want to know why the symptoms have occurred and we can do that clinically now. That gives you the five-year-old version of the original idea of a similimum identifying one remedy and expanding into a functional presence in a chronic disease state.

I definitely would say that my six-year-old who used to be five years old, would definitely not understand that explanation but hopefully, our readers are above the five-year-old level. Obviously, when we talk about the ability for a homeopathic remedy to make an impact on the body, take a look at a pharmaceutical like rosuvastatin or Crestor where a milligram dose of that diluted into the human body is very small. Small amounts if you tested say in one milliliter of blood, how much rosuvastatin or Crestor is in that ml once you ingest it? It’s probably down toward homeopathic dosing and maybe a little bit more, but the dramatic effect of that one milligram of Crestor to shut down cholesterol and LDL reduction is undeniable.

It is daunting. As you point out, relative to the size of the body and the amount of liquid and materials in it, that one milligram is not a lot quantitatively but it has a devastating impact. We can see that small amounts of certain botanical medicines have an already powerful impact. You can risk toxicity if you take too much of particular herbs. Using that concept of less being more with the homeopathic principle, can you do that? We’re seeing in allopathic medicine this idea inching into allopathic medicine, like low-dose Naltrexone, for instance, LDN. Taking a drug that has been used at a certain level and now finding, “There may be better benefits at very low dosing.” It may still have some level of toxicity but much less so.

HHS 28 | Homeopathy

Homeopathy: A substance in nature, if ingested or exposed, can create a series of symptoms that are very defined and known.


It is also not addressing the underlying cause. Even Rhus tox addressing arthritis is not sufficient in my mind, even if it matches the symptom picture. It’s fascinating that you bring that up, but the toxicity to the liver of the low dose of Crestor is stunning. What are we going to do? Coming back to the liver, my focal point and starting point as always with any patient is, “Let’s get that liver functioning again.” Let’s remove the impediments to that function. Let’s stop putting the garbage or the toxic poisons in. Watch the miracle of creation go back to work and provide for the healing that you might go, “How did that happen? I hardly did anything.” You simply got out of the way.

How does someone find a good homeopathic physician in their area? Do we find good homeopath for everything? You walk in there like, “I’m interested in prevention. Let’s talk about prevention.” How and when should we find a homeopath?

It’s like in anything in the doctoring world, you can go to 100 different cardiologists and you’ll be my guy. How do you determine it? What are your needs? We talk about the difference between a classical homeopath that will search similimum. I would not denigrate that method at all except to acknowledge that the expansion like Hahnemann did in his latter years dealing with chronically ill due to poor lifestyles, wrong dietary choices is a little different than a time when all food was organic. All the people were working the land as farmers. They were strong and healthy. It’s a legitimate question. I don’t have a definitive answer because I know for instance in Arizona they license homeopaths.

I am so opposed to licensure that even if I was given one, I would reject it because the license is a permission slip to do that which would otherwise be illegal. I find there shall be nothing illegal about healing except that if you deceive somebody to say something that you are something that you’re not or you’re doing something beyond your training. I want honesty, integrity, and transparency there. I don’t think licensing solves that as you see modern medicine with all of its licenses is the third leading cause of death. Although I argue it’s the first leading cause of death because it causes the number one and number two, cancer and heart disease.

In this regard, I had looked to say, “How do we find anything?” Honestly, prayer is a great way. Talking to folks, going into local health food stores, people that have a consciousness of helping you say, “Who do you know? What have they done?” It’s like the old adage when the student is ready, the teacher appears or the master appears. Even if you’re not desiring to become a homeopath, you don’t know. How did I finally find what I needed? It was prayer honestly. I was like, “Pray to God, please help me.”

