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In this episode, Damian and Heather Dubé tell us about their story – from how they met to how they found their passion and their purpose and become a leading power couple in the health and wellness space. Some of the best healers are the people that have had struggles themselves and have worked hard to overcome those struggles. Damian and Heather are FDNs and the co-founders of e3 Energy Evolved, a thyroid, adrenal and metabolic restoration system helping clients create their lifetime-best natural wellness and metabolism.  They went through a life-altering experience several years back that changed the course of their lives. Listen to this episode and learn how they overcame it.

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Energy, Natural Healing And Energizing Your Thyroid with Damian and Heather Dubé

I’m so excited to talk to good friends of mine, fellow Arizonians. We’ve got Damian and Heather Dubé on the show. It’s going to be fascinating because you’re going to hear so much personal story. Some struggles and the triumphs that they’ve had and how they’ve become a leading power couple in the health and wellness space. I’m excited to have them on. They’ll tell you some of the backstories about how they got to where they are now and what they’re doing now. They’re thyroid experts, autoimmune experts. Some of the best people and some of the best healers are the people that have had struggles themselves and have worked hard to overcome those struggles. We’re going to hear all about it from Damian and Heather.

I appreciate you having us.

It’s awesome to be here.

Let’s start from the beginning. Tell me some of the backstories, how you guys met and the whole thing.

We met through energy, which is totally cool because fast forward to our mid-40s, that’s the work that we do in the world. Damian and I met through our shared passion for fitness at the time in our twenties. I was feeling a calling to return to this gym that I had a root sat for a long time. I’ve always been a person that followed my knowing and my intuition. I went back there and there was this person. We immediately connected. I had a right knee ACL surgery. He came up to me and the first thing he said was, “What are you eating and what are you supplementing? You could cut your healing time by 50% if you change your nutrition and supplements.” He had my nutrition and supplements. Right there I was pretty smitten and the rest is history.

You had orthopedic surgery. Your orthopedic surgeon must have told you all this stuff about nutrition and lifestyle. Where does Damian come in? Were you like, “How does this guy know all this information? The orthopedic surgeon didn’t tell me that.”

Taking it a little bit further back, I had the onset of a rare neurological condition at the age of seventeen called palatal myoclonus. What that means is a muscle spasm of the soft palate in the throat. For me, what that presents symptomatically is when I stop speaking, those muscles will flex and contract on their own, which causes a clicking noise in my ears at all times. It’s what the top neurologist called a perceived pressure in your head. I can tell you living with it, it’s not perceived. From a young age, I went into a world of being treated by the top neurologist in Manhattan at the Parkinson’s Disease Research Institute. They had me on all these cocktails and medications. That’s originally where I woke up. That was originally where I was like, “They were filling me for NIH research.”

I would come to my appointment and ten white lab-coated guys would come in with the camera and surround me and say, “Open your mouth. Let’s look at it.” One day, it hit me. I was like, “These people are not here for me. I’m like this little lab rat to these people. I’m like a clown in a circus. You’re all cray-cray and this is not working for me.” I was always intuitively drawn to natural healing at that point. I left that world and it became important to me to find a life path that would mean I could live free of medications. It didn’t ever make sense to me, even at seventeen, to use medication for a maintenance perspective. I always was trying to question authority. I would say to them, “What’s the risk of this medication?” That wasn’t even in the conversation. They weren’t thinking out of the box. Everything I brought into the conversation, from the introductory, they would poo-poo. I wasn’t drawn to that world.

The medical doctors as we know are good at giving people labels. We’re good at saying someone has got a coronary disease and someone has Parkinson’s and someone has dementia and all these different things that people have. What would you say was causative? What happened? Why did this happen to you when you were seventeen?

I love that you said that because my undergraduate is in psychology. When I left that world, I literally said to my mother, “I believe in the power of words. We’re not going to speak the name of this. It’s not coming into space anymore. I’m Heather. I have a lifetime to figure out how to live well.” That was it from that point.

You’re not accepting those labels. I love that. Why do we label someone with Parkinson’s or palatal myoclonus or essential tremors? Why did this happen to you when you were seventeen?

I’m 45 now, so I have a completely different perspective of why that happened as a practitioner. What they said at the time is that they were very myopically-focused. I would try to bring the conversation. I had three TBIs from the ages of eight to seventeen. Structurally, my skull is different. I’ll be totally honest because I went through trauma in childhood. The way I processed that wasn’t an eating disorder, which my family members went through like migraines. This was honest. I’ve never said this, but I was picking my skin. I had that kind of picking at your skin, scratching, picking at pimples. I would do that obsessively because I wasn’t processing the stress of my environment. There was no outlet provided to do that or to express. As someone who’s deeply empathic, intuitive and clairsentient, I know that now. I feel things very deeply. I feel energies very deeply. I was a very creative, right-brainy person, an artist, and all those things got shut down in an environment of trauma. I know that all of my self-expression, I truly believe it’s not structural.

I believe that it was also related to emotional trauma. I did not get the same type of creative expression and emotional expression. In my environment, what I was learning or I learned in that environment was that it wasn’t okay to speak up. It wasn’t okay to express what you were feeling or what you were going through in an environment where there was a lot of anger and emotional trauma, mental trauma going on at the time. I believe that truly what happened is all that pressure, like a pressure cooker, built up and finally something had to present. I absolutely we believe in the science because that’s part of what we do too. I also believe in starting to bring energy more into the conversation because there is truth to quantum physics. There is truth to the energetic fields, the torque field. I do think that when we talk about the chakras, we think about those areas of the body. It’s fascinating to me at 45 that I can say, “Everything that I’ve had presented here symptomatically.” It was my voice that I lost as a child that was important to me as a creative expressive person.

