What is this show all about?
If you’re worried about cholesterol, hypertension or atrial fibrillation that leads to heart attacks and strokes, then come learn how to prevent heart disease naturally.

Thrive, not just survive, with The Healthy Heart Show.

If nature could speak, we would hear her say that pills and procedures are NOT necessary.

There is a natural way to a healthy heart!

Episode Blogs

HHS 20 | Best Health
  Doctor of Chiropractic Dr. Justin Marchegiani of Just In Health takes a deep dive into the root cause of inflammation. As a functional medicine person, he talks about diet as a foundational Paleo template that cuts into the hidden source of inflammation – whether it’s hormonal, the gut, or toxicity. He shares the top three things to prevent cardiovascular disease while discussing the importance of sunshine, sleep, and nutrition. Dr. Marchegiani also takes us
HHS 19 | Hormone Truths
  A number of people blame every issue on their hormones. However, how much do we really know about it? Nurse practitioner Chelsea Hoese talks hormone truths while sharing the wonders of being in her profession. Chelsea discusses where to go for lab tests when you have fatigue, low energy, low libido, or low sex drive. She also talks about putting patients on hormones as well as the right lifestyle and nutrition. Covering SHBG or
HHS 18 | Fermented Food
  Sick children are usually brought to pediatricians. But not for Dr. Yasmine Mason, chiropractor and owner of Fermentation Farm. She was instead brought to a chiropractor when she had asthma and breathing issues. This influenced her to be a chiropractor herself. Dr. Mason shares her experiences in chiropractic school, being a mom, and how she came to put up Fermentation Farm. She also talks about achieving health and wellness without going the medical route
HHS 17 | Becoming A SuperHero
  People often base their health on how they look and how they feel. Sometimes, unbeknownst to us, there could be some underlying issues with our health and our body. Dr. Chris Zaino, world-recognized promoter of health and wellness, has experienced first hand this treachery in his health. He won Mr. America at 21 and had been training and helping people to get in shape. Underneath that good physique he didn’t know that something was not
HHS 16 | Fasting
  We often associate food with something that is good and pleasurable as it nourishes our body and satisfies our cravings. However, it can also be a detriment to your health. Dr. David Jockers, doctor of natural medicine and functional nutritionist, says that though eating itself is essential to life, the act of eating is actually inflammatory on our body. Dr. Jockers discusses the benefits of healthy eating and not eating, also called fasting. He says
HHS 15 | Seafood
  When talking about total body health and wellness, we cannot leave out the importance of seafood, most especially when it comes to cardiovascular health. CEO of Vital Choice, Randy Hartnell, dives into this topic as he lays down the best seafood in the world. He differentiates between a wild and farm-raised salmon, teaching us which one is better. He also talks about mackerel and his thoughts on what is safer: bigger or smaller? Randy
HHS 14 | Nutritionist
  Ashley Swanson – integrative nutritionist, clinical nutritionist, health coach and nutrition education – is not your ordinary nutritionist. She takes health in a holistic way as she aims to help heal people from disease using food and nutrition. She lets us in on her journey to become a nutritionist and the research she has on a protective biomarker that can minimize inflammation and predict disease risk. Clearing the distinction, Ashley also differentiates between a
HHS 13 | Health Coach
  We tend to follow other people better than ourselves. In the health area, we have health coaches who help us overcome and guide us from our various health issues – from the physical and mental, and even up to our emotional and spiritual state. Looking into the perspective from the other side, Carrington Beauchamp, Lead Health Coach at The Drs. Wolfson, shares why she decided to become a health coach. Beginning from being sick at
HHS 12 | Health Mystery
  Sometimes, health problems could arise from the least likely of places, like our teeth, for example. It has been said that 90% to 95% of people who get their tooth removed have an infection. From here, various complications that may seem unrelated could come out. Digging deep to solve health mysteries that could arise from our teeth and more is Evan Brand who runs the Evan Brand Podcast and Functional Medicine Clinic. He talks about
HHS 11 | Hydrogen
  When we think about it, not many of us are even aware that there are different kinds of water that could affect our body. We simply stick to the idea that water is just is. Taking us into one of its lesser-known kind that brings in some great benefits is authority on hydrogen from the Molecular Hydrogen Institute, Tyler LeBaron. Tyler sheds some light into the healthy water or the hydrogen water. He talks
HHS 05 | Biohacks
  Lifestyle design expert, transformational coach, and podcast host, Luke Storey shares the ultimate lifestyle enhancements that we should go for to become our ultimate and best selves. With almost everything at our fingertips, it has become easier to fall trap into products that otherwise do not really serve their purpose. Luke lets us in on his favorite biohacks while getting through the fluffs into what works and what doesn’t. He talks about the cryotherapy mindset
HHS 04 | mito-hack
  Neurosurgeon by day and mito-hacker by night, Dr. Jack Kruse, talks about the body and the nutrients it needs that you may find unconventional. Dr. Kruse first shares his journey towards becoming into the successful and knowledgeable person that he is now. After declaring to lose weight, he ended up in his first foray into biohacking, which eventually led him to mito-hack upon finding how it is all about the mitochondria. Dr. Kruse then


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One lucky listener who subscribes to The Healthy Heart Show and posts a review on iTunes will be entered to win a $10,000 Healthy Heart Makeover with Dr. Jack Wolfson as your personal physician.

You will be his guest at his private practice in Paradise Valley AZ for this life changing opportunity.


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