It took a number of years before I was ready to be open enough to hear the message from a homeopathic doctor, which I had never heard the word homeopathy until I was 24 years of age. I wasn’t ready at the time at eighteen, nineteen when I said, “I’m ready, God. Send me the healer.” If it wasn’t a doctor, I might not have been ready. How long does it take? It’s all up to you and your Creator to come into agreement. Suddenly those people are all around us all the time waiting to give their gifts or provide their gifts, but it’s us that’s typically the blocking point in those regards or in those relationships. That doesn’t mean accept the first person that walks along and says, “I’m your homeopath.” You still have to use due diligence. Your ability to discriminate right and wrong and what’s right for you. One of my first question I say you should ask every doctor that comes to help you is, “How often do you have a bowel movement?” That’s your first question. If they’re offended, that’s not your doctor. If they say, “I’m so glad you asked that.” They go in, “I have one, two, three a day.” You’re like, “I can get started here.” There are basic levels of any kind of physician, holistic or integrative or allopathic that you want to know that they have a basic concept of functional medicine, so to speak, whether they apply it allopathically, homeopathically, herbally or otherwise.

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You’re such a treasure trove of knowledge. When I’ve done blog posts and I say Lipitor and statin drugs have caused millions of deaths, I get emails, I get text messages, I get stuff on social media that’s like, “What are you talking about? Where do you come up with this information?” Studies say statins saved lives.” I say, “It’s giving people the false sense of security. It’s making people think that they need not do anything else in their life except to take the pharmaceutical.” Therefore, modern medicine pharmaceutical companies do lead to millions of deaths because they are not talking about prevention because they lower the risk from 5% down to 4.6% according to their data. What about the 4.6%? They did nothing for those people. They are causing millions of deaths. Let me ask you this. A lot of times people ask me about homeopathic remedies or homeoprophylaxis or vaccine supposedly preventable diseases.

Homeoprophylaxis has been used for many years, decades and decades. Yet it’s not been acknowledged, even though the concept of vaccination is a bastardization of that concept. This isopathy that they used along with a lot of toxic things. If we bring in the subtle energies of the disease process itself, we can alert the system, the immune system, which is much more than antibody creation. It’s much more complex than antibodies. That’s like Immunology 101. If you think it’s all about the antibody, you’re barking up the wrong Holy Grail.

That’s the whole idea of vaccination, “Let’s get an antibody. If not, it’s not going to work.” People with antibodies for diseases still succumb to it. A classic case, chicken pox as a child. If your immune system is compromised due to stress, selenium mineral deficiency, you can still succumb to a reactivated chicken pox virus and infestation that was lying dormant, doing nothing. That’s called shingles. You have the antibody, yet you still succumb. We have to be more comprehensive than that. The immune system, the seed of the immune system is the gut microbiome. We destroyed every time we take an antibiotic, every time we eat food with additives, preservatives, flavorings, colorings, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, plasticizers, GMOs and heavy metals. We look deeper than that. In conjunction with understanding microbiome restoration, which I lecture all over the world, including silver hydrosol, which you know about as well. We now have the ability to sensitize the immune system safely, not completely eliminate the risk per se. The risk is not a bad risk to have chicken pox and measles and these things.

In fact, when we found out other kids in the neighborhood had had it, we got our kids over to get it. They got measles. They got chicken pox. They are fine. You don’t die of those things unless you’re living in abject squalor and poverty with sewage running in your streets. They never say that. When they say, “These deadly diseases have been eradicated by vaccination.” Mortality was on the way out long before these vaccines ever entered into the equation, much fewer incidents. I don’t think that we’re preventing these diseases altogether is a good idea because we are finding out that having them strengthens and educates the immune system so that we’re less likely to suffer from autoimmune conditions, cancers and allergies.

Cardiovascular disease.

Homeoprophylaxis, I wouldn’t say, “Let’s do that.” No, I would integrate it into an entire approach. If I go to Africa, which I’ve been to twice, to areas where malaria exists, I will do malaria nosodes. I will do yellow fever nosodes. I will be fine. I’ve done that already. While others that were relying on allopathic medicine vaccines or Lariam (Mefloquine) for malaria. They ended up sick with malaria and sometimes worse. I know what this is like. I know how to address these things. Again, bringing up the silver equation, we have an ability to address all microbial infections, whether they be bacterial and even multidrug-resistant bacteria, viral or fungal. We have tools that can get us through those crisis and scary places that allopathic medicine, that’s our exclusive domain. Your drugs are failing. They’ve been failing since they were developed. Now you’ve got a multidrug-resistant nightmare out there. We already have the solution to that as well.

