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If you’re worried about cholesterol, hypertension or atrial fibrillation that leads to heart attacks and strokes, then come learn how to prevent heart disease naturally.

Thrive, not just survive, with The Healthy Heart Show.

If nature could speak, we would hear her say that pills and procedures are NOT necessary.

There is a natural way to a healthy heart!

Episode Blogs

HHS 29 | Mercury Amalgam Risk
  We would not want, in any way, to get near nor touch any substance or chemical that brings dreadful risk to our health. Neither do we want it in our mouth. Biological Dentist and Naturopathic Medical Doctor, Dr. Stuart Nunnally, DDS, abandoned mercury fillings early on in his practice after discovering how this toxin leaks out and causes health risks. He talks about how mercury and other chemicals lead to cardiovascular disease, brain disease,
HHS 28 | Homeopathy
  From the holistic space business, homeopathic practitioner Robert Scott Bell of gives us the breaking news on the health front, discussing the issue on big pharma and the world of homeopathy. He shares his insights on the health revolution going on, moving deeper into the conspiracy with vaccination and the medical monopoly. Bringing in more awareness, he explains what classical homeopathy is, breaking it down for those who are new to it. Robert also
HHS 27 | Preventing Disease
  Only nineteen years old but already full of wisdom, Matt Maruca, founder, and CEO of Ra Optics, speaks on some great things about our health while taking us on his journey towards creating an eyewear company. He shares the importance of practicing what you preach, especially in the health industry. He discusses more on that as he explains about the blue blocker glasses, why the mitochondria is the engine and not the fuel, why
HHS 26 | Keto Diet
  How can eating fats make you lose fats? Keto diet has become one of the diet trends that has recently become a household name for some diet enthusiasts. However, along with its growing popularity, debates have also arisen. Jimmy Moore and Christine Moore, authors of the book Real Food Keto, share their profound knowledge about the keto diet and testifies on its countless benefits on their health. They take us into a deeper understanding of
HHS 25 | Purity Coffee
  A lot of people jumpstart their day with a cup of coffee. While there are some disadvantages of caffeine and coffee to our heart and body, its benefits as an anti-oxidant continues to be glorified as well. Andrew Salisbury, the founder of Purity Coffee, amazingly took the step to maximize those health benefits in coffee and that’s what he wants to share with us today. He also tells us the story of how his
HHS 24 | AutoImmune Disease
  Education, nutrition, and lifestyle. These are things that people should be considering for a healthier body but oftentimes disregard due to the promise of pharmaceutical drugs. Dr. Terry Wahls, MD, takes us through her journey that earned her the title of Autoimmune Warrior. She shares her experience of being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis which left her almost hopeless. Her health continued to decline in spite of getting the best drugs from the best people,
HHS 23 | Power Of Breathwork
  Breathing has been part of our daily life as it is the basic point that makes each of us alive. But have you heard of healing yourself through breathing? Eliza Rose Kane walks us through the experience of connecting to your energy and healing yourself through breathwork. She illuminates us on some breathing techniques we could use to maintain focus, relax, discover and be intimate with ourselves which will surely change how we see,
HHS 22 | Best Mattress
  Sleeping trouble is one common symptom of people having health issues. Sleep can be a single important thing when it comes to overall health which people mostly take for granted. They favor some other things over bedtime and wonder why they are getting sick. Claus Pummer, President of Natural by Design, Inc., introduces the best mattress with the SAMINA Healthy Mattress System which can do wonders for blood pressure, inflammations, stress, and other heart
HHS 21 | Acupuncture Treatment
  More and more people are discovering acupuncture and its numerous benefits. Everyone seems to be getting into using acupuncture, whether it’s physical therapists or chiropractors. Licensed Acupuncturist Robert Koagedal discusses acupuncture and its amazing benefits. He explains how this can be utilized as a preventive health measure over the concept of medical treatment with all its complexities. — Listen to the podcast here: If you love talking about natural health and natural remedies, we have
HHS 20 | Best Health
  Doctor of Chiropractic Dr. Justin Marchegiani of Just In Health takes a deep dive into the root cause of inflammation. As a functional medicine person, he talks about diet as a foundational Paleo template that cuts into the hidden source of inflammation – whether it’s hormonal, the gut, or toxicity. He shares the top three things to prevent cardiovascular disease while discussing the importance of sunshine, sleep, and nutrition. Dr. Marchegiani also takes us
HHS 19 | Hormone Truths
  A number of people blame every issue on their hormones. However, how much do we really know about it? Nurse practitioner Chelsea Hoese talks hormone truths while sharing the wonders of being in her profession. Chelsea discusses where to go for lab tests when you have fatigue, low energy, low libido, or low sex drive. She also talks about putting patients on hormones as well as the right lifestyle and nutrition. Covering SHBG or
HHS 18 | Fermented Food
  Sick children are usually brought to pediatricians. But not for Dr. Yasmine Mason, chiropractor and owner of Fermentation Farm. She was instead brought to a chiropractor when she had asthma and breathing issues. This influenced her to be a chiropractor herself. Dr. Mason shares her experiences in chiropractic school, being a mom, and how she came to put up Fermentation Farm. She also talks about achieving health and wellness without going the medical route


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One lucky listener who subscribes to The Healthy Heart Show and posts a review on iTunes will be entered to win a $10,000 Healthy Heart Makeover with Dr. Jack Wolfson as your personal physician.

You will be his guest at his private practice in Paradise Valley AZ for this life changing opportunity.


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