Back to seventeen, they were busy doing intense MRIs and looking at my small lesion in a certain area of the brain called the olivary hypertrophy near the brain stem. They were like, “No, that’s it.” I would bring everything else into the conversation. What about the TBIs or what about if I pressed on my face and we have cranial nerves in the face. I said, “Maybe I hit something.” I do know someone with that condition to this day that healed it from working with an acupuncturist in Florida that tweaked a cranial nerve and instantaneously it was gone. The nervous system and the meridian system, it’s the information highway of the body. I don’t know the answer fully.

Clearly, you’re much more of an authority on causation than the neurologist and that happened even to this day because you’re going to look at that whole person. If someone is reading this, whether they’ve got palatal myoclonus or any other diagnoses, for all of us that are in that space of causation, they’re better off reaching out to a couple like you to work with them. To go after causation and to go back to the basics, it’s about sleep. It’s about sunshine. It’s about dealing with mental health and wellness issues. It’s about the food. It’s about the physical activity and unplugging and all the things that we’re going to talk about. Damian, tell me, you’re at the gym and you see Heather there. She just had surgery, so you made up some goofy cornball line to start talking to her. What happened?

I’ve got to be honest with you. She had a great back half.

We have to take full ownership and become the leaders in what our gifts are and expand our education further. Click To Tweet

Some men are attracted to the front half and some men are attracted to the back half.

I know I’d seen her there a lot. She was coming in with her boyfriend at the time. There was intent behind it. The intent was this chick just had knee surgery. I’m going to talk to her about how to I can help her. I gave her some input as far as, “What are you doing for your knee? What are you doing nutritionally and supplements? I would recommend doing this. This is how I would train to expedite your healing process and so on and so forth.” We just connected from that point.

You were working at a rehab facility, orthopedic rehab?

No, this is just a gym.

Damian, what were you doing at the time? What was your occupation?

I was doing construction at the time. I was in telecom sales. I was in fitness sales. I was in corporate fitness. I went to telecom sales. I even did some life insurance for a little bit. I said, “I hate sales. I’m going to do something that’s fun.” I did some construction.

The beautiful thing was when we hit the wall. I had my thyroid and autoimmune disease in the early 30s. It was the universe sending in the messenger like, “It’s time to go do what you guys have always meant to be doing. If you’re not going to listen, I’m going to take you out of those careers pretty quickly because it had to get bad enough to literally make me have to leave my career.” We were talking about before sometimes the universe sends in the messenger. It’s going to be a strong message if we’re not going to pick it up in the beginning. It was a good time for us where we had to take full ownership and become the leaders in what our gifts were and expand our education further and all of that to take that and totally changed that situation and that story from what could have been something that was a lot worse.

This is in New York or this is in Arizona?

HHS 31 | Natural Healing

Natural Healing: Sometimes the universe sends in a messenger, and it’s going to be a strong message if we’re not going to pick it up in the beginning.


In New Jersey.

When we met, we’re in New Jersey. It’s about 30 minutes outside of New York City where we both grew up.

You’re in your mid-twenties, the late twenties, that’s when you guys met?


You get together. You realize that you guys are meant to be together. What brings you out to Arizona and then what do you do when you get out to Arizona?

Six months after we started dating, we went out to California for a buddy of mine’s wedding. He played for the 49ers. We went through out there. We fell in love with San Jose, California. We fell in love with the weather because it was raining for the entire month of May. I think there was not one day it didn’t rain. On our flight back, we said, “Let’s move. There’s nothing keeping us here.”

It was not that long after 9/11. That area was if you live there when that happened, it impacted you. It impacted the area so deeply. He was working in the city when 9/11 happened. We watched those things go down. It was one of those moments for a lot of people where they’re like, “I’m not on the path that I should be. Life is short. I better make the most of it.” He left that job. We were both in this transitional state when we met. I was in between my job with marketing trying to figure stuff out. On the plane ride back from California, we’re supposed to be there. Two months later, we were there.

Two months later, we moved out with no jobs.

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We’re risk takers. That’s why we live. We got there and planted some roots down. We love Northern California. We’re both wellness people. We’re drawn to that lifestyle. It was a good fit. We were ready to leave the intensity of New York and not being that intense energy if you experienced it. It can wear you down if your sense of energy. We moved to Northern California. At the time, we lived in San Jose and up in near Sacramento. That took us to the autoimmune disease because we moved up to Sacramento. I was working in the nutrition marketing agency at the time because it’s the hotbed of the agriculture industry. It’s putting my passions together in marketing and nutrition. I thought that I had the greatest job in the world in this agency. All these things as the universe would have it started spinning out of control. My company was going through a buyout. We bought a house. We don’t know if we were going to lose it. He’s talking about cancer.

All of these things happening as we often see when a disease onset, there are stressful events in a very condensed period of time. That’s essentially not what the causation was. It essentially pulls the trigger on the gun. I started to feel off. All of a sudden, I couldn’t train. I didn’t feel motivated, which was so unlike me. I felt sluggish and tired and started going to a lot of doctors. I literally went through ten doctors in two years in Northern California, all kinds. “You’ve got allergies, go home, take these allergy shots,” and I got worse and worse. I got piled drove by, “Here are some steroid creams and here’s this.”