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Once again, Robert Scott Bell is on the Healthy Heart Show. You’re talking to someone who’s got infinite more knowledge about health and wellness than any medical doctor you’re going to find with some fancy degree from Harvard and Yale. Robert Scott Bell refuses a degree. You heard him say that he will not accept it. If you look into an honorary degree upon him, he will not accept it because he knows that it is tainted. It is regulated by those who don’t know as much as he does. When you confer that degree, you have the ability to take away that degree and take away that license and the whole shebang. My question is that I want my kids to get chicken pox. I want my kids to get measles, mumps and rubella. Does homeoprophylaxis interfere with those benefits of that? I should put them out there. I can’t necessarily say at this point that I would want my child to be exposed to the yellow fever virus or dengue fever virus or Ebola virus.

My solution to that would be I’m not going to those countries that have that there. We’ve cleaned that out of the United States because of sanitation, no clean water and better food supply in some ways. Obviously, compared to 1910 New York City, how things were in the swamps of Louisiana at the time. I want them to be exposed. I want them to get measles. Amongst men, lower heart attack risk by 29% in the Journal of AtherosclerosIs in 2016. We know the chickenpox people have a lower risk of developing brain cancer. It’s significant stuff. Do I want to prevent that with homeoprophylaxis or can we still achieve both?

I don’t think anybody has a definitive answer. I know what I’ve experienced and what I believe or perceive to be the case. I don’t think that you’re preventing it per se, but you might be presenting the overt manifestation of it. Remember that when we say measles or when we say chicken pox and we see the manifestation of it, that’s the body’s response to throw disease out in a way that it overwhelmed certain pathways of excretion. What happens is that you may not see it as obviously so you might have to analyze if you’re investigating it this way with tighter challenges, attest that determine, “We do see evidence of antibody production.”

I had many years ago a woman who was young, in the childbearing age, wanted to have children and she wanted to go to nursing school. They wanted her to have the MMR. We utilize the nosodes of the measles, for instance, and applied it in a low attenuation. It was like 10x, 15x attenuation or potency, and we applied it daily. For the span of another week to prepare her because they said you could enter the nursing school if you show titers for measles. To her knowledge, she had never had measles. She took it every day and she began to what we call to prove the remedy. She started manifesting a mild rash or redness on her skin, which is not physically possible because there isn’t measles on the measles nosode that you’re applying.

It showed me the power of the energy signatures, the sequences because these things go back generations until the dawn of man. There is a known energetic component or metabolic imprint that I believe exists, maternal transmission, which would be ideal if we had these diseases happen. I don’t think it completely prevents it and that’s a good thing. I don’t have a definitive answer. I’ve talked with Larry Palevsky, a doctor on this issue and he is a hardcore anti-vaccine as you’ll ever meet as a physician. He has his concerns about that very issue. I don’t have a definitive answer. I can say experientially, I don’t believe it works like a vaccine in terms of suppression as much as sensitization.

You mentioned silver hydrosol. You didn’t mention it by the name but Argentyn Silver is the company that we use if we sell. You got it right there. That’s the doctor’s line brand, Sovereign Silver is the store brand. You’re going to find it in Whole Foods and Natural Grocers. You got it on your desk in case you feel a little twinge of something you’re ready to roll. Tell me about silver hydrosol and gut health.

Here’s the counterintuitive perspective on silver and the gut because most people assume it’s a natural antibiotic. I liked to disabuse them of that information and let them know it’s a natural antimicrobial. It works against certainly all bacterial species and multidrug-resistant forms. Viral replication, it stops it as well as a lot of fungal issues, yeast. Under normal oral dose administration, your sublingual absorption goes into the lymphatic system and bloodstream. Under normal dosing, you’re never delivering bioactive silver to the gut. It’s not getting even past the stomach. You don’t want nor need it there normally.

However, when we’re dealing with all of the gastrointestinal inflammatory diseases, whether it be a despotic microorganism growth, whether it be yeast or Clostridium difficile or whether it be the known inflammatory diagnoses like colitis, Crohn’s, irritable bowel diverticulitis, leaky gut, these things. Silver is also known to be the regenerative medicine on planet earth, bar none. It’s not to say that there aren’t other benefits from botanicals, but silver facilitates a down-regulation of inflammatory cytokine cascades.

