What is this show all about?
If you’re worried about cholesterol, hypertension or atrial fibrillation that leads to heart attacks and strokes, then come learn how to prevent heart disease naturally.

Thrive, not just survive, with The Healthy Heart Show.

If nature could speak, we would hear her say that pills and procedures are NOT necessary.

There is a natural way to a healthy heart!

Episode Blogs

HHS 04 | mito-hack
  Neurosurgeon by day and mito-hacker by night, Dr. Jack Kruse, talks about the body and the nutrients it needs that you may find unconventional. Dr. Kruse first shares his journey towards becoming into the successful and knowledgeable person that he is now. After declaring to lose weight, he ended up in his first foray into biohacking, which eventually led him to mito-hack upon finding how it is all about the mitochondria. Dr. Kruse then
HHS 10 | Dangers Of Gluten
  There are so many toxins and insults that our bodies are dealing with now on a daily basis. This definitely takes a toll in our immune system. Dr. Thomas O’Bryan of The Gluten Summit gets down on this as he discusses the dangers posed by gluten. He talks about the leaky gut and gluten sensitivity as he explores wheat, glyphosate, and the poisons we are exposed to. It is said that for every one
HHS 9 | Glyphosate
  World’s leading critic of glyphosate, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, discusses what she has learned throughout the years about the neglected factors in health. From her expertise, she talks about how glyphosate could cause the things that are showing up in autism and a whole list of neurological and autoimmune diseases. She also taps into sulfur, sulfation, and sulfur pathways – from what it means to raising our sulfate levels in order to avoid sulfate deficiency.
HHS 08 | Waist Size
  While the goal is to live healthy, the process of weight loss is sometimes not as healthy as we would like it to be. We can be in our desired weight yet still be unhappy. Giving a solution to understand the right marriage of health and weight is Dr. Alan Christianson, a total authority in the space of health and wellness. Dr. Christianson gets down to the heart of it by talking about liver
HHS 07 | Essential Oils
  The beauty of nature is that it provides us various ways to healing. Pioneer of natural living and Biblical health education, Dr. Eric Zielinski, digs deeper into the healing power of essential oils as he breaks down some of its benefits and his recommendations. He talks about how the whole idea of essential oils as a health method started, while sharing his own journey of discovering its world. He lends some of his top four
HHS 06 | High-Fat Diet
  There are so many misconceptions about eating high-fat foods when it comes to dieting. With people getting into health and wellness, it is then important to find out the truth to this particular food group. Celebrity trainer Vinnie Tortorich is known as the angriest trainer for the reason that there are a number of lies people are told to in the fitness industry. Vinnie exposes the nasty underbelly and shows you how to get
HHS 3 | Six Steps To Cleansing
  We are now right in the middle of a healthcare revolution – not only a healthcare revolution, but a revolution across the board for the earth itself. When the majority of the world’s population becomes sick – the air is contaminated, the water is contaminated, and the food is contaminated – the earth is just as sick as the people on the earth. Dr. Edward Group says uncovering the secrets to health, cleansing the
HHS 02 | Ketogenic
  Not every diet sounds as simple as they are. In order to make the most out of it and be truly healthy, you have to do it right. Changing the face of healthcare is Dr. Josh Axe, doctor of naturopathic medicine and chiropractic. He has been on to creating a better relationship with our food choices to axe the bad stuff and in with the good. As the creator of the bone broth protein
HHS 1 | Heart Health
  Pharmaceutical companies do not have our best interest at heart. Board-certified cardiologist Dr. Jack Wolfson gets the information out to the world about how we can achieve the best in heart health and do so naturally. In this inaugural episode, Dr. Wolfson talks about his father’s battle with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, and how he was following the exact same footsteps of an unhealthy lifestyle before meeting the woman who would change all that. He
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One lucky listener who subscribes to The Healthy Heart Show and posts a review on iTunes will be entered to win a $10,000 Healthy Heart Makeover with Dr. Jack Wolfson as your personal physician.

You will be his guest at his private practice in Paradise Valley AZ for this life changing opportunity.


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