What are your symptoms at the time?

When I first started, I was tired. I didn’t feel like myself. That would be the best way to report it. It wasn’t anything you would see. It was like, “I’m not motivated to train. I feel down. I don’t have energy.” Something is off because for me pitta ayurvedically. I’m an adrenaline junkie. I love weights. I love skiing. I love anything that gets the adrenaline going. My whole life I’ve been that way. It was like something’s not right. I was putting on a little weight and my husband was like, “Go get a workout,” because you don’t see anything. That’s the way we deal with it. That’s the way I wouldn’t normally deal with it.

I wasn’t judging. I didn’t even mention weight. She feels like crap, go get a workout and feel better because it makes me feel better. Men and women have to be the same.

Unfortunately, trying to go get an accurate diagnosis of what was going on at that time, it was 2006, ’07, there’s so much more known now. We’re still not where we need to be. I would get all the wrong answers, “There’s nothing wrong. We don’t know. No allergy shots. It’s in your head.” Unfortunately, the stuff that they gave me, we know now that made it worse. Giving me steroid creams because they were focused on a rash on my face or a rash on my neck. As that kept going, I got worse. All of a sudden, I had strange rashes. I got bumps show up on my legs, on my arms, and then they’d go away. I’d have eczema on my neck and eczema on my face. The worst part, my hair was falling out in full on clumps in the shower. My face was blown up. I shared it on our website. I don’t even look like the same person. My eyes would swell shut and literally get eczema all over them. They were burning intensely like fire. I felt burning all in my neck. I couldn’t sleep at night. My whole neck was on fire.

It would cover with Eczema and peel off over a seven-day course and then do it again. All I knew was that I was losing absolute control of my body because as an athlete we had done things in athletics up on that point. You’re very aware of how you measure something progressively over time because when you get used to training for an event, your mind knows how to constantly measure that. I was watching and watching this. I’m like, “I’m getting these flare-ups and they’re getting louder. They’re getting longer. They’re getting more frequent and I’m going, “What’s happening?” I feel like I’m potentially on the slow train out. It’s getting faster. I’ve got to do something aggressive. He started to see this thing make its way from the inside out. He was like, “There’s something wrong with my wife.” This was in our honeymoon phase. This was right after getting married.

I’ve heard this story many times as I’m sure you have as well that it is like that. Maybe there is something stressful even about the marriage, about getting married and all the planning and all the stuff that goes along with it. Maybe in some people, that is a springboard. For everyone, because the show is called the Healthy Hearts Show, I like to interject it at points like this to say what Heather is talking about are her symptoms from a variety of causes. Somebody else’s symptoms may be coronary disease or abnormal cholesterol or high blood pressure or atrial fibrillation or a stroke or cardiomyopathy. In a cardiac standpoint, those are going to be the same causes. For the reader out there, your symptoms may be totally different from Heather’s. This is resonating with you, especially when you start talking about skin conditions. You start talking about eczema. It’s almost like everybody’s got some degree of eczema these days.

HHS 31 | Natural Healing

Natural Healing: Ultimately all the things that heal from a holistic perspective do produce healing for a lot of different conditions regardless of the label.


To your point is people get caught up on the label. When the body goes from homeostasis to that chronic breakdown and trauma. There’s so much crossover between systems. Ultimately, all the things that heal from a holistic perspective do produce healing for a lot of different conditions regardless of the label. The thing that was so overwhelming though to me outside of all of that was the energy shift. At that point, I was in full-blown Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and chronic fatigue but I didn’t know it at the time. I tested partially positive for lupus. I also had pancreatic toxicity, which I believe at the time what was happening is between the stress and then living in that environment, breathing in a ton of pesticide because Sacramento is a valley. You’ve got massive agriculture there. I landed in an allergist office and they’re like, “This is allergies.” I got yelled at by an allergist. When I brought up, “Can I try local bee honey?” he flipped out. The man had a forum coronary like, “I’ve been an allergist in this valley for 50 years. You just have allergies and you need the allergy shots.” I was like, “Nobody in my office looks like you,” because my face was swollen shut. They don’t listen.

Unfortunately for them as smart as they may be, it’s how they’re trained. They’re never trained to go after the cause. Most patients don’t care about the cause. I don’t want to judge people like that and say most people don’t but I think most people don’t even realize that a cause is a possibility. They think, “I’m going to trust the medical on this.” For you, Heather, you’re talking about more labels that they’re giving you. They’re giving you the label of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. They’re giving you the label of pancreatic insufficiency, brain fog issues, energy, and adrenal. It’s immune dysfunction that’s leading to all these things. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, that’s a big term. It means that your immune system is attacking your thyroid gland and now you’re suffering the consequences.

For some, it’s rheumatoid arthritis. It’s attacking your joints. For some, it’s attacking your nervous system or it’s attacking your muscles. It’s all the same. That’s why when people say, “I have this condition,” it doesn’t matter. It’s all same.

That was what was so shocking to us because I had a background in psychology. We had some of the backgrounds by that point in the human body and nutrition. We’re in this world and going through this. We’re bringing all the questions into space. Why are these things not being tapped? What was even more shocking is when we finally were like, “The traditional medical system, they don’t get this. We want more natural medicine,” there were still a lot of things missing. They weren’t using nutrition as powerfully as they could be if at all. They weren’t thinking whole. There wasn’t a broader spectrum of looking at the mind, the body, the spirit.