HHS 28 | Homeopathy

The Body Electric: Electromagnetism And The Foundation Of Life

We’re talking about inflammatory responses to injury. Burn wounds, think of this in an allopathic context. You go to a burn wound center. They’re going to apply a silver base drug known as silver sulfadiazine to you. It’s a combination of silver and many other things that neutralize the bioactive form of silver, but it is the standard of care. If you compare that to the bioactive form of silver, which if we go to Dr. Robert Becker’s book, The Body Electric, which is a seminal book that got me intrigued in it and started on my journey into silver, you will find that the ions are the bioactive component, not neutral silver. Silver salts are neutral conglomerates or are compounds. The ion itself down-regulates the inflammation on contact, on post-site delivery and then up-regulates the regeneration of healthy new tissue simultaneously reducing the potential for scar tissue formation. Anybody that’s used those silvers that you’ve mentioned topically on a burn wound, you’re stunned by how rapid it heals. There’s no evidence it was ever a wound. That doesn’t happen normally. You would say that’s a permanent scar in the making.

We know the properties of silver. The key is do we need to apply it to epithelial tissue in the GI tract? In most cases, if you’ve ever been on one round of antibiotics, you have done more damage, not just to the microbiome, but to the lining of the intestinal wall itself. The villi that lived there for a home for the microbiome, they’re devastated. They’re wiped out. Now that leaky gut, like a wound outside here, you have leaky hands. If you get a burn or a cut or a scrape, you have a leaky gut in there. What we do is we drive silver into the gut with aloe vera juice. I wrote about it in the book I wrote with Ty Bolinger. There’s a chapter titled The Road To Colostomy Bags is Paved With Antibiotics and Prednisone.

We bring the silver and aloe into the gut three times a day on an empty stomach and then probiotics at night to replenish the microbiome. What happens is we’re eradicating dysbiosis but in a uniform way so we don’t get opportunistic infections. We restore health to the microbiome, first and foremost, giving rise to their home. The rain forest, which has been devastated by antibiotics like napalm into the jungles, we’ve wiped out the home. You can’t give probiotics this home and expect them to live. They need this one and that’s what the silver aloe protocol does. It’s written in the book. It’s depending on the severity of the starting point. It’s the most simple and rapid route and it doesn’t preclude other things that I mentioned as adjuncts that people know like glutamine and other things. Silver is a great accelerator for epithelial tissue recovery.

Remind me of the name of the book and where can people get it?

HHS 28 | Homeopathy

Unlock The Power To Heal

It’s called Unlock The Power To Heal. You can get it online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. They’ll order it and ship it to you. However, if you’re an Amazon Prime, they’ll ship it to you free.

Can people get it on your website?

No, I don’t sell anything and that’s why I have freedom of speech. The moment you sell something like, “You can’t talk about that.” I’m like, “No. Homie, don’t play that game.” I’m going to speak truthfully, honestly, freely about what I know to be true, what I’ve researched, what I’ve seen clinically, what I’ve worked with other doctors including yourself, to share out to the world, to empower them with knowledge that they indeed have the power to heal. It isn’t something that is, “I got lucky.” It is yours by virtue of your birth, you’ve got to reclaim it. The work that you’re doing, that I’m doing, that we’re doing in our community is reminding folks of that truth that have long since been forgotten.

Silver is an interesting one. I’ve got some patients that come in to see me and they’re like, “I don’t want to take silver.” Let’s say for sinusitis, “I don’t want to use silver because then it’s like taking an antibiotic. I’m not letting my body fight it off on its own.” My response to that, and correct me if I’m wrong, is that we’re doing that. I almost look at it as we suffer from a silver deficiency. Our ancestors, they used to eat food from the ground and the soil contained silver. Therefore, silver was grown up into the plant or an animal that we consumed. Now no farmers are putting silver in the soil. We are truly sulfur deficient. Once again that is my way of saying that this is good and beneficial. It’s not going to impair your immune system’s ability to get the job done. You’re not providing a crutch.

