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Most of us may have experienced stomach acid and heartburn and we all resorted to taking Zantac or Tagamet to ease the discomfort. Interestingly, Dr. Roby Mitchell, MD, also known as Dr. Fitt, shared what he learned from nutritional medicine which makes us see acids from a different light. He discusses the production of hydrochloric acid to create pH in the stomach which shields your body from health issues, including high blood pressure. Dr. Mitchell shares how this can be produced to keep us in the pink of health.

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Stomach Acid, Thyroid And Disease with Dr. Fitt, Roby Mitchell MD

I’ve got my good friend on the show, Dr. Roby Mitchell, also known as Dr. Fitt. He is a badass doctor down in Texas. He’s doing some amazing stuff, Dr. Fitt, how are you?

I’m doing great. I’m glad to be on the show.

Dr. Fitt and I go way back. He is truly a brother from another mother because we talk the same language. We both came from the medical background and saw the light. Roby, tell me some of your stories. What made you want to become a physician?

I was in the Marines and I had gone in to be a Harrier flyer. They found out that I didn’t have 20/20 vision so they wouldn’t let me fly. I became a martial arts instructor and after a while I thought maybe there was something more that I had to offer to society. I sat down with a pen and paper and I wrote down all the characteristics that I wanted employment to offer. Two things, checked all the boxes that was either being an attorney or a physician. My dad was an X-ray Tech. I had been exposed to the hospital environment so I decided to get out and go to medical school.

The world is better off certainly for you being a medical doctor than another attorney. Although, if I needed an attorney and I wanted someone on my side, it would definitely be you. You become an emergency room doctor.

In the interim though, when I went to medical school that first year, the head of the physiology department took a real liking to me. I had an aptitude for science in physiology and asked me if I wanted to take a year out and get the PhD in addition to MB and I said, “Sure.” While I was under his tutelage, he had set up a student exchange program between Texas Tech University Medical School and Jinan University Medical School over in mainland China. He sent me over there to study acupuncture and Chinese traditional medicine. I was over there for four months and got to see firsthand that this stuff was not mind over matter, placebo stuff. These people were actually getting great results with this idea that the human body was able to heal itself. I finished up over there, came back and became emergency room doctor. Like everybody, you get busy and the drug companies are bringing all of that free food. I got fat, developed high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type two diabetes. I was 35 and at 37-year-old came in with a heart attack when I was there as an ER doctor. That got my attention.

I thought I better get these numbers under control. I asked one of the cardiologists at the lunch table, what do you take for high blood pressure? He put me on somebody to get a Beta blocker. Unbeknownst to me, I had undiagnosed hypothyroidism and that plus a Beta blocker, bad news. It gave me all these side effects. That turns the light back on and got me going back to guidance textbook of physiology and understanding. Humans, physiology and what causes high blood pressure in the first place? Why does cholesterol go up? I didn’t have any of these problems when I was in the Marines. Why at 35 do I have all these imbalances? That’s what I found out that they were imbalances, not diseases. I thought that maybe the double meat, double cheese burgers might have something to do with it. I quit those. The fries and the chocolate shakes. I started eating better, no more high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes. It was weird. I’ve been taught all those were incurable.

You’re an MD, you’re an emergency room physician. Why do most medical doctors do not understand that there is a cause to what’s happening? Why would other emergency room doctors take the drug? Why wouldn’t they take the blood pressure drug, the cholesterol drug, take the aspirin, your diabetes drugs and go on your way? Why aren’t they doing it and why did you make that change?

There is a book that’s called True Believers that goes through the psychology of cult thinking. They have a list in there of the common denominators that cults use in order to get smart people to believe in some mythology. When you go through that list, it’s the exact same list that speaks to the medical school. One of them is putting somebody up in front of you, seems like a deity and has a special garb, like the white coat and a stethoscope. Another thing was using an esoteric language. The first two years, that’s what we spend learning, an esoteric learning. There is the promise of this big reward right at the end of your journey. Which is for us, money and Maserati or whatever, separation from family and friends and then creating some extreme conditions like we go through in residency. Those are all the recipes that it takes and that can create. Regardless of how intelligent a person is, it can indoctrinate you into a type of thinking that is adjacent to reality.