Who is this person? What is their life path then up to this point? All of those things that matter. They were like, “Let’s try a little acupuncture.” I’m like, “I’m dying. The freight train is going off the tracks.” We don’t look around. We need to get super powerful. That’s usually like the type of clients we see. If you’re here, you got to get here with what you’re doing in your modalities, in your deliberately, and your potency if you’re going to come above it. It was so shocking to go into the natural medicine world and try even different practitioners in that spectrum yet it was still like, “Here are a couple of herbs.” I go to somebody else and it was like, “Let’s try acupuncture.” I’m like, “This is not going to do it. It’s not going to move the needle.”

That was a real wake-up call because at the time I started to then look outside of our region. I’m like, “I’m not finding the resources I need here, so now I’m going to open this up on the search,” because that’s the next step. What do you do? I didn’t realize at the time that there are wellness centers that you could fly to. I did try to find a chiropractor out of state and do a little bit of work. That started to get a little bit more powerful, but still there weren’t diagnostics being used to get more clear.

It was more of a generalized approach to nutrition. It was at that point that I started to get a little bit better, but we were like, “We’re going to need to finish the job.” I left my career because chronic fatigue was so bad. At that point, I made the conscious decision to go back to school and study functional nutrition to work on my healing. Everything snowballed from there. We started wanting to help other people have a more potent experience. He came on board.

Tell me the road to recovery. Is it even the right word if we ever truly, totally recover? My experience is that hearing these stories, there’s always some degree of struggle. Let me say it’s not always, but oftentimes there is still similar in your effects. What is your road to recovery? How did it happen?

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Let me touch on the word recovery. I do believe that you can fully recover. You can fully restore your body back to where it was or where it should be. If you go back to the practices that got you to that place, then you’re going to go back to that place. I don’t believe in necessary remission. I think remission is too soft of a word. I believe you can restore, but you can’t do the same thing you were doing before that cause your body to screw up.

I was saying now the way that we work, he’s the left brain essentially. He does science. He does the diagnostics. He does nutrition. I’m the right brain. I deal with more of the positive psychology, energy psychology and the physiological of the brain. They’ve got a connection and the energy medicine side. We bring those things together. To your point, I want to point out that there can be a physical recurrence of symptoms partially also because of who that person is from the thyroid up. There’s a lot to that and that’s another conversation. That’s why usually when we’re working together, I’m supporting them in what’s going on to get them grounded energy. He’s dealing with more the physical, the regenerative stuff.

If someone goes back to having symptoms, we can’t discount that it’s also how we show up in the mind and not how we show up physically. We can drag ourselves back into those things by our ways of how we perceive stress. That’s an important part because I know even research says that sometimes it’s more how we perceive the stress and the stressor itself that matters in our physiological implication of that stressor. He’s probably going to disagree with me.

I’m not. I will add that there’s also a potential genetic component to these things as well. Not that your genes are your destiny because they’re sure not. If you have certain genetic snips or whatever, that can make a predisposition to something. If you’re living a lifestyle of toxicity and stuff that’s going to turn on those genes and stress and so on, so forth, then that’s going to turn on the bad stuff that you’re experiencing. If you have a genetic snip, it can be used for good too. It can be what’s causing you to be such a high driver, very focused or a multitasker or whatever.

When you have all this other stuff in our world that turns this gene on, then that gene now becomes a negative. You still have that stuff. You still have the positives to it. All of a sudden, you’re getting an autoimmune disease. You’re getting anxiety. You’re getting depression. You’re getting heart conditions or whatever. You’re not methylating properly. It goes downstream. There are a lot of different components to it.

That was also a little over a decade ago. The way that I look at it is if you’re truly a healer, the healing never ends. That’s true for me personally. I’m still doing work and not in the physical. I still maintain the way we live. That healed that for me. I’m going backward to go forward because that’s important to us. We always want to be in the work and in our study because that to us is leadership. If we’re going to ask someone to change their life exponentially, to change their story, we want to also be examples of and living that too.

It’s talking the talk and walking the walk, no doubt about it. First of all, we’ve got to talk about it and then we’ve got to walk it. Can you give me three things that you would look back on that put you on the road to recovery? What are those three things?

I love this because everyone goes to the physical but for me, it was the energetic and the mental first. Something switched in me. I was literally about to give up. I look at pictures of myself back then and literally I can still be brought to tears because I see that hope was completely lost in my eyes. It was surreal to me because you got to realize I had been an athlete all my life to that point. Everything on the outside of this person who’s spiritually like an athlete in my heart is in complete disarray. I had someone who had been very accomplished even up until my illness in psychology and nutrition and fitness.

HHS 31 | Natural Healing

Natural Healing: If you truly want to claim your healing and stop claiming your label and your disease, you need to be all into what produces that healing.


I was like, “How could this be happening? How could I be losing this much control?” It wasn’t even the disease like for us personally at that point, I had lost my job. I had lost friends. The family wasn’t in touch. I was very isolated from this condition. I didn’t know what was going on. This is my first year of marriage. I’m like, “Great.” It started to eat into our savings. All of these things were growing. For me, something switched in me where I was like, “I’m not sorry going out like this. This is not going to be my life. This is not 32. I don’t give a thing who tells me this is what 32 looks like and feels like. I’m going to call BS on this because I don’t care. If someone can’t be my healer, I can be my healer.”