It’s a trace element from day one because human breast milk, cow milk, goat milk contains micrograms of silver. It’s in whole grains, medicinal mushrooms. Even with depleted soils, it’s present everywhere. It’s a ubiquitous trace element. However, what the hydrosol form does is it isolates the active state in a low concentration, so you’re not taking to access that you don’t need. It’s just like anything, you could take too much. Fortunately, if you took too much silver, you’re not going to harm yourself functionally. They’ve done the analysis. I’ve referenced in the Peer Reviewed Literature at 2,000 times the reference dose and no impact to the brain and nervous system of offspring that we’re fed this much silver.

I’m not arguing that we need that much. That’s not the point. We also need selenium to live. We don’t need grams and grams of selenium. That can become problematic. We need micrograms. The point is the appropriate form, the appropriate amount. Indeed the worst-case scenario if you took too much, particularly if you make it at home, is you might discolor your skin, which is not a dysfunction rather than a cosmetic condition. I would not risk that but I’ve raised my kids with the hydrosol and they’ve never once had an antibiotic. We can utilize silver appropriately. It’s not a dangerous heavy metal like mercury, cadmium, arsenic lead, aluminum and the like.

We love to nebulize the silver as well. Any kind of respiratory thing going on, cold, flu-like symptoms. We talked about what’s in your medicine cabinet. Our medicine cabinet is certainly full of products and stuff like that. You and I discussed that for the opening and Whole Foods on the checkout area, they sell ibuprofen from their 365 brand. If you turned it over on the backside, it’s not like it was even possible to isolate out clean ibuprofen. Obviously, it is. The other readings, their Polysorbate 80, it’s something that Larry Palevsky, our mutual friend, talks about all the time, how it damages the blood-brain barrier and Polysorbate 80 but what it does to the gut barrier as well. It’s in that product, Ibuprofen. Get it out of the medicine cabinets. Robert Scott Bell is absolutely fantastic. Tell me what’s next on the docket for you?

I’ve been working for a number of years investigating molecular hydrogen, which you’re probably familiar with too as the first item on the periodic table of elements. It is an important one in terms of gut bacteria microbiome. When you eat a lot of raw vegetation, high in fiber, you’ll find that the gut interaction with it produces copious amounts of hydrogen. Hydrogen is amazing because it combines with the hydroxyl radicals, the real dangerous inflammatory toxins in the cell waste products and floats them out like water. I’m working with my buddy, Paul Barattiero, on the echo water synergy science. Even more interesting, we talk homeopathy. I look at what the FDA is doing, attacking homeopathic remedies now and companies that make them. I’m very concerned about the future of health freedom and access to natural medicine.

HHS 28 | Homeopathy

Homeopathy: There shall be nothing illegal about healing except if you deceive somebody by claiming you are something that you’re not.


We’ve developed a system working with a brilliant man out of England to enter the frequencies, the resonant frequencies of any remedy that we want into that water that people already, if they have these machines are producing hydrogen and now we can program with an app. The frequencies of the remedies that I utilize for the liver, for the intestines, for the skeletal system, so that you have remedies at your path. You don’t have to go to the store if indeed the tyranny of FDA is successful at banning homeopathic medicines and herbs and things like that. That’s the next great innovation here. It’s already available but we’re developing it more and more. How do we bypass the bad guys because they’ve got a lot of power still? Until everybody wakes up and says, “We’ve got to completely get rid of these folks. We’ve got to stop funding them, stop supporting them energetically in every which way.” I’m not waiting for that day. We’re continually developing strategies to get the remedies into the hands or into the energy fields of those people most desperately in need and that’s pretty much everybody.

Stay tuned obviously. When you head over to RobertScottBell.com, you get tons of information on the stuff RSB has going on. RSB, thanks for so much for being on the show. I appreciate it. I can listen to you for hours. There are a million different topics that you and I could talk about. I could run you down this whole litany and I know you’ll have amazing answers. I look forward to having you back on in the future. This episode is going to be super popular. Thank you again.

Jack, I’m ready to get you back on the Robert Scott Bell show as soon as you’re ready as well.

Be well.


We will see you next time.

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