It’s quite obvious how that would happen to a medical doctor. You spelled it out for the MDs. That also goes for pharmaceutical sales reps as well what you said. How those reps must be obviously educated on a totally new language. They’re done so by someone up on stage that is wearing a medical coach or maybe it’s a sales person and saying, “I do drive a Porsche or BMW and this could be yours at the end of the golden rainbow over here, when you learn all this stuff as well.” True Believers, that’s scary frankly because it’s exactly what happened to us. Even though it’s not even the pharmaceutical reps would be at their own meetings, amongst their peers for a week at a time, isolation, that’s absolutely fantastic. How lucky for you that you had the opportunity when you were a medical student to go over and train in China. How amazing was that?

That was fantastic. That was the foundation. I wonder how many times, if I hadn’t had that exposure, would I have made the same choice. Over that four months, I got to see visually hand on people get well without drugs. I had that paradigm to fall back on. I don’t know if I hadn’t had that paradigm, if I would’ve just switched to another drug.

We’ve all had those moments. As I interview all different people, many medical doctors and so many people in the health space, we all have that a-ha moment when we made that switch. The world is definitely a better place for you or for all of us because someone like you made that switch and you’ve been such a great friend. Heather and I and on our side, all these different issues that we’re trying to tackle and the cross promotion of the stuff that you’re doing. I know that you’re a big proponent and we’re going to talk about DrFitt.com. Dr. Fitt has some amazing products that he has formulated. A lot of them are very unique and they get the job done, which is the most important thing. There’re a couple of things you are very passionate about. Maybe tell us about our mutual friend, Jonathan Wright, and stomach acid?

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Jonathan Wright literally wrote the book on nutritional medicine. It’s called Healing with Nutrition. He wrote this book back in the ‘70s. He’s a Harvard trained or Yale, trained physician and figured out again, what I figured out later that the body is about chemistry mechanical machine, that has some parts that it needs. If we put those parts back, then it has what’s called autonomous homeostasis. I went to a lecture by him on nutritional medicine. Once I had started sticking my toe in the water of this I thought, “There has to be other people that came up with this long before I did.” Fortunately, as the internet had come out then I was able to look up a couple of doctors that were doing nutritional medicine and it was Dr. Hugh Riordan there in Wichita, Kansas and then Dr. Jonathan Wright. I want to study with both of them. I heard Dr. Wright give a lecture and after the lecture I went up and talk to him. Telling I was starting to stay this, he gave me a whole set of his tapes. These tapes that he was selling for a couple of hundred dollars. He gave me a whole set of them. I thought that was so impressive.

I went back and listened to those and got into this more and studied more and more. I went and studied with whoever else I could study with, Christine Northrup, Doris Rapp, a lot of these people that have been superstars in nutritional medicine. It came into my own as a person doing nutritional medicine so much so that he invited me out to be an Associate Director of his clinic there in Renton, Washington. That’s when I learned from him this very critical piece of human physiology. The stomach production of hydrochloric acid. Every time we eat, our stomach produces enough hydrochloric acid to create a pH in the stomach, a hydrogen ion concentration, three million times the arterial pH. It doesn’t damage the stomach lining. That’s amazing in and of itself but that’s important for two reasons. One is that it does a scorched earth kill of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Even though you don’t see it on that food or whatever that you’re putting in your mouth is covered with bacteria, all kinds of critters.