That was it. Something switched in me where it was like this phoenix rising moment of everything coming up like, “Hell to the no.” It was an energetic shift. I followed that with the decision in my mind of, “I know a fair amount about the human body and I know that it can heal.” I believe it can change even though everyone outside is saying that’s not possible because we’d already done in bodybuilding and experienced the body changing powerfully. I said to myself, “I’m going to leave my job because right now, my life has to be number one and the rest of it can be figured out after because life has to become more valuable to me right now than money, possessions, my career, whatever.” I’ve got to get more powerful than this.

It was a decision of a conviction, which is an energetic word. There was this conviction in me that it was going to happen, that I was going to heal. I was going to get back to where I was and better. I was going to do it naturally. I wasn’t going to do it with medications because that to me was incredibly important. It’s in part of my value system all my life. I wasn’t going to sacrifice that. Once we did that, I’m blessed with a husband who was like, “We got to get this done and we’ll figure out all the recipes.” We come together as a team. We honor our marriage that way as we honor one another and our vows.

That, for us, is a very spiritual commitment. This is number one. We are number one. Our health and our vitality is number one. The rest of everything else can get figured out. I left my job. To be honest, that was an act of faith, which is from energy medicine. That’s one of the highest vibrations in the energy scale that we can operate at. I stayed at this place of knowing like I never let into my mind field at all that it wasn’t possible, that it wasn’t going to happen. I was completely focused on being in there before I got there.

This is something that you can look at in Olympic athletes, they use this. They’re constantly using visualizations. They put the brain in the creative state and in the space, the feeling of, and the energy of where they’re going. They’re seeing themselves at the finish line. They’re seeing themselves on the first-place podium. They’re seeing it before they get there. They do it constantly, every single day for years off in the competition. I did that for myself as well.

The first thing that happened to you and sounds like a good suggestion to anybody is the determination to say, “Enough is enough. I’m done with the sickness. The sickness is out. Now I’m going to recover.” It’s that snapping of the fingers and believing it. Number two, it’s been often been said you cannot get healthy in the same environment where you got sick. That environment could be your house but can also be your work environment. Maybe by you saying, “I’m done with this job that I’m at. I’m changing my environment.” How soon after did it take for you to move to Arizona?

That was funny because it wasn’t in the plan. What you’re saying, to touch on that, is it was a conscious decision to leave my job because I worked in an agency, which is a highly stressful job. I didn’t know exactly what was happening in my health at the time. I was aware that if I exposed myself to any form of stress, whether it was the people or something in my environment that it would agitate my fatigue and my symptoms would increase. I had to accept that truth. Be like, “I can take action here. This is the first thing I’m going to do.” From that point forward, I started to be led to the things that allowed me to find and create more and more and healing to pull the pieces together and continually get better and then return to go to school.

It stands to reason that you’re in this polluted toxic environment outside of Sacramento and then you get to Arizona, which is not necessarily much better. At least, it’s different. I tell this to patients all the time, wherever you’re sick, you’ve got to get out.

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I love that you say that because that’s the other thing. You have to be all in. That’s what I was saying. It’s one of the things that upset me for seeing a lot of people with their disease process. This is not to say maybe you need to leave your job. Maybe you don’t. What I am saying is you do have to be all in. You can’t do a little bit here and a little bit there. If you truly want to claim your healing and stop claiming your label and your disease, you need to be all into what produces that healing. Doing a little bit here usually only produces a little bit of the result. That’s a shift.

Give me a third thing. You said it’s the realization of like, “I’m going to defeat this. Enough is enough. Enough with their fatigue and sorrow, ‘Woe is me, I’m going to kill myself over this.’ No, I’m going to live. I’m going to change this,” number one. Number two, maybe it doesn’t have to be as dramatic as moving cities or changing jobs or relationships or whatever but I find sometimes that the more you change, the better. What else? Give me a third thing.

That’s the energetic and the mental. The physical was that I was all-in at that point. We went after it. I stopped taking every medication out of my body. I went off the pill. I used to take Excedrin for headaches. Everything went out. I’m cleaning this thing out. I’m going to carve out space in this beauty and we’re going to do this the right way. I went through my cabinets. I was like, “There’s so much crap going on my skin and in my body. It’s a chemical process. We went all-in with the food. It was everything.

The other big thing too about that is the compliance. She was all-in. She was 100% compliant.

I didn’t miss a beat. Every day I would get up. I would have my supplements when I needed to have them on an empty gut with my food, without food. I was religious about what I needed to do. Something shifted in me. This is going to happen and it’s going to be done. I’m going to be fully invested until it’s done. I can look around and wake up and deal with whatever it is I have to do.

The compliance sometimes is part of it in some of the most difficult cases. That’s why in her situation the compliance wasn’t as difficult because she was able to reframe the mind psychologically in order to power through. She had the support of me as well as her husband, who also has a background in coaching and understands, not through education and psychology, but understands intuitively the psychology of stuff.

It allowed me to dial in because I drew on the mindset of I used as an athlete for competing. When you’re an athlete, you’re used to having long periods of isolation with focus goals over a long period of time. I dove right into that. I was like, “Give me my food, give me my supplements, let’s go.” It wasn’t an act of us committing to take our commitment to wellness higher. He did it too. It wasn’t just me. He’s like, “I’m your teammate and I’m going to do this with you.” As I learned to eat differently and eat a whole foods diet and change the food, he did it. He even made it better with his cooking and the ways that he would explore making it enjoyable, exciting, creative and fun. He started changing his products. He was like, “Why would you not want to?” That’s what success is. If you’re watching a spouse go through this like, “I’m going to do embody too,” this likely could be happening or these kinds of similar effects. I don’t know why you would not want to.

One last big thing is when we shifted our thought process around what the average person views as a necessity. For ten years we didn’t buy Christmas gifts. This is the first year in ten years that we bought each other a Christmas present because the money was being allocated towards health and now our business to help other people so that they don’t have to go through that exponentially.

HHS 31 | Natural Healing

Natural Healing: Energy isn’t as simple as metabolism. It’s not as simple as eating, like sports nutrition and getting a workout. Energy is life force.


It was more about living a simpler life. What I find fascinating is as we simplify our lives, our bodies get healthier. As we simplify our environment and all this stuff, our bodies get healthier. That was true. It goes down to your budget because when you got a lot of crazy in your budget, money is energy. It’s a reflection of what you’re doing in your life. We had to go back to that. The highest line items on our budget are our business which is our spiritual mission, then our foods and supplements.

Whether you want to work with the Dubés and e3 Energy Evolved, you guys will tell more about that in a few or you want to work with a Wolfson’s or any good holistic provider, it does cost money. What you do is you take the money from the areas that you’re talking about where it’s unnecessary spending, whether it’s Christmas gifts or it’s getting your hair done and your nails done or taking trips or buying a new car or fixing up your house or getting your Starbucks junkie going on. There’s so much money that’s being released on these other areas that we need to redirect and reallocate those funds to taking care of ourselves. You are so lucky, and so am I for that matter, to have a spouse that’s so involved. We can be very candid about this. Heather, you would say there are a lot of men that would have run the other direction when this started happening. It’s a reality because we hear the story time after time again of how an illness in one person, male or female, led to a dissolution of the relationship.

I don’t care what your source is but ultimately, we’ve lost our way spiritually in the sense that this is a spiritual house. We have a spirit that lives in a body and it has a mind to operate. Those are three things that are working together holistically. For me and Damian, faith has always been a huge part of our lives. For me when I was sick, I felt that I had a commitment to honor this gift. I look at my life as a gift. I look at my body as a gift. I look at my husband and my marriage as a gift. I look at the gifts that God gave me as gifts. I do feel personally responsible to honor and utilize those gifts.

If something is not working in those gifts, they don’t miraculously work on their own. I have to take action and take ownership in that. I felt committed and so does he that we need to honor those things. That’s partially also what motivates us. A lot of people don’t have that perception or somehow culturally over generations, we’ve lost that perception a little bit that we’re given gifts and that it is ultimately on us to honor them or they will go away. It’s quite that simple. If you don’t nurture your garden, things die. The plants die. It’s the same thing. Nurture your marriage, it thrives. Nurture your health, it thrives. If you don’t tend those things and take ownership for them at a higher level, they’re not guarantees.

That’s a commitment for us and a realization. That’s why in this world people will say, “That’s crazy because you left your job and you had a thirteen-year career, an excellent marketing agency, and all these benefits and you walked away from that?” Believe me, we went through a lot of judgment. We were like, “Yes, we did.” I could go back anytime. We have bankruptcy because of the medical misdiagnosis and mistreatment for two years of my condition that got me so sick. I’m not saying that in a victim-oriented way because from that, amazing things have been given to us and gifted to us and have happened.

Damian is coming out looking like a saint here. Can you give us some negative things about Damian? Otherwise, all the wives are going to put their husbands up to a comparison of Damian and that’s probably not a good thing.

That comes back to know what it’s like to honor one another in your marriage. I know you have that too. It’s an incredible gift.

I want to answer that. I’m a pain in the ass. I’m very focused, very regiment. I don’t stray from my routine, which puts a little bit more of a burden on Heather. What she learned is that I’m also not a mind reader. She learned to speak up and ask for what she needs. Initially, I would kick and scream. I would stomp my feet like a man, like a three-year-old. After I processed it, then I would do it without letting her know because it has to be my decision. I think that there were definitely some negatives there. She helped to turn it around. You’re highlighting the communication factor. Communication is always key.

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I’m glad you brought that up before you touched on the change of life phase of when we get married. That’s not spoken into enough because that was a time for me where all of a sudden, two become one. All of a sudden, it’s different. You go from dating to marriage, you have this other person and you’re responsible for each other. There was a lot of things to do. I found as a wife what I wasn’t doing when I got sick, although I want to be very clear, I’m not stating this is what made me sick, but it increased my stress. I did not speak up. Women, we’re the multitaskers. I was like, “We’ve got this going on, I’ll handle that. We’ve got a notice from the IRS, I’ll deal with that. I got the job.” The next thing would come and I wasn’t speaking up.

Women have a tendency, and I say this with love because we work with a lot of women, to think that they know automatically what we need. We perceive things totally differently. We also think that we’re expressing ourselves fully for what we need with our husbands. We don’t do collectively that great a job with that. It’s not as simple as like, “Can you take the trash out?” They say, “No.” We’ll do it. It’s like if you need something, that’s the person I am. He knows that. As part of why he married me, if he had not supported me at that moment, I would have gone to God because God is a source for me of faith.

I know that I am responsible for the things that he gave me in addition to my marriage. I will never forsake my life for somebody outside of me. I won’t do it. If at the time, had not supported me, that conversation would have gotten serious. I would have said, “This is what I’m doing. I do not need you to understand it, but I need you to support me unconditionally with love.” That means that I’m making this decision for my body at this point because I feel and know in every cell of my being that this is the next step I need to take. Maybe it doesn’t make sense to you, but this is what I’m doing.