In order for us to prevent them from getting into the bloodstream, that hydrochloric acid is produced and totally sterilizes the stomach with that wash. The other thing is that those nutrients that you have to absorb, they have to be ionized in order to absorb. They have to have an electrical charge. The other thing that’s super concentrated amount of hydrogen ions does is it ionizes your B12, your magnesium, potassium, amino acids and so forth, so they can be absorbed. One of the reasons that I developed high blood pressure is because of inadequate production of hydrochloric acid. Magnesium levels get low, potassium levels get low. That’s where I did my PhD, the blood pressure physiology and I had done these experiments with rat tail arteries in different solutions or different ions: calcium, magnesium, potassium and intellectually, I knew that magnesium and potassium were vasodilators. I knew that calcium was vasoconstrictor. I knew that nitric oxide was a vasodilator. We get stupid with that indoctrination and all that stuff went out the window and I took a pill. Once I relearned and restarted setting what I called intelligent design, which basically means that we have an intelligent design to this body. If you stick with that, it goes back to this what we call an autonomous homeostasis.

When I first met Dr. Heather, she gave me some books and stuff like that and she gave me this book called Why Stomach Acid Is Good For You by Jonathan Wright. It was such an a-ha moment. I don’t even have to read the book at this point, Why Stomach Acid Is Good For You. Why didn’t I think of that? I did learn that for four years in medical school and then somehow, they got to us. They said that stomach acid, heartburn and at the time, it was things like Tagamet and Zantac which are H2 blockers. They come out with the big guns which are the proton pump inhibitors, the Prilosecs and so on and so forth. Dr. Fitt, what you’re telling me is stomach acid is good for you. Along those same lines, tell me all the different problems associated with the stomach acid blockers.

Because of that integral piece that hydrochloric acid does again, if it’s not there then you don’t absorb certain nutrients. If it’s not there, then you can have overgrowth of fungi, viruses and bacteria. Many of these conditions that we call autoimmune conditions, those are a result of not producing adequate hydrochloric acid and then particularly Candida growing up out of the gut where it normally is in everybody. If you’re not producing adequate hydrochloric acid, then it can start to travel. Depending on your genetics, Candida is a scavenger like vultures. Scavengers attack tissue that is dying or dead. Each of us because of our genetics, we have some places in our body that are not as well irrigated as some other, they tend to get weaker first and that’s where the candida will go. If it goes into your joints, the immune system response to that with the production of these cytokines and you get rheumatoid arthritis. If it gets into the lungs, the immune system response to that with inflammation and somebody gets asthma. It can be acne, it can be rosacea, eczema or irritable bowel syndrome or celiac disease or a number of other different things.

They are all a consequence of these microbes overgrowing and then the immune system responding to that. That’s not something they taught about. We didn’t learn about in medical school is how powerful the immune system is. I realize that as an emergency room physician treating anaphylactic shock, people don’t understand that viruses don’t cause disease. It’s an immune system response to the viruses that actually causes the disease. This problem that we’re having with the acute flaccid myelitis, it’s polio. It’s the same exact diseases as polio but that happens because there’s Enterovirus 68 has been added to the polio virus. Children that are not producing enough hydrochloric acid, that virus will multiply, travel to the spinal cord and then the immune system response will damage the myelin sheath and we get the polio like disease called acute flaccid myelitis but it’s just polio by another name.

HHS 30 | Acid In Our Body

Acid In Our Body: It’s amazing how people practicing Chinese traditional medicine are actually getting great results with the idea that the human body is able to heal itself.


Poliomyelitis means gray matter inflammation, it doesn’t matter what’s causing all that inflammation, whether it is an actual polio virus or it’s an enterovirus or anything external chemical, DDT, pesticides, you name it, it can certainly do it. It’s the body’s response and when the body starts to attack the nerve tissue from any insult, you can have a paralysis. When it comes to fungus, why is it so difficult to test for the fungus conventionally, all the typical tests that we do, even if you do a stool analysis? Maybe occasionally when I do it on people, it shows up as a low amount of candida. The fact that the majority of cases, we’ve read all of these different books, William Crook and all these originators of the fungal hypotheses, yet how do we test for it?