She didn’t have to at the time because my thoughts were, “We’ll figure it out later.” If you got to do this, we’ll figure it out later.

Women, it’s the expression thing. It’s a very common thread among women that are dealing with autoimmune entirely. It was like they’re not fully giving their voice and saying, “I have an equal voice here.” Even in a marriage, sometimes that’s what it takes. I’m not saying you’re necessarily still going to get support, but it can take very tough decisions. We’ve had clients come to us where their husband literally was trying to block the wife from doing the labs and doing all the work and all that. She was like, “I’m going to go out and use my own resources. I don’t care. I’m not telling him. This is my life. I can’t let this happen.” She was in the hospital every fall for no reason with autoimmune issues.

What is this business you speak of? What is e3 Evolved? What are you doing over there?

It’s e3 Energy Evolved, which is a higher approach to energy. It was the shift and knowing myself when I was going through those thyroid and autoimmune issues, that energy isn’t as simple as metabolism. It’s not as simple as eating, like sports nutrition and getting a workout. Energy is life force. We have names for it in all sorts of cultures in the human body. It’s the body’s ability to be in homeostasis. We started to think about how the body produces energy in a much broader comprehensive level. Thinking about your energy in, your energy out and your energy environment and all of the things that are in all of those areas. That was what came up in through me at that time.

It was like, “Healing is possible for people.” It is possible in most chronic disease states, but they’re not being told that truth. If we take a more powerful all in a comprehensive approach to all of these areas of how the body regulates itself, energy is the basis of all that is. It’s how it works. We started initially working in mostly in functional nutrition because I know you guys know and work into it. What we’re going to put into the body from a nutrient perspective when we’re in a chronic state is going to be 70% or better of what’s going to move that needle to make the difference of creating a different reality. Together, we pair science and then also psychology and energy medicine to meet the person in thyroid and autoimmunity where they’re at, and move with them over a period of time in a bio-individualized but managed care situation so that we can walk them through the process.

HHS 31 | Natural Healing

Natural Healing: Sometimes illness is a moment of reckoning, getting right, and getting spiritually aligned with yourself about what’s important and what matters at the end of the day.


When you say e3 Energy Evolved, the whole focus is about how to increase the energy of the body: mental energy, physical energy, how to maximize that. If you’re abound with energy and then, it takes you down to the biochemical level, maximizing mitochondrial function, ATP production, cellular water production, all these different things. You’re maximizing the ability of the body as you get things done.

We came out of the world of athletics regularly. There’s a very conditioned, like in a box way of looking at the body in that world. Energy is metabolism and that’s it. It took that whole disease process to awaken us to this whole other powerful level of energy, being vitality. The body’s ability to be rock solid, thriving against the onset of illness and all those things, and it’s this such this other level.

If you think about electrical impulses, you’re talking about the heart. Our body is full of electricity. It’s full of energy. That’s what it’s all about is energy. We can talk on methylation. We can talk about everything else, but it’s about energy.

Tell me who is your ideal client? It sounds like we know we identify who that is. We talked about the people that have gone through their struggles and gone through the illness, they tend to be the best healers. It doesn’t matter if they’re MD, DO, DC, ND, nutritionist, it doesn’t matter. Who is the ideal client and what do they get when they go to your website and contact you?

I love that you touched on that too because people that have gone through a healing crisis, like you have or I have, or been through that walk in your life, your ability to have the depth of empathy when you’re working with your patients is because what it feels like, and it’s such a gift. It’s very healing to be able to experience that with people. The ideal client is laughing, he’s pointing at me. It’s funny when you’re in your business, you do all these things and figure it out. It took me ten years and I was like, “It is me.” It is usually a woman who’s very Type-A, right-brained, high driver, high performance. She expects a lot of herself. She thinks a lot, intellectually driven, uses her mind and often overuses her mind.

It’s somebody who can do both right and left brain, but she sits too much in the left brain. She’s getting out of balance in the right brain. That’s some of the stuff that I do in the psychology area with our clients. This is all about getting back to balance when you’re talking about homeostasis. It’s someone who is high sensing or empathic. This means that they have sensitivities to energy that they’re often not aware of. Usually, that can be somebody who presents as introverted. They report themselves as like, “If I go in large groups of people, I get overwhelmed. I need to leave.” We have that energetic expansion contraction. They need to contract because they are so sensitive to energies in their environment. We’re starting to see patterns of people with these characteristics presenting with autoimmune illness in their adulthood. It’s somebody who is deeply caring and a deeply creative person, sometimes sensitive souls and they may not even know this about themselves. They’re more affected by the world around them.

What’s the process? I call up e3 Energy Evolved and I say, “I heard you on the Healthy Heart Show podcast. I want more information. I want to know more about your program.” Can you give me any insight as to how it is to work with you?

We have an initial intake call or chat with people and see if that’s like a good fit for us in terms of if they’re a good fit for our program. We do have people that being fit and being healthy is important to them. I don’t say fit from a look perspective. I’m saying more of that like the movement is important to them. Usually, people when they’re getting into thyroid and autoimmune condition, if they get too far down that road, they know that if they go do any kind of fitness because it’s a form of stress, it’ll start to agitate their symptoms.