That has been a holy grail for some time. When I got into this, we started the stool testing. We tried testing for blood. They started trying to test for the mycotoxins being left behind but nothing gives a good test. The reason is because these infections, the fungal overgrowth is very localized. You can see a piece of mold on the backside of an apple. Everything else looks fine. Anyplace else that you test on that apple is going to come out good, except for that one place. We don’t have tests that’s specific, to go into the blood, to go into the liver and so forth in order to test. We do have these symptom charts that we can go by that are pretty accurate as far as telling whether someone has a candida overgrowth.

Circling back once again, it’s the stomach acid type of thing. Stomach acid is so important that’s why we have it. My stomach is acidic as you talk about, it’s the beginning, I discounted the mouth and its digestive enzymes up there. Getting into the stomach and starting off that digestive cascade. What are some hacks and some strategies to improve stomach acid production and then tell me about the best supplement?

Understand that energy that’s required to produce hydrochloric acid, that comes from thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone is the spark plug and this equation of fuel oxygen sparkplug. You got to have something to ignite things and thyroid hormone does that for us. As thyroid levels will go down, energy production goes down and you’re not able to produce as much hydrochloric acid. That can happen with age and none of us is getting any younger unfortunately. As we get older and those levels of hydrochloric acid are down, then we can supplement with a hydrochloric acid that’s developed one called Robynzyme that puts the hydrochloric acid, plus these B-vitamins, plus the pancreatic enzymes back. When we do that, address the thyroid deficiency and teach people how to eat, where they don’t have this very high glycemic index diet, then we can get rid of the critters. The immune system stops with all the production of the cytokines.

Stomach acid is HCL, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen you can get from everywhere. When you drink water, there’s hydrogen in the water. When you eat food that’s all loaded with hydrogen, what about the chloride? How do people get that chloride if we’re going to talk from a dietary standpoint, is that adding a little bit of sea salt to their diet?

Yeah, sea salt is very important for other reasons also, your immune system uses that hypochlorous ion as a defense mechanism. That’s one of these weapons of mass destruction. That’s another reason it’s important for us to get that chloride from the sea salt into our diet. The energy production, your car battery, the way that it produces energy is by ions flowing back and cross against a permeable membrane. Our cell membranes are the same thing, all these chloride, magnesium, potassium, those flowing back and forth across that permeable membrane increase energy for us also. That’s another reason all these minerals in the aggregate are important.

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When you have a good amount of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, to break down the food to tiny little things that are easily absorbed. When it comes to the concept of leaky gut and leaky gut is from a variety of things but certainly one of which is undigested food particles. Irritating that small intestinal villi in the lining because you’re not digesting your food and then you don’t digest, you don’t absorb all the nutrients and you can’t eat. The body can heal itself.

One of the things that peaked my interest when I went out to work with Dr. Wright, he has an environmental allergy clinic near. They treat children with allergies. I saw these children that have ten, fifteen different allergies to food and over and over. We didn’t see that when I was a kid. We didn’t see kids with all these different food allergies. I wondered, whether it’s because this is a digestion problem not as genetic allergy problem. We started giving them the hydrochloric acid with each meal and they come back, no more allergies. What happens if even two amino acids are stuck together and they get into the bloodstream, your immune system sees that as a foreign protein and reacts. That’s what allergies are. They’re not true allergies, they’re poor digestion.

How do people get more information about how to use your supplementation? Take Robynzyme, take any hydrochloric acid supplement, Betaine HCL molecule. You and I we’re both doctors, check with your consulting doctor, your practicing physician before you take our advice. Tell me an example of a protocol you would use with someone for acid replacement.

I’d have them check their blood work. If you’re not producing adequate hydrochloric acid, you’re not absorbing adequate B12. If you’re not absorbing adequate B12, your red blood cells will start to get gradually larger and larger. The number that we look at for the size of red blood cells in your blood work is called MCV. Red blood cells have to be a small window of size in order for it to function properly for transporting hemoglobin and oxygen, it can’t be too small and it can’t be too big. Around 85 is what you want it. If it’s trying to get much over above that, that’s telling you that you’re not getting enough B12 because you’re not producing enough hydrochloric acid, certainly 90 or above. That says you’re not producing adequate hydrochloric acid. Once we determine that, we go through this litany of symptoms, people are not producing adequate hydrochloric acid they will have a full feeling in their stomach. They will have gas, they will have bloat. They will have reflux, they will have a gastrointestinal reflux, heartburn, children will develop acne. The babies will develop eczema, cradle cap, diaper rash, recurrent ear, nose, throat infections. All of that is from not producing adequate hydrochloric acid. Once we determine that, then we start adding hydrochloric acid to each meal.

People will titrate their own dose. Adults say, start with five, go to six, seven, eight to some point they have heartburn and then they back down one from that. The children, even babies out of the womb, will start on one per meal. You have to open up the capsule, put it in some liquid or whatever. They can take one per meal if they’ve got eczema, psoriasis and those types of things. Older kids, then graduate two to three again, depending on their age and works well. Within a week’s time, the skin rash is gone, the asthma, all these things that are called childhood diseases. You remember they grew out of it, with childhood diseases. They grew out of it because they got taller. What happens as they mature is that stomach matures and they start producing hydrochloric acid. Not all children do but once you start producing hydrochloric acid, then those childhood diseases go away.

Is there anybody that we should worry about with using acid supplementation, people with a history of peptic ulcer, gastric ulcer disease? We ask people two questions. Are you currently bleeding? Is a history of a stomach ulcer, is that a contraindication to use of stomach supplements, acid supplements?

HHS 30 | Acid In Our Body

Acid In Our Body: We have some places in our body that are not very well irrigated that they tend to get weaker first, and that’s where the candida will go.


Those people you want to put first on a two-week program to heal the gut lining. There are several supplements out there. We have one called Fire Fighters but it has the glutamine and the aloe vera, slippery elm and those things that build the stomach lining back up. You make sure that lining is built back up and then at that normal stomach lining is bulletproof to the hydrochloric acid. Many times, the hydrochloric acid is low and those critters start to grow, you get inflammation. Your immune system will respond with inflammation in trying to keep those critical under control and as a collateral damage, it will damage the lining of the stomach. It will cause what we call gastritis and that can move on into peptic ulcer. It’s healable, we can heal that portion of the stomach back up, like you covered a skinned knee with new skin and then it’s not sensitive to salt anymore that stomach lining can heal back up and then you can take the Robynzyme.

What about H. pylori, what does that play a role?

  1. pylori, Candida, E. coli, Strep, Staph, all of those critters are with us all the time. H. pylori is not an infection, it’s an overgrowth caused by inadequate production of hydrochloric acid. Once you put that hydrochloric acid back in there, then H. pylori levels go back down. They don’t go away. It’s a normal microbe that is normally part of the fauna of humans like E. coli is, but it goes down to a level where it’s not stimulating the immune system response.

If somebody has H. pylori that by definition means they have an ulcer there, they’ve got some small ulcer. In that situation, whether it’s definitive ulcer, H. pylori or somebody with a history of maybe either or due the two-week protocol to build up that stomach lining and then introduce the acid.

There’s an ingredient also that kills the H. pylori also in the Fire Fighters. We got to kill also in addition to healing the lining.

I didn’t have to come all the way to Texas to come visit you to learn all this stuff. Everybody around the world, they get to learn from the brilliant Dr. Fitt. You’re such a fresh of breath air talking to you. It’s fantastic. This is counterintuitive to what people are hearing and they’re going on some nasty antibiotic protocol, something that shuts down the stomach acid.

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There’s a didactic site that I have also, it’s DrFittInfo.com. I call it Dr. Fitt University. There’s information like this on that side that people can go and read up on, study for themselves and get smart.

DrFittInfo.com and Dr. Fitt has all those different protocols and he’s got a fantastic line of supplements. He’s got one of his favorites and one of our favorites, the Black Cumin Seed Oil. The only thing about the black cumin seeds, especially if you want to get the fresh seed, you’ve got to throw that into the coffee grinder. We throw that into the salad dressings. We use your Black Seed Oil to put that in the salad dressings as well.

The Black Seed Oil, I stumbled upon it by accident and somebody put up a blog about it. I’ve been in Pharmacognosy, the study of plant medicines, for 30 years. When I started looking at the Black Seed Oil and looking at the science under the microscope, I really check a lot of boxes as far as these ingredients that we know that plants carried that kill bacteria, fungus, viruses and so forth. I’ve got some and send it off to have it tested with a gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy. Then I came back with three pages of ingredients that this has. One of which is Escaradal, which is an anti-parasitic. The black seed oil is at the top of the list as far as taking things that are going to keep down the level of your microbes.

Black seed oil goes first. You can cook with the black seed oil, you can just throw it in raw. It’s a strong taste. It goes in well with vegetables, it goes in well on the salad dressing like I said. It’s no hot fudge sundae.

It does have a pretty strong taste. That strong taste is from all those chemicals that are medicine. I’ll tell people, the more offensive it is, the more you need it.

Something there is working. You don’t know how it’s working. The medical literature on Nigella Sativa, black seed is really tremendous. The Egyptians have been using it for thousands and thousands of years, so that goes without saying. You mentioned the critical need for thyroid hormone to provide the energy spark plug to run all the protons across the gradient, to get into the more acidic environment. Then it also happens inside of ourselves in our organelles, our lysosomes, which are the cellular garbage cans that are all acidic. They bring in cellular debris and help to break it down. It’s not even just about stomach proton pump. It’s about all the different proton pumps producing acid around the body.

Your mitochondria, which is the carburetor, basically you need a carburetor for the body that’s where cellular respiration takes place. It’s this basic energy equation of fuel, gasoline, oxygen and spark plugs in your car. In the mitochondria, you have to have glucose, oxygen and T3, Triiodothyronine, to kick off that reaction. That energy from that reaction, that gives our body that core temperature of 98.6, which is really critical because that temperature keeps our body from dropping down into this temperature where critters overgrow. It’s like hamburger meat. You can have hamburger meat in the freezer, it has some bacteria in it but there the number is static. Once you bring it out and put it on the counter and it starts to thaw, then those critters start to multiply.

If you eat the hamburger, you get food poisoning. What you’re going to do is you’ve got to bring the heat up here and kill them. You can’t leave it down here in this window. In the bacteria lab, if we want to grow microbes, we have to set those incubators at a certain temperature. You’ve got to keep your temperature up here. That’s one thing that firework hormone does. It allows us to keep this temperature up here. Once it starts gradually going down, then again depending on your genetics, those critters are going to start growing one place or another. If they start growing on your arterial epithelium, then you get plaque. If they start growing in the lungs, it’s asthma or rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s. If you look at the root cause, they’re all linked to inflammation. Inflammation is just an overactive immune system.

Why is there such an epidemic of underactive thyroid and why don’t the medical doctors recognize that?

It comes to that cold thinking. What we were taught in medical school is that here’s your range that is normal for thyroid hormones. As long as you’re in this particular range, then we’re going to say that you’re normal. You may have started up the thyroid level for Jack Wolfson may have been up here, and then it drops down in your 30s, and then down in your 40s. It’s still just above normal. They call that normal. Think if that as IQ. Your IQ started at 120, and then you went through medical school and got down to 100, now it’s at 70. “70 is normal. Aren’t you happy with that?” “I’m not happy with a 70 IQ.” What I found out is that if that TSH is above one, then that usually indicates low thyroid. There are also lots of symptoms.

If you got cold hands, see if you’ve got dry skin, if you’ve got dry heels, if you have depression, if you have a lot of flaking in your skin, particularly down at the bottom and dry feet. If you have a dry, scaly skin on your elbows, if you have ridges in your nails, if you have scalloping around your teeth from your tongue swelling and pressing against your teeth. If you have recurrent Candida overgrowth. All of those are symptoms of not having enough thyroid hormone. Also cholesterol. Cholesterol used to be the test for hypothyroidism. If thyroid levels go down, you get that Candida in the liver and inflammation, cholesterol goes up. If your cholesterol is up, then you need to take a look at your TSH. Same thing with triglycerides and so forth. The thyroid is such a linchpin because any system that requires energy to keep operating, you start taking out energy, then that system starts to fail.

This is obviously not a loaded question, but it’s a long answer. Give me a couple of quick strategies to help get your thyroid back on track.

We have an intelligent design to our body. If you stick with that, it goes back to autonomous homeostasis. Click To Tweet

One of the things that causes low thyroid is that silent inflammation that can happen in the thyroid. Sometimes it will go full blown and go into Hashimoto’s or Graves’ disease. Many times it’s just a silent inflammation. One of the things you can do with that is put the black seed oil topically on your thyroid gland. That’ll clean out and get things going back. The other thing is the eating plan, the one that you espouse and the one that I espouse that bring down those levels of sugar which that brings down the level of Candida. That also helps rejuvenate the thyroids. Then we also have a supplement that is a thyroid glandular. Luckily, all mammals produce the same thyroid molecule so we can mix and match. Prescription-wise, there’s a supplement called a prescription over thyroid, that is thyroid glandulars from pigs, we have a thyroid glandular from clean New Zealand cows that’s called OMG Spark Plug so people can take that also and improve thyroid function.

You carry the supplements with such the basic things. Many people are loading up on all the different B vitamins and they’re doing B12 shots and all these different things. They may not even need it because if they’re taking the HCL to be able to break down the food, absorb the nutrients on and on. This is fantastic stuff. What about iodine? What role does iodine play and are you one of these guys who recommends high dose of iodine? I think it’s Dr. David Brownstein and these people that recommend monster doses. Where are you on this?

Understand what iodine is it’s a halogen. Iodine, chlorine, bromine, fluorine, those are all in the same column in the periodic table and they’re called halogens. Halogens are very powerful critter killers. We have receptor writers that DHA or that fat receptor on every sale that iodine attaches to. When it attaches to that, then that allows her to ride shotgun. It’s like keeping chlorine in your swimming pool or putting chlorine in water. All of our cells should be saturated head to toe with those iodine molecules. That’s one of the ways that we keep critters from growing also.

HHS 30 | Acid In Our Body

Acid In Our Body: One of the things that causes low thyroid is silent inflammation.


You noticed fish, they’re in the ocean. They are basically living in a big toilet. How do they stay up? They don’t get vaccines. They don’t come back and go to the doctor to get antibiotics to stay healthy. One of the reasons is that iodine in the ocean keeps all the critters from overgrowing. We can do that also by taking an iodine. That can be nutritional iodine. People in Japan eat lots and lots of seaweed that keeps their iodine levels up. When men live near the ocean, they’ve got plenty of iodine. Iodine supplement is a good idea.

There’s so much information in such a short period of time. If you’re reading this, you’re going to have to read this again and again and break out these gems. You’re going to go to DrFittInfo.com and you’ll get so much information and DrFitt.com. He’s got these magical supplements. It is recommended as well, so make sure you check that out for all things, health and wellness. Dr. Fitt, what’s the latest in your world and what do you got planned for 2019 and beyond?

We started another company, BALi Food Development Corporation. I’m going to make sure we send you some. Our first offering are these gluten-free, grain-free tortillas. They’re made from mesquite flour, coconut flour and green banana flour. They’re going to lower your blood sugar and help with cholesterol. The big thing is they taste marvelous. It tastes fantastic. We’ll send you some.

I look forward to it. It’s expanding into the BALi cookbook. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining another fantastic episode with Dr. Fitt, Dr. Roby Mitchell.

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