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They’re trapped in that. They want to fix that. They could go to e3EnergyEvolved.com/Guide. We have our guide that goes into what e3 Energy Evolved is. It’s things to look to self-assess what things they need to work on in their energy in, their energy out, or energy environment. When we have a call with someone, we look at the timeline of better health and figure it out separate from the labels. As you said, “How did this systemic breakdown happen? What happened in this person’s life and all these aspects that led them to this point?” Usually, if we work with somebody, we start with the science because the science is ultimately number one if we’re going to make physical changes.

They work with Damian on going through a battery of diagnostics to look at what’s going on systemically, multiple systems of the body. He identifies a plan for them in five core areas that are important to healing, nutrition, nutriceuticals, stress, detoxification and also exercise physiology or movement, and how those things collectively equal energy. He continues to work with them in a managed care state over usually a 90-day cycle. Every three months, we usually read tests, reassess, change it up. We constantly adjust their program.

I support the clients at the same time in the positive psychology realm and energy medicine realm, helping them to create more balance in their energy from the mind to the body because people that tend to get in thyroid and autoimmune issues. Some of the things we touched on. They’re not expressing, they say too much in their head. There’s a lot of imbalances going on that they’re not aware of. I helped them develop mastery in those areas while he deals with the physical.

I’m going to ask you a question and this is for Damian only. I love you, Heather. No disrespect and no insult, it’s phenomenal stuff. This is great. Damian, speak to the thousands of men that are going to read this. Speak to them on how it is with a spouse, with a wife who is sick and how you deal with that, how you dealt with it and how to be part of that successful journey with the spouse?

I’m going to start with a little story. I was at a gym speaking with a gentleman in his late twenties. He’s 29 years old. He’s pretty successful. He’s talking about his wife, how she’s got thyroid disease, autoimmune issues. She’s fatigued and has some hormone problems. She’s 28 years old. I explained to him what we do. That’s exactly who we work with. He says, “I would never spend that on my wife.” It has resonated with me. Finally, I was speaking with a friend of his because I won’t even speak with this person anymore. That’s a disgusting statement. I was speaking with a friend of his and he was saying, “His wife had her uterus, had her ovaries removed, is on a boatload of medication. She’s full-blown chronic fatigue. She can’t even get out of bed, so on and so forth.”

Meanwhile, while I was speaking to his friend, the husband was on a $40,000 hunting trip in Alaska. Right there, first it’s about priorities. Your family, your wife is your ultimate priority. When you get married, you’re uniting what we talked about. You’re united as one. It becomes more challenging. At the end of the day, it’s what everything is based on. You are now together. You are now one. She’s sick. I’m sick. How did I deal with it? Initially, I dealt with it like any man. We’re problem solvers. That’s how we think. You come to us with a problem, I need to solve it.

I had to take a step back and realize that it’s not something I needed to solve. I need to be supportive. I need to see this emotionally, which is very difficult to do coming from a very left-brain Italian man. The biggest piece was realizing that it wasn’t about me solving the problem. It wasn’t about her going to get her workout. I even have to understand what the problem was. All I had to know is what she was expressing was real because whether it was real or not, it was real to her. It was real. When I started to realize it was real was when she was talking about how it’s starting to express from a physical level, where you can see it. It became real. That was back before social media. We didn’t see all the other people that might be going through that. Nobody was talking about it.

I had to go on her word. I realize that this is real. Whatever it takes, you need to do it. Could we afford everything at a time to heal her? No, but didn’t matter because her life was a lot more precious than the green stuff from the bank that we could always make more of. There’s no making more of her. It was a struggle. There were a lot of sacrifices that we made. I took on a lot more responsibilities in the house. I always did the cooking because I’m a good cook. She’s German.

I started doing cleaning the house. I always did the laundry. I did a lot of stuff, but I would pick up more. I would take on some more tasks and she would ask me to help out with certain things and I would try to not give so much pushback and help her out with things. It wasn’t about coming home from work after a long day, sitting my butt on the couch and watching sports. At this point, it was, “What do you need me to do?” A lot of times I didn’t even ask because I didn’t know to ask. She knew to start asking.

Damian’s intuitive. You probably agree with me, Jack. All healers in their role, you’re drawing on some intuition when you’re working with patients inevitably. You’re feeling into these things. That’s also been part of who we are to varying degrees in a way that we naturally are. That was part of how we met. When I met him, I did some manifestation things that literally. He was there. We instantly had this energetic connection. I’ll say this because when I wrote a list of all the qualities, that’s what I did before I met him. I literally wrote a list of all the qualities, if I had this perfect sole partner in my life, what would he be like? The first thing on that list wasn’t how much money he makes. In fact, that wasn’t on the list at all.

When I got further in my life and the things are hitting the fan, he showed up in the way that I look for in the values because his faith was first. His heart and his caring were second. His cooking was third. It’s not necessarily in that order. I’m saying those were on the list. He had to value wellness. That was important to me. It’s also that too. Sometimes illness is a moment of reckoning that it’s true what it is. It’s a moment of reckoning, getting right, getting spiritually aligned with yourself about what’s important and what matters at the end of the day. That was the biggest gif that those years of going through a disease process, fixing it, and then fixing the financial implications of it, and coming out on the other side gave us. Now we’re blessed to work together or would share our gifts together to work with amazing people like you and Heather and help people. It’s something we never envisioned what comes out of this.

You are so fantastic. I so appreciate the time, the stories. The love that you have, it’s so important to have that relationship, that partner by your side, in good times and in bad and in sickness and in health and all those kinds of things. When you work with e3 Energy Evolved, you get two brains for the price of one. You’ve got Damian and Heather, but you also get left brain and right brain. I want to thank you for being on